Stop taking my posts!

Hello dear followers and readers!

I’m really annoyed today so I’m going to write something personal…

About a week ago, as I was looking around I found this wordpress. I looked to see about what that person was writing about. And there were some of the dramas I’m writing about. So I was like “ let’s read this person’s thoughts”. But when I started reading the words seems familiar. Then I realized it…it was MY POST. That person took my post from dramas “Fall in love with me” and “Golden Rainbow” and posted them as theirs.

What could I do then? I send a comment to that person and asked her nicely to delete my posts… and you know what that person did? Well…that person deleted half of my post ….for 2 day.

So, today I went to that persons wordpress to see if she deleted all of my posts. But No…she added again the ones she deleted….and took more of my post and posted as hers…..

I’m just curious! If you want to have a wordpress, why don’t you post your own things? Why do you have to take from others? And yes I said “others” because from what I saw that person takes from several wordpress blogs and post them as theirs.

I want that person to stop taking my post. If you like them, read them on my wordpress, like them, comment, but don’t take them anymore and don’t post them as yours. You should respect others work. I spend an hour watching the episode, then I write about the episode and then make the pictures…so I spend a few hours on every post… Do I ask too much???? I don’t think so…

I started this blog because I wanted to improve my English. You see, English is my second language and because I don’t use I very often I started to forget different words. So I thought that I should write about the dramas I watch just so that I will improve my English…. I know my English isn’t that good, and that my posts aren’t great, but they are mine, and I want them on my own wordpress…. If that person continues to take my posts, I think that I will start posting half of what I wrote from every episode in my language…..

Thank you to everyone that read my posts. And please tell me your opinion about my posts.

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6 Responses to Stop taking my posts!

  1. kelly199865 says:

    That person is so rude! I would feel the same if I were you. Can you not report her on wordpress though? It might work~ This actually happened to me once but that person stopped when I asked so it was fine.

  2. picadrama says:

    Your anger is definitely understandable. Given the time and effort put it into blog posts, the original writers should be given credit. I am sure there is a way to report this. I would encourage you to reach out to WordPress employees.

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