“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 17 ~Tian Xing:”I’m telling you to stand up!”

Huan Huan is in the middle of the road. A car is coming towards her. She wants to get up from her wheelchair. But when Leo calls her name and she sees him running to her, Huan Huan sits back on the wheelchair.

Later, Leo thinks about what happened. He saw Huan Huan getting up from the wheelchair and the sitting back.

Tian Xing meets Tao Zi. She brought cupcakes, the cupcakes that she made. Making cupcakes is a memory with Xiao Lu so that memory belongs to Tao Zi and nobody can take it. Tian Xing tells her that Leo accepted to work for Tian Ji and his condition was that his team from Oz will work with him. The problem is that Huan Huan will be the model from that commercial. Tian Xing is worried that Huan Huan will make things difficult for Tao Zi. But Tao Zi doesn’t mix her personal feeling with work so she plans to do her work well no matter who the model for the advertising is. Also Tao Zi asks Tian Xing to not waste their time with tears. They should be happy in the little time they have.

Tao Zi:” Let me give you strength…In the future, even if I’m not by your side, when you miss me, find me in your heart.”

Everyone is having a meeting at Oz. Leo tells them that they will start filming for the commercial at Huan Huan’s engagement party. They will also film her wedding. Nobody is pleased, but they have to work.

Jia Gai Xian is in charge to find pictures with Huan Huan since she was young. He will chose from the pictures from the day they went to the hot spring too. While Jia Gai Xian was looking through the pictures from the hot spring, Tian Xing came. He approached Jia Gai Xian and saw the picture with all of them smiling happily at the hot spring. Looking closely, Tian Xing noticed Huan Huan in the back of the picture. She was standing.

Arrived home Tao Zi finds Huan Huan’s mother at her house. She came to asks Tao Zi to stop seeing Tian Xing because he will get married to Huan Huan. Also Huan Huan’s mother asks Tao Zi’s parents to come to the wedding. Before leaving Huan Huan’s mother asks Tao Zi if she wants her to find a good man for her.

Why would she find a good man for Tao Zi? She has good parents that can find one for her… Something tells me that Huan Huan’s mother’s visit was more like a threat to Tao Zi… a threat that Tao Zi understood.

Meanwhile Tian Xing is looking at the picture with Huan Huan standing. He can’t believe what he is seeing. But he got a phone call. It was Leo.

Leo met Tian Xing and told him about his suspicions. Leo suspects that Huan Huan’s legs are healed. He tells Tian Xing about the day Tao Zi’s mother wanted to massage Huan Huan’s feet, about the day from the hot spring when Huan Huan took a water bottle that was too high for someone in a wheelchair and also about the day that Huan Huan almost got in a car accident. That day Leo saw Huan Huan getting up from the wheelchair and sitting back when she saw him.

After meeting Leo, Tian Xing met Tao Zi. He hugs her and tells her that he needs to do something. During the time that he will do what he needs to do, she has to stay by his side, hugging him.

Tian Xing:”I need to do something. This thing that I’m doing my mean I have no way back, but it may also end all these disasters. Before that, I want you to silently stay by my side…let me hug you.”

The day of the engagement party has come. Everyone is there. Tao Zi and Leo are taking care of the last details about the filming. Jia Gai Xian, Miao Miao, Ting Wei and Helen are getting ready the filming equipment. Huan Huan and Tian Xing are getting ready. Lance and his mother are there.

Tian Xing comes to the room were Huan Huan is. He talks to her about a game they used to play when they were young, a game about the truth. Then Tian Xing asked Huan Huan if she was honest with him.

Tian Xing :” Do you have anything to tell me?”

Huan Huan puts an innocent face and asks Tian Xing, nonchalantly, looking into his eyes…if he suspects her for something. Tian Xing doesn’t suspect her, he knows that Huan Huan is lying to him. Lance and his mother come to the room. They see that something is wrong. They ask Huan Huan what’s wrong and they don’t know what to do when Tian Xing tells Huan Huan to get up.

Tian Xing:”I’m telling you to stand up!”

Hearing Tian Xing screaming, Leo and Tao Zi come to the room too. Lance and his mother act like nothing is wrong. Even after Tian Xing showed them the picture with Huan Huan standing, they still act like Huan Huan’s legs aren’t healed.

