“Wonderful Days” ep 43~Dong Seok:”Let’s just get a divorce.”

Dong Seok kicks Tae Seop out of the house. Tae Seop goes to leave with Dong Tak. The family, not knowing the reason why Dong Seok kicked his father, gets mad at him.

Ma Ri came at the chicken restaurant wearing bikini and she waits for Dong Hui.

Dong Seok finds were Han Bin is and goes to arrest him. Han Bin wanted to hurt Dong Seok with a brick, but he hit Tae Seop.

Episode 43

”Young Chun, you can’t leave this house. From now on, I’m taking care of you.”, in what Dong Seok told Young Chun to stop her from leaving the house.

So Shim came in a hurry home. She got worried when she woke up in the hospital and Young Chun wasn’t there.

Arrived home, So Shim found Dong Seok telling his father to leave the house. So Shim, Young Chun and Tae Seop can’t stay in the same house, so Dong Seok believes that the one that should leave is Tae Seop. Dong Seok is angry with his father after finding out that it was Tae Seop that introduced Han Bin to Young Chun. Now Dong Seok knows that Young Chun was forced to meet and accepted to marry Han Bin and that she lost all her savings.

Tae Seop left the house upset. Hae Won followed him. Meanwhile So Shim scolds Young Chun for not saying anything about Tae Seop being the one that introduced Han Bin to her.

To make sure that Young Chun won’t leave the house, So Shim asked Dong Won to play cops and robbers. Dong Won is the policeman. He handcuffed Young Chun and So Shim.

Coming to the room, Dong Ju wants to play too. But Dong Won doesn’t want Dong Ju to play. There is no role for her. So Dong Ju pretends to be Young Chun and So Shim’s lawyer. Dong Won gets a little upset and leaves the room. He doesn’t want to play anymore. Dong Ju goes after him.

Guk Su keeps asking Dong Hui if he is alright. He knows Dong Hui and he knows that Dong Hui is hot tempered. But contrary to his usual self, Dong Hui is calm now. Dong Hui’s been through a lot lately with what happened to Young Chun and the fight he had with Ma Ri the other day. Annoyed by Guk Su, Dong Hui breaks a glass in his hand then he goes to the police to ask more information about Han Bin. From the policeman, Dong Hui finds that the prosecutor in charge of finding Han Bin is his brother, prosecutor Kang Dong Seok.

Back to his workplace, Dong Hui received a text from Ma Ri. She is waiting for him in bikini at the chicken restaurant. She’s been waiting from more than an hour. Dong Hui rushes to the chicken restaurant. Inside, Dong Hui found Ma Ri in a with dress. On her dress, there was printed a woman’s body in bikini. Ma Ri didn’t came in her bikini so Dong Hui calms down.

Ma Ri is angry. She feels like punching Dong Hui.

Dong Hui:” Hold your fist up and do it right. Aim right and make it hurt. It’d be great if you knocked me out cold so I couldn’t think or feel anything.”

She knows that Dong Hui is hurt so instead of punching him, Ma Ri kisses Dong Hui.

While she was following Tae Seop, Hae Won was injured. On her way home, Hae Won meets Dong Seok. He asks her what happened and Hae Won tells Dong Seok that she fell on her way home.

Dong Seok:”Let’s just get a divorce.”

Worried that she will end up dead Dong Seok, jokingly asks Hae Won for a divorce.

Ssang Shik and Ssang Ho come out from the store. Dong Hui arrived too. Ssang Shik asks Dong Seok and Dong Hui to go with him. They need to talk.

Dong Hui doesn’t understand what is going on. His uncles are upset. He finds out soon. Ssang Shik asks Dong Seok if it is true that he kicked out his father and also if he really said that he will take care of Young Chun from now on. Surprised, Dong Hui turns to Dong Seok and asks him why would he take care of Young Chun, she is not his mother. Young Chun and Dong Seok are not related. They are not family. Dong Seok answered that for him family doesn’t mean people related by blood. For Dong Seok family means people who trust and rely on each other. Just like So Shim and Young Chun trust and rely on each other…

Few days later, when he was going to work, Dong Seok met Dong Hui outside their house. Dong Hui asks Dong Seok if he heard anything about Kang Tae Seop or if he wants Dong Hui to look for him. Dong Seok doesn’t want Dong Hui to look for Tae Seop.

Going inside, Dong Hui sees Young Chun. From now on Dong Hui will call Young Chun the same way his siblings call her. Dong Hui will call Young Chun “mother”. Well actually it’s something like “little mother”, but sounds weird so I’ll just say mother…From that day Dong Hui decided to forget that Young Chun is his birth mother and that he abandoned him. From now on Dong Hui will see Young Chun the same way Dong Tak, Dong Ok and Dong Seok sees her.

Ssang Ho’s wife, Myeong Nan, Mul, Dong Won and Dong Ju are going to school. Mul asks Myeong Nan her opinion about who should leave the house. Should it be Tae Seop, so that Young Chun and So Shim could leave in the same house as they leaved in the last years, or should it leave Young Chun, so that So Shim and Tae Seop leave together in the house. But for Myeong Nan it doesn’t have any importance who leaves and who stays. Even the children know that doesn’t care what happens in the family. She isn’t close to anyone in the family. She just wants to move as fast as possibly from that house. But Ssang Ho doesn’t want to move.

Then Dong Won and Mul start fighting about which one of them is closer to Tae Seop. Dong Won wants to be close to Tae Seop because Dong Hui said that he will respect the one the is the closest to Tae Seop.

Seeing her neighbor, Woo Jin, Dong Ok misses her Woo Jin. She goes to the health center to see Woo Jin. At the health center, Dong Ok apologizes for lying to Woo Jin a year ago when she said to him that she doesn’t misses him and she wants to break up with him.

When Dong Ok left, Woo Jin followed her and told her the truth. He told Dong Ok that he and her neighbor are the same person. He missed her so much that he lied to her just to be close to her again. Dong Ok hit Woo Jin and leaves.

Woo Jin:”I love you so much that I can’t give you up! No matter what happens, I’ll only love you.”

Dong Tak, Hae Ju and her mother are watching TV. Dong Tak will appear in a drama that day. But he appeared only for a few seconds and he had a short line. Hae Ju’s mother starts scolding him again.

Then Tae Seop, who’s been living with them since Dong Seok kicked him out, woke up. Tae Seop said that he had a nightmare about a woman scolding his eldest son for not being a successful actor and because he smiles a lot. Hae Ju’s mother realized that Tae Seop heard what she said to Dong Tak. Hae Ju’s mother smiled at Dong Tak saying that she has the best son-in-law in the world.

Tae Seop received a phone call from someone who knows where Han Bin is. The same time, Dong Seok received information about where Han Bin is and went to Busan with a team. While the policemen search for Han Bin, Tae Seop found him and asked Young Chun’s money back.

Han Bin wanted to hit Tae Seop, but Dong Seok appeared and defended his father. When Dong Seok helped his father get up, Han Bin took a brick and wanted to hit Dong Seok. Tae Seop saw Han Bin with the brick and put himself between Han Bin and Dong Seok.

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