Hotel King Ep 32 ~Final episode!

After a long journey we’ve reached the final episode of Hotel King.

In this episode, Jae Wan returns to Hotel Ciel and to Mo Ne. Cha Jae Wan and Ah Mo Ne get married and have two children. Also Ju Han, or Roman Lee, is out of jail. And Baek Mi Nyeo recovers and returns as a manager at the hotel.

Episode 32

To be able to get the goal they have for that year, Ciel Hotel is hosting celebrity weddings. The celebrity whose wedding they will host is Chae Won and she wants Cha Jae Wan to be at her wedding.

After Lee Joong Goo’s death, Jae Wan moved with his mother in a quiet town on the beach. He can’t see Mo Ne or the hotel. Jae Wan refuses to see Mo Ne. He is Lee Joong Goo’s son and he feels guilty for all the things his father did. Even after death Lee Joong Goo is ruining his son’s life.

Taking advantage of Chae Won’s request, Mo Ne goes to see Jae Wan…after a year. Even if they love each other, Jae Wan is cold towards Mo Ne. He tells her the reason he left and he can’t go back to Ciel. Upset, Mo Ne hands over the envelop with Cha Won’s wedding and tells him to came and do a good job for Ciel. Mo Ne said that after Jae Wan will do a good job for Chae Won’s wedding as a general manager, she will break up with him.

The one that recommended Hotel Ciel to Chae Won is Song Chae Kyung. She also came at the party. Mo Ne is happy to see Chae Kyung after a year. But when Chae Kyung said that she heard that Mo Ne and Jae Wan broke up, Mo Ne remembered that she and Chae Kyung aren’t friends.

Song Chae Kyung:”Ah Mo Ne…she’s still innocent as before. How could you not bring him back even if I gave you a big push.”

A big problem occurred. Mo Ne and Chae Won are wearing the same dress…and Chae Won hates being the same as other people, because she is special. To make Chae Won happy, Mo Ne gets a knife from the table and rips off her sleeves. Now Mo Ne’s and Chae Won’s dress are both white, but they don’t look the same. Chae Won gets close to Mo Ne and tells her that now is the first time she likes Mo Ne. But then, Chae Won asks again for Cha Jae Wan. Mo Ne wants to tell Chae Won the truth…that Jae Wan will not be present at her wedding, but then…Cha Jae Wan appeared.

Sun Woo Hyun’s father calls him to tell Woo Hyun to go on a blind date. After the phone call, a guest come is. Woo Hyun helps the lady, but soon he realized that the client is the blind date his father was talking about. Woo Hyun refuses her politely and sends her away. After he send the lady away, Woo Hyun received a text from his father. In the text Woo Hyun’s father told him not to worry because there are a lot of women in the world.

The next morning a car arrived in front of Hotel Ciel. No Ah and Woo Hyun approach the car. They are surprised and happy when the driver gets out…it’s Cha Jae Wan. He returned at work.

Sun Woo Hyun:”The General Manager has returned.”

Inside the hotel, Jae Wan is welcomed by Hong Joon, Park Do Jin, Yoo Joon Sung and Cha Su Ahn. They are happy that his back too. From the first second Jae Wan stepped inside the hotel he tells everyone what to do, he doesn’t take any break…again.

Jae Wan enters Mo Ne’s office. He will look on the proposals that Chae Won refused. Jae Wan will make sure that Chae Won’s wedding is a success, before breaking up with Mo Ne. But Mo Ne spend a year dreaming about their wedding, an year in which Jae Wan pushed her away every day-by-day.

Mo Ne:” I’m going to marry you.”

Going with the new wedding proposal to Chae Won, Jae Wan sees her arguing with her manager. Inside her room, Chae Won refuses this wedding proposal too. Then Jae Wan asked her who of the two of them, she or the groom, doesn’t want to get married. Seems like the groom divorced his wife for Chae Won and after being criticized by the people he got scared and run away.

Walking around the hotel with No Ah, Jin Jung Hyun sees a coworker proposing to Yoon Da Jung. They’ve been dating secretly for the past years. Jealous, Jung Hyun drags Da Jung away and kisses her. Shy, Da Jung pushes him away saying that they are at work and someone could see them.

Jin Jung Hyun:”So, what’s wrong with it? You’re my woman, the one I’m going to marry.”

On his way home, Jae Wan got a phone call from his mother. She was saying that she is eating cake because Mo Ne said they are having a gathering. Jae Wan turns around his car and goes to Mo Ne’s house. He tries to take his mother home, but she refuses. She wants to stay with Mo Ne.

Mo Ne takes Jae Wan out. They talk. She tells him about the promise he make 351 days ago when he proposed to her. To keep that promise, Jae Wan has to marry Mo Ne in 2 weeks. But sees he wants so badly to break up and he is in so much pain to see Mo Ne, she breaks up with him. Mo Ne takes out her ring and returns it to Jae Wan.

Mo Ne:” Goodbye!”

Arrived home, Jae Wan sees someone waiting for him in front of the house. It was Ju Han. He is out of jail and he is clean. They went inside and Jae Wan told Ju Han that he and Mo Ne broke up.

Ju Han:” I don’t like this pathetic hyung!”

While trying to resolve Chae Won and her fiancée’s problems, Jae Wan and Mo Ne realized that they love each other and they can’t live apart from each other. They’ve resolved their problems and got married.

Few years after, Baek Mi Nyeo has recovered. She returned to the hotel as manager. While Baek Mi Nyeo was training the employees, Mo Ne enters with 2 children. The two boys are Mo Ne and Jae Wan’s children. Mo Ne has to go to a meeting and she doesn’t have with whom to leave the children. So she brought the boys, Baek Tam and Baek Yool to stay with their grandmother.

Mo Ne:” Play, play, play as much as you want, play!”

Walking around with the executives, Mo Ne meets Jae Wan.

Mo Ne:” I love you!”

Jae Wan was thinking at the first hotel he saw the night Lee Joong Goo took him. For Jae Wan that hotel was Heaven. Now he wants to make from Hotel Ciel….Heaven…

And they lived happily ever after….

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  1. Nana Ama Konadu Yamoah says:

    I love this drama and lee dong wook .I hope to meet him someday..infact I really love Korean dramas and actors from Boys before flowers especially lee Min hoo
    And I also love hangul so much so that I’m learning it

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