“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 18 ~Tian Xing:”I’m going to marry Huan Huan.”

Tao Zi’s mother:”Will you love Tao Zi for the rest of your life? Then you guys can leave together.”

Tao Zi’s parents want their daughter to be happy. The only thing they can do to help Tao Zi and Tian Xing is to let them leave. So they went to Tian Xing’s house and told him to take Tao Zi and leave together.

Returned home, Tao Zi’s mother drags Tao Zi to her room to make her bags. The next morning Tao Zi and Tian Zing will leave with the first plane.

Early in the morning Tian Xing came to take Tao Zi.

Tao Zi’s father:” Lu Tian Xing…I’m going to give my daughter to you.”

Tao Zi’s father takes Tao Zi’s hand and puts it into Tian Xing’s hand. Tao Zi’s father tells Tian Xing that he is giving Tao Zi to him and that he should make her happy for the rest of her live.

Tian Xing and Tao Zi get into Tian Xing’s car and leave for the airport. Someone is following them. The person following Tao Zi and Tian Xing calls Lance. Huan Huan and Lance leave for the airport to stop Tian Xing from leaving the country with Tao Zi.

At home, butler Fu is looking around the house. Nobody is home. He goes in Huan Huan’s room. She isn’t there. But butler Fu found something. He found the box in which Huan Huan was hiding her pills.

Tao Zi and Tian Xing are in the plain. They are about to take off. Suddenly three men approached them. The three men came with Lance and Huan Huan. But no matter what Lance and Huan Huan will say, Tian Xing is decided, he will leave with Tao Zi. And Tao Zi is decided to let go of everything for Tian Xing.

Huan Huan gets mad. She starts crying and blaming Tao Zi for her condition. But why is Tao Zi’s fault that Huan Huan is invalid? She let go of Tian Xing’s hand herself…Why everyone in the world has to make Huan Huan happy?

While she screams, Huan Huan faints. But…did she really faint? Or she pretended to faint so that Tian Xing will not leave?

Tian Xing lets go of Tao Zi’s hand and he and Lance rushes to the hospital with Huan Huan. Later, when Huan Huan came to her senses, Tian Xing leaves. Huan Huan’s mother follows him. She insists that Tian Xing stay and save Huan Huan. She will give him everything. She will give back Oz and give Tian Ji to Tian Xing. But that’s not what Tian Xing wants…

Tian Xing:” All I want is to freely be with the one I love.”

On his way out of the hospital, Tian Xing received a phone call from butler Fu. He went to meet butler Fu. From butler Fu, Tian Xing found out that Huan Huan stopped her treatment and she stopped taking her pills. Butler Fu told Tian Xing that Huan Huan has a box full of pills hidden in her room.

Tian Xing goes furious to Huan Huan. Lance and his mother don’t understand what is going on and why is Tian Xing so angry. Tian Xing enters Huan Huan’s room and he asks her about the medicine.

Tian Xing :” Where is your medicine? Have you not been taking your medicine?”

Tian Xing found the box with Huan Huan medicine. He asks her if in order to marry him she stopped taking her medicine and also stopped her therapy. Huan Huan’s mother seems surprised.

Huan Huan begins to victimize herself, how hard is for her to be in a wheelchair, how she will stay in a wheelchair for the rest of her life just to have Tian Xing by her side. Then she threatens Tian Xing with killing herself if he will leave her.

Huan Huan:” If you insist on staying by Tao Le Si’s side, then brother Tian Xing, from now on, I, Li Huan Huan, will forever disappear from this world.”

Tian Xing tries to make Huan Huan understand how wrong she is, but Huan Huan’s mother blames Tian Xing for everything bad that happened in her family. Disappointed Tian Xing leaves.

Huan Huan’s mother:” Tian Xing, is this what you give in return to the Li family? Because of you, everything is falling apart, you know?”

Tao Zi goes home. Her parents and Miao Miao are waiting for her…and also for Tian Xing. Butler Fu called them and told them what happened at the airport. But Tao Zi comes home alone. Her father is disappointed. He was expecting Tian Xing to come with her, but Tian Xing left her alone at the airport. Tao Zi’s father needs to protect his daughter. So he tells Tao Zi to let go of Tian Xing, she is still young and she will finds another love.

Tao Zi’s father:” Let go of him!”

Tao Zi is hurt. She pretends to be strong, but she suffers. Miao Miao can see that Tao Zi is suffering and she tells Tao Zi’s father to let Tao Zi decide.

From outside, Tian Xing heard everything.

After all that happened, Tian Xing needs to think carefully what will he do next. He gets in the shower and thinks about all the things Huan Huan’s mother said to him.

In the morning, Tian Xing waits for Tao Zi in front of her house. She knows that he is hurt. She tells him that she will trust him no matter what he will do now. But Tian Xing doesn’t what Tao Zi to trust him.

Tian Xing:”No matter what I say or do this time…you shouldn’t trust me.”

Then Tian Xing leaves without looking back.

After telling Tao Zi to not trust him, Tian Xing went to Huan Huan’s house. He took Huan Huan out to try wedding dresses. Returned home, Tian Xing tells Lance and his mother that he decided to marry Huan Huan. Tian Xing wants the wedding in three days.

3 days? Isn’t it a little too fast? What is he planning?

Later, Tian Xing sends a text message to Tao Xi.

Tian Xing:”I’m going to marry Huan Huan.”

The same time butler Fu and Ting Wei meet. They are looking for someone secretly and doing something secretly. Lