“Wonderful Days” ep 44~Hae Won:”He only ate two bowls of rice.”

In episode 44 of Wonderful Days, the family gathers at the hospital to see how Tae Seop. They is. They blame Dong Seok for Tae Seop’s injury.

So Shim asks Young Chun to move out of the house.

Mul posted a video with Dong Tak on the internet and Dong Tak received a phone call from a producer.

Episode 44

Tae Seop was admitted to the hospital. The surgery went well, but Tae Seop is still unconscious. Dong Seok, Hae Won, Ssang Ho, Ssang Shik, Dong Tak and Hae Ju are at the hospital. Dong Tak and Ssang Ho are blaming Dong Seok for Tae Seop’s condition. They still don’t know the reason why Dong Seok kicked his father out of the house. In the argument, So Shim arrived. She tells Dong Tak, Hae Ju and Ssang Ho to leave, but she asks Dong Seok and Hae Won to stay.

Hae Ju and Dong Tak are leaving upset. They think that So Shim is playing favoritism. Also Ssang Ho begins to agree with Dong Tak and Hae Ju.

Left alone in the room with Tae Seop, So Shim asks Hae Won and Dong Seok to not tell anyone the reason Dong Seok kicked Tae Seop out. She is afraid the family will not be able to forgive him. And also Dong Hui is just starting to accept Tae Seop as his father.

Dong Hui enters the kitchen. He sees Young Chun getting hurt. She is cooking, but she isn’t paying attention. Young Chun tells Dong Hui that Dong Seok arrested Han Bin. Also she tells Dong Hui that Tae Seop got hurt while looking for Han Bin.

Dong Hui went to see Tae Seop in the hospital, but he couldn’t enter the room…

Dong Hui took Ma Ri, Dong Won and Dong Ju hiking early in the morning. The twins and Ma Ri are sleeping. Dong Won falls down. Ma Ri is worried.

Ma Ri:” I think he’s passed out. Dong Won!”

Dong Hui:” He’s pretending to be sleeping.”

Dong Hui come and tells Ma Ri not to worry because Dong Won is pretending to be sleeping just to not go hiking. To make Dong Won stop pretending, Dong Hui promise to buy him chicken. Dong Won gets up.

After hiking, the first to reach the peak will get two drum sticks so Dong Won and Dong Ju starts running. Left alone with Ma Ri, Dong Hui tells her what’s on his mind. He starting to open up t her and talk to her about his problems.

Because Ma Ri, Dong Won and Dong Ju lack physical endurance, Dong Hui wants to go hiking every morning. All three of them, Ma Ri and the twins, protests against hiking every day.

After Tae Seop saved Dong Seok when Han Bin tried to hit him with a brick, So Shim changed her attitude towards him. She takes care of him in the hospital, she feeds him, she cuts his nails…

Hae Won is surprised seeing So Shim being so nice to Tae Seop. So Shim asks Hae Won to find a place to stay and a job for Young Chun. So Shim plans asking Young Chun to move out of her house. Hae Won refuses. She plans to take care of Young Chun…and also So Shim and Tae Seop. Because Hae Seop refused to look for a place to stay and a job for Young Chun, So Shim asks Ssang Ho to look for it.

The same time, Dong Seok received a phone call from Hae Won. She called to tell Dong Seok that So Shim wants to send Young Chun away. Dong Seok goes home to change his clothes and he tells Young Chun his mother’s plans. Also Dong Seok apologizes to Young Chun for not being able to keep his promise to take care of her.

Coming home from an audition upset, Dong Tak throws different things from the trash at his manager, Jo Won, and tells Jo Won to go find another actor. Jo Won refuses. He wants to be Dong Tak’s manager. Suddenly Jo Won got a phone call. A producer wants Dong Tak for a TV show. That producer saw a video online and he liked Dong Tak.

Dong Tak dressed as Elsa and sand “Let it go” to cheer Hae Ju, Mul and San. Mul filmed his father and posted the video on his blog. That video received a lot of comments.

Going inside Dong Tak finds from Hae Ju that So Shim asked Young Chun to move out.

Dong Ok is working. Woo Jin came to her. While they were talking Dong Ok got a phone call from Woo Jin’s mother. She wants to meet Dong Ok.

Dong Ok is going to see Woo Jin’s mother, but Woo Jing stops her. He is afraid his mother will hurt Dong Ok like she did a year ago. He grabs Dong Ok’s hand and calls his mother. Woo Jin tells his mother that Dong Ok will not come to meet her and that she should go back to Seoul. Then Woo Jin hugs Dong Ok.

So Shim came to change her clothes. Since she is home she asks Young Chun and Dong Hui to have a drink with her. So Shim feels bad for asking Young Chun to leave. She asks Dong Hui and Young Chun if they hate her for that. Both Dong Hui and Young Chun said that So Shim took the right decision.

Back to his room, Dong Hui feels a little upset because Young Chun will leave. He can’t understand why So Shim asked Young Chun to leave so suddenly. The only ones Dong Hui can talk too about his feeling about Young Chun leaving are Dong Won and Dong Ju.

Dong Hui:”Oh, I was fine with it…but why am I feeling so awful?”

Dong Ju:” Dad, if you want, you can eat all my cucumber.”

Tae Seop has returned home. The happiest by his return are the children. Dong Tak, Hae Ju, Ssang Ho, Ssang Shik and their wifes are praising Tae Seop for saving his son’s life. Tae Seop looks for Dong Hui, but Dong Hui isn’t home. The only one who isn’t so happy is Hae Won. She knows the truth, but she can’t say anything.

In the kitchen, Mi Suk is cooking with Hae Ju and Hae Won is doing the dishes. Hae Ju keeps scolding Hae Won, taking advantage that she is the wife of the eldest son.

So Shim arrived home late. She needed to stop by someplace else before coming home. She went to see a lawyer, one of Dong Seok’s coworkers.

Tae Seop welcomes So Shim with a big smile on his face when she enters. He said that he couldn’t eat because So Shim wasn’t home.

Hae Won:”He only ate two bowls of rice.”

So Shim goes inside with Hae Ju and Tae Seop. She leaves her bag with Hae Won. Opening the bag, Hae Won saw an envelope with some papers. There were divorce papers. So Shim wants to divorce Tae Seop…

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