Crying, Huan Huan asks Tian Xing to take her to the hospital if he doesn’t believe her. To take her to a hospital and a doctor that he choose. Also, Huan Huan asks Tao Zi to accompany them. Leo will go too. He will not let Tao Zi go alone.

At the hospital Lance and his mother are worried that the lie will be revealed. They all enter with Huan Huan into the doctor’s office. Leo, Tao Zi and Tian Xing wait for the doctor to tell them that Huan Huan’s legs are healed. But he doesn’t tell them that. The doctor tells everyone that Huan Huan isn’t healed, that her condition is getting worse. Even Lance and his mother are shocked. How can that be? What they don’t know is that Huan Huan stopped taking her medicine. And because she didn’t take her medicine her condition got worse. Not just she didn’t took her medicine, Huan Huan also stopped going to physiotherapy, without anyone knowing.

After what the doctor said, Huan Huan’s mother is confident again. She asks Tao Zi t talk to her. When the two of them are alone, Huan Huan’s mother threatens Tao Zi with ruining her and ruining Oz Advertising if Tao Zi doesn’t stop seeing Tian Xing. For Huan Huan’s mother Tian Xing is Huan Huan’s husband and Tian Ji Advertising heir.

The actress that is playing Huan Huan’s mother is a really good actress. She plays the bad character so good that is making you want to hit her…

In her room, Huan Huan is trying to hide the pills she needs to take. Tian Xing arrived and she got scared. Scared, Huan Huan dropped her pills and tried to hide them with her wheelchair. But Tian Xing saw the pills on the floor. Tian Xing came to take Huan Huan to the physiotherapy, but she doesn’t want to go. Tian Xing insists and Huan Huan accepts. But she can’t go to the hospital, at physiotherapy. If Tian Xing goes with her there he will discover that she didn’t do physiotherapy in a long time. Huan Huan askes Tian Xing to take her to Tao Zi’s mother.

Arrived at Tao Zi’s house, Huan Huan asks Tao Zi’s mother for a massage. Tao Zi’s mother bends down and started massaging Huan Huan’s legs. But Huan Huan didn’t come for that, she came to offend Tao Zi. Huan Huan started screaming at Tao Zi that she fall in love first with Tian Xing so is Tao Zi the one that stole Tian Xing. Tao Zi’s father gets angry and starts defending his daughter. Also Tian Xing tells Huan Huan to stop talking.

But Tao Zi tells Huan Huan that she wished that it would have been her the one that fall that day. Tao Zi feel guilty for Huan Huan’s condition. Also Tao Zi said that if she would have fallen that day, she wouldn’t have used that to force Tian Xing marry her. When you force someone do something that will make you happy that isn’t love, that is obsession.

When they leave, Tian Xing insists to go for a checkup at the hospital since they are already out. Instead of going to the hospital, Huan Huan asks Tian Xing if he also thinks like Tao Zi, that she is using her condition as a weapon to get married to Tian Xing.

Tian Xing:”Huan Huan, in order to marry me, no matter who is the one I love, no matter how many people who are harmed by your capriciousness, you still insisted on doing so. If it isn’t your weapon, what is it?”

Hearing that Huan Huan tells Tian Xing that she is fortunate that she fall that day, and not Tao Le Si. Huan Huan still didn’t understood what Tian Xing wanted to tell her.

At home, Huan Huan is having a nervous breakdown. She throws the food, she screams and she refuses to take her medicine. After calming her down, Tian Xing talks to her mother. He tries to make Huan Huan’s mother understand that by forcing him to marry Huan Huan he will be hurt, but Huan Huan will suffer more. They both know that Huan Huan changed. She is no longer the sweet girl that they knew. Huan Huan’s mother knows that Tian Xing is right, but she doesn’t what to listen to him and she sends him home.

In front of his house, Tian Xing finds Tao Zi’s parents. They’ve watched Huan Huan’s mother hurting their daughter just to fight for her own daughter’s happiness so they can do the same. Tao Zi’s parents apologize for not being able to protect his and Tao Zi’s love.

Tao Zi’s mother:”Will you love Tao Zi for the rest of your life? Then you guys can leave together.”

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