“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 16 ~Tian Xing:” Do you have to force me like this?”

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Miao, Gai Xian, Ting Wei and Helen leave Tao Zi and Tian Xing at a camping lot.

Lance show Huan Huan the pictures with Tao Zi and Tian Xing and she went crazy. Huan Huan slapped Tao Zi.

Leo suspects that Huan Huan is pretending to be invalid.

Episode 16

Tian Xing enters Huan Huan’s room. Huan Huan was with Tao Zi, looking at wedding dresses. She called Tian Xing next to her, she hugged him and kissed him on his cheek for Tao Zi to see that she won, that Tian Xing is hers.

Huan Huan’s mother came. She asked Tian Xing to carry Huan Huan down, the wedding planner arrived. Huan Huan and her mother invited Tao Zi to sit next to Huan Huan and help her with the wedding.

How can there be people like that? They think that having money is all they need. If they have money they can have all the things they wants, including the people they want.

I thought that Huan Huan was an innocent girl, manipulated by her mother and older brother, but she isn’t. She doesn’t take her pills, she lies to her heart desire, she hurts the people that loves her. And by the people that loves Huan Huan I mean Tian Xing and Tao Zi. She calls Tao Zi her friend, but she makes her suffer, asking Tao Zi to help her plan her wedding with Tian Xing. Also Huan Huan lies to Tian Xing that she in invalid so that Tian Xing will marry her out of guilt. When you love someone you want that person to be happy. For Huan Huan what she wants is what is more important. If she wants something she must have it. If she loves Tian Xing, then he must be hers. Huan Huan considers that if she is happy, everyone will be happy.

Lately, in the lasts episode, it seems to me that Huan Huan it starting to become crazy….

Also…Lance starts to act like a crazy person…and that is because he wants his mother’s love. But his mother seems to want more Tian Xing then her son…

On the other hand…why is Tao Zi so stupid? If Huan Huan is the woman that took her man and that is hurting her with every word, why is Tao Zi always going to see and help Huan Huan? Shouldn’t she take care of her own business?…Maybe…Tao Zo feels like Huan Huan is invalid because of her? Because she told Huan Huan where Tian Xing was the day that the accident happened?

While Tao Zi was at Huan Huan’s house, Leo came to her house. He heard Tao Zi’s parents talking. Tao Zi’s mother kept thinking about the day that Huan Huan came with wedding invitations. That day Tao Zi’s mother wanted to massage Huan Huan’s feet, but Huan Huan refused. To Tao Zi’s mother it seemed that Huan Huan had the same scared face as Xiao Lu when she wanted to massage Huan Huan. Xiao Lu was scared of Tao Zi’s mother’s massage because he was afraid that she will realize that he is Tian Xing. So what could Huan Huan hide?

Sick people tend to be happy when someone tells them that they can help them feel better, so why was Huan Huan scared?

Leo heard Tao Zi’s parents talking. He went to the park. He remembered the day from the hot spring when he thought that it was strange for Huan Huan, a girl in a wheelchair, to reach the water bottle that were so high.

Leo calls Lance with the pretext that he wants to work for Tian Ji Advertising. He must want to investigate Huan Huan’s real condition…

Leo met Lance and accepted to work for Tian Ji Advertising. But Leo has 2 conditions. First condition is that he needs to work with his own team and the second condition is that he wants Huan Huan to be the model for his first advertising work at Tian Ji.

While Leo was with Lance, at Oz things are down. To make Tao Zi feel better, Miao Miao and Ting Wei organized a camping trip. Even Helen was invited. Ting Wei called Tian Xing saying that he needs to report something to him. They all go with the same car. They only problem is that they were so happy that they didn’t realized that they were followed…

They arrived at the camping sight. Jia Gai Xian is running after Helen. He wants to massage her legs, but she doesn’t want. Miao Miao and Ting Wei confess their feeling for each other…

At the table, after they finished eating, Miao Miao whispers Helen something, Helen whispers to Ting Wei and Ting Wei to Jia Gai Xian. They send Tian Xing and Tao Zi to walk around. While Tian Xing and Tao Zi walk around, everyone else left, leaving them there. That was what they were whispering to each other, to leave Tao Zi and Tian Xing there together until the next day.

