“Wonderful Days” ep 41~ Dong Hui:” Should we…get married?”

Hae Won saw Han Bin with another woman and now she tries to stop Young Chun’s wedding. Because she doesn’t tell anyone why she tries so hard to stop Young Chun’s wedding, the other family members get mad at her.

Dong Hui proposes to Ma Ri.

Dong Seok met Han Bin and recognized him.

Episode 41

Coming home, Dong Hui finds Hae Won and Dong Seok talking in front of their house. When he arrived next to them, Hae Won stopped talking. She wanted to tell Dong Seok that she saw Han Bin, the man that Young Chun will get married too with other women. Seeing that Hae Won stopped when he got near, Dong Hui asked her why she stopped talking, if she was talking about him.

Dong Hui:” Why did you stop talking when you saw me?”

She needed to say something, so Hae Won, in front of Dong Hui, told Dong Seok that Dong Hui scolded her for not doing her job, that Dong Seok shouldn’t have married her because Hae Won turned him into a gangster. After what Hae Won said, Dong Hui leaves, not knowing what Hae Won really wanted to tell Dong Seok.

After Dong Hui left and went inside the house, Hae Won told Dong Seok what she saw. During Hae Won and Dong Seok’s conversation, Young Chun called Hae Won. After meeting Hae Won in the store, Han Bin called Young Chun, they’ve met and he told Young Chun that the woman Hae Won saw with him is a woman he was in a relationship with. Han Bin lied to Young Chun that he met that woman because he was upset when he realized that Young Chun is using him. Young Chun called Hae Won to tell her that the woman she saw with Han Bin is Han Bin’s ex wife, so that Hae Won won’t say anything to Dong Hui or So Shim. Because Hae Won keeps insisting that Young Chun should stop seeing that man, that isn’t right what is going on, Young Chun got upset and started scolding Hae Won.

In the morning, Hae Won insists around Dong Seok for him to help her stop Young Chun from getting married to Han Bin.

After Dong Seok left, So Shim calls for Hae Won. So Shim asked Hae Won to look for a wedding hall for Young Chun’s marriage. Because she knows that Young Chun is making a big mistake, Hae Won tells So Shim that all the wedding hall’s in Gwang Ju are full for the next six months. Hae Won also tells So Shim that she looked into it and she realized that this year is not a good year for Young Chun to get married. Hae Won does everything she can to stop Young Chun’s marriage.

Knowing what Hae Won is doing, Young Chun asks Hae Won to talk with her in private.

Young Chun:” I told you to stay out of my life!”

There are 2 girls that come to fix their car every week, just to see Dong Hui. And they’ve been doing that for 3 months. Dong Hui goes to them. He knows what the girls are doing, but he can’t stop helping them. It’s his boss’s order. When Dong Hui goes to the girls, Ma Ri appears. She tells the two girls to stop messing with her boyfriend and to stop coming there.

You go girl! After all Ma Ri is a woman who has to protect her man. Payback time is here.

Ma Ri:” What are you wearing? Is that an undershirt? “

“Look at my biceps! Is this how they do business here?” is what Ma Ri is asking Dong Hui, angry. Dong Hui looks straight into Ma Ri’s eyes and tells her that he isn’t seeing her just for fun.

Dong Hui:” Should we…get married?”

Mul met Dong Won and Dong Ju. He brought them food. But Dong Ju doesn’t eat and she doesn’t let Dong Won to eat either. Dong Ju wants Mul to apologize.

Mul apologized for calling Dong Hui a traitor. But now, Dong Ju wants Mul to apologize for teasing Dong Won. Remembering that Mul teased him, Dong Won gets upset too. He wants Mul apologize now. Mul apologizes and he said why he treated them like that. Mul was afraid that Dong Won and Dong Ju will move and that he will not see them anymore. He thought that if he was treating bad Dong Won and Dong Ju and calling them a traitor’s children, they wouldn’t move.

Dong Hui went to see Dong Ok to her work place. But when Dong Ok saw Dong Hui, she didn’t smile. While he helped her, Dong Hui was talking to her and telling her funny thinks, but Dong Ok was upset. Suddenly Dong Ok looks at Dong Hui and she asks him if he in stupid. Dong Ok remembered Dong Hui that he screamed at her for smiling at him. Even if he treats her badly, Dong Ok is always smiling when she sees Dong Hui. They make up.

Dong Hui asks Dong Ok to give him some skirts. Dong Hui takes the skirts to Ma Ri as present and let the present on Ma Ri’s bed. Then Dong Hui send a text to Ma Ri telling her to wear the next day the “handkerchiefs” he gave her.

Woo Jin is waiting for Dong Ok to come home. When he sees her, Woo Jin sits on the bench and pretends that he is reading. Approaching, Dong Ok stops in front of Woo Jin. She asks Woo Jin if he remembers her, but Woo Jin said that he didn’t.

Dong Ok went home and returned with a box. She opens the box and asks Woo Jin if he remembers the thinks from the box. In that box, Dong Ok kept all the things that Woo Jin gave her. Still, Woo Jin said that he doesn’t remember anything. Upset, Dong Ok said that the man in front of her looks and has the same name as her Woo Jin, but he is totally different, her Woo Jin isn’t that mean.

In the kitchen, So Shim tells Hae Won that Hae Ju found a wedding hall for Young Chun and that also the date for the wedding is a good day. So Shim asks Hae Won if she has something against Young Chun getting married. Hae Won doesn’t have anything against Young Chun getting married, she just knows that Young Chun will not be happy with Han Bin.

Dong Hui heard Hae Won asking So Shim to postpone Young Chun’s wedding. He came inside the kitchen and told Hae Won to stop confusing him. Hae Won already told Dong Hui that she followed Han Bin and she thinks that Han Bin is a good man. So Dong Hui trusted Hae Won and let Young Chun marry Han Bin. Now Hae Won changed her mind and she doesn’t tell anyone why.

Dong Hui:” Just stay out of her business.”

After the conversation Hae Won had with Dong Hui, she goes out for some coffee with Dong Seok. In front of the house they encounter Young Chun, Han Bin, Ssang Ho and Mi Suk. Han Bin and Young Chun met that day and he came to walk Young Chun home.

For the first time, Dong Seok introduces himself officially to Han Bin and also he gives Han Bin his business card. Seeing that Dong Seok is a prosecutor, Han Bin face changes and he suddenly has to go. Dong Seok has a strange expression on his face too. Did Dong Seok recognized Han Bin? From some time now, Dong Seok is investigating a new case. And the man his after is….Han Bin.

The next morning Dong Seok leaves early for work. He needs to check something…the wanting files. He’s looking around in all the files. But he has to stop. He needs to go to a meeting. Later Dong Seok comes to his office to look for something. Looking around the office, Dong Seok doped some files on the floor. He gathers them and he sees Han Bin on one of the files….

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