Hotel King Ep 31 ~Jae Wan:”You pitiful human!”

Jae Wan goes home. He sees Ju Han and gets out of his car. He runs towards Ju Han happily. Looking at Ju Han’s face, he sees that something isn’t right. Then Jae Wan sees Lee Joong Goo falling down. Ju Ha stabbed him. Cha Jae Wan doesn’t want his brother to live his live as a murderer so he wipes Ju Han’s hand and sends him away. Then Jae Wan puts Lee Joong Goo in his car and send him to the hospital.

Jang Ho Il is still upset after finding out the Go San and So Moon Jung are dating in secret. He is with No Ah, Woo Hyun, Jin Jung Hyun and Yoon Da Jung. They are still in shock after what Jae Wan told them. They feel like Jae Wan is a criminal now. They can’t trust Jae Wan now. And They can’t understand how Mo Ne can forgive what Jae Wan did. Mo Ne comes happily to them. But when she heard them talking she stopped smiling and leaves saying that she needs to go see how Baek Mi Nyeo and Jae Wan are.

Lee Joong Goo survived. If the wound would have been a little deeper, he would have died. Jae Wan goes to Ju Han and tells him what happened with Lee Joong Goo. Jae Wan knows that if Roman would have wanted to kill him, Lee Joong Goo would have been dead. But the moment Lee Joong Goo’s blood touched Roman’s hand, he got scared.

Knowing that Lee Joong Goo will threaten Roman when he will wake up, Jae Wan sends him to America. At first Roman refuses. He knows that if he will be gone, Lee Joong Goo will take revenge on Jae Wan.

While he was waiting for results at the hospital, Jae Wan received a phone call from Yoo Joon Sung. He told Jae Wan that Lee Joong Goo put the shares that he took from Baek Mi Nyeo on Ray Kim’s name. Returned home, Jae Wan finds Mo Ne who was waiting for him. He tells Mo Ne that soon the shared that Baek Mi Nyeo took from her will return to her hands.

Lee Joong Goo is going home. He called Jae Wan to take him home. There are times when is good to be sick, said Lee Joong Goo. Since he is sick, Jae Wan comes when he calls.

Jae Wan:” It doesn’t seem like you’re going to die.”

Jae Wan wants to leave, but Lee Joong Goo threatens him. If Jae Wan doesn’t take care of him, Lee Joong Goo will open his mouth and say that Roman stabbed him. To protect his brother, Jae Wan takes Lee Joong Goo home.

Arrived home, Lee Joong Goo lies in bed and asks Jae Wan for water. Jae Wan brought Lee Joong Goo the water and his medicine. When Jae Wan left, Lee Joong Goo told him that from the next day Jae Wan should take care of his meals and medicine.

Jae Wan:”Do you trust me? What are you going to do if I poison the food, like you did to chairman Ah?”

After Jae Wan left, Lee Joong Goo entered to his secret room and opened a safe full of money and gold bars.

Lee Joong Goo:” Jae Wan, wait just a little bit more. Like before, I will let you have it all under me.”

At home, Jae Wan finds Mo Ne playing with his mother and Ju Han. All 4 of them continue to play happily. The next day it’s the day Ju Han has to leave for America.

Jae Wan and Baek Mi Nyeo send Ju Han to the airport. They say their goodbyes. They hug. But the time for Ju Han to go has come. He enters the gate. Now that they saw Ju Han going, Jae Wan and his mother return home. Behind them the gate opens again. Ju Han comes out. He doesn’t leave as Jae Wan told him to. Ju Han must be scared of what Lee Joong Goo will do to Jae Wan if he will be gone. As it happened the last time he went away.

Yoon Da Jung has decided to accept Jin Jung Hyun. She tries the hairpin he gave her. No Ah and Jin Jung Hyun saw her. When No Ah tells her that she will be scolded by the manager if she wore that hairpin, Da Jung said that she only tried it to show it to someone… a special person…her boyfriend. Hearing that Jung Hyun smiles happily, Da Jung accepted his feelings.

At the hotel, Cha Su An, Park Do Jin, Hong Joon and Yoo Joon Sung come to Jae Wan to congratulate him. Jae Wan’s investigation stopped. Nobody knows the reason, but it stopped. Jae Wan knows that something is wrong and goes to his office. From his office, Jae Wan calls Ju Han. At that moment Ju Han tells Jae Wan that he didn’t leave for America, he is in front of the police station. Ju Han is confessing that he tried to kill Lee Joong Goo, by stabbing him.

Lee Joong Goo saw in the newspapers that his wife will go to England. He calls her and she tells him that she and their daughter will not come back ever. Even his daughter changed her name so that she will not have anything to do with him. After the phone call, Lee Joong Goo called his driver, but the driver is gone. He goes to the safe from the secret room. The driver took the money and the gold bars and left.

From the secret room Lee Joong Goo hears noise in his house. Jae Wan came with the police after giving the police the evidence that Lee Joong Goo killed chairman Ah. Lee Joong Goo managed to get away and went to the hotel.

Baek Mi Nyeo insisted to go to the hotel. She doesn’t want to be alone at home. Mo Ne and Jae Wan are gone, Ju Han left. Mo Ne takes her at the hotel. Bored, Baek Mi Nyeo says that she needs to go to the toilet. She gets lost on the way and ends up in the meeting room.

Lee Joong Goo saw Baek Mi Nyeo and dragged her out. He is using Baek Mi Nyeo as a hostage to get away from the police.

Lee Joong Goo took Baek Mi Nyeo to the roof. Jae Wan followed them. He asks Lee Joong Goo to let his mother go, but Lee Joong Goo threatens Baek Mi Nyeo with a knife. Scared of Lee Joong Goo, Baek Mi Nyeo grabs Lee Joong Goo’s wound and runs away. Mo Ne and Sun Woo Hyun came also. Jae Wan asks Sun Woo Hyun to take Mo Ne and his mother away.

Left alone, Jae Wan asks Lee Joong Goo how can he do all those things, he was once a human. Lee Joong Goo blames Mo Ne’s father for all his sins. Even his wife and daughter left him after he lost his money. That is what Lee Joong Goo believes. He even believes that if he wouldn’t have beaten Jae Wan up, Jae Wan would have left him long ago.

Jae Wan:”You pitiful human! You will never change until you die.”

Lee Joong Goo:” Jae Wan, you may never believe it, but I loved you.”

After saying that he loves Jae Wan, Lee Joong Goo throws himself over the railing. Jae Wan runs to save him.

Lee Joong Goo:”Jae Wan! Jae Wan! Thank…thank you.”

That night Lee Joong Goo died.

One year later, Mo Ne is the chairwoman of Hotel Ciel. Cha Su Ahn is her right hand. Yoo Joon Sung, Hong Joon , Park Do Jin and Jang Ho Il help her with everything she needs. Yoon Da Jung and Jin Jung Hyun are still dating.

After Lee Joong Goo’s funeral, Jae Wan and his mother left the hotel. But Mo Ne still waits for him. During that year Jae Wan wrote a book.

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