Has anyone saw Jia Gai Xian shoes??? OMG they are so high 😲 . Can he really walk in those things? 😎

Tian Xing calls Ting Wei to see if they finished collecting the garbage from the table. But Ting Wei’s phone in turned off. Tian Xing tries to call someone else, but everyone turned their phone off. Tao Zi and Tian Xing realized it. They were left there.

Tian Xing gets a phone call. It’s Huan Huan. Her mother wants to talk to Tian Xing. He is upset, he screams at the phone.

Tian Xing:”Auntie! I’m begging you! Just give me one day to breathe. Do you have to force me like this?”

Seeing him upset, Tao Zi takes Tian Xing’s phone and turns it off. She asks him to not thing at anything else. For that day the two of them will only think about the day they have to spend together.

They go to a river and play in the water. Tao Zi falls in the water and Tian Xing caries her to the place they will be sleeping at, a tent.

At the tent, Tian Xing is outside the tent. He’s drying their clothes to a big fire. Tao Zi is in the tent, too shy to go out.

Suddenly Tao Zi sees a snake in her tent. She screams, runs out and jumps in Tian Xing’s arms.

Tian Xing:” I said I’ll protect you.”

They kiss and they exchange rings. Their rings are made from clover.

Tian Xing:” Tao Le Si! No matter how the world changes, it’ll be okay if our hearts don’t change, right?”

Tao Zi:”If our hearts are together, no matter how far apart two people are, they’ll be able to feel each other’s intentions, and that feeling is heartwarming.”

The person that followed the people from Oz when they went camping took photos of Tian Xing and Tao Zi. He send the pictures to Lance. So Lance is the one that put someone follow Tian Xing.

Inside Huan Huan was talking to her mother. Huan Huan said to her mother that she is thinking about what she should do to Tao Zi in order to protect her love for Tian Xing and what she should do to stop Tian Xing thinking and protecting Tao Zi.

Seeing Huan Huan like that Lance showed her the pictured with Tian Xing and Tao Zi. Looking at Huan Huan and Lance and hearing them talk like that makes Huan Huan’s mother scared. Huan Huan changed. She isn’t anymore the sweet girl her mother knew.

After Lance took Huan Huan to her room, Huan Huan send a text to Tao Zi telling her that she knows that Tao Zi is with Tian Xing and why is Tao Zi doing that to her. Later butler Fu heard noise from Huan Huan’s room. He rushed there and found the room devastated. Huan Huan threw everything on the floor. Looking at Huan Huan, butler Fu sees that something is wrong Huan Huan is not herself.

Huan Huan called Tian Xing and Tao Zi. She is furious that Tian Xing spend a whole day with Tao Zi.

Tao Zi got close to Huan Huan and apologized for spending a day with Tian Xing. But still Tao Zi in happy to have a day with Tian Xing, a day that she will keep in her heart forever. Huan Huan gets upset and slaps Tao Zi.

Leo and Lance saw everything. Lance is happy to see Huan Huan like that. She is blaming Tao Zi for her invalidity.

Leo takes Huan Huan out to talk about the advertising.

Huan Huan met Leo. They talk about the advertising she will be in. Tao Zi will work on that project too. Huan Huan wants Leo to start filming the commercial on her engagement party, which will be in a week.

Leo:”How much do you think one has to sacrifice so that one can attain true happiness?”

Huan Huan responded to that question saying that she bet everything on it and she has her whole life to prove that she was right.

Going home, butler Fu let Huan Huan wait for him to bring the car. She put her headphones on. A man approaches her. He trips on Huan Huan’s wheelchair. The wheelchair goes on the road. When Huan Huan sees that she is in the road and the car is coming towards her. She tries to get up from her wheelchair. But she hears Leo calling her. Leo saw the car coming towards Huan Huan and runs to save her.

But how come the guy the tripped on Huan Huan’s wheelchair didn’t feel anything?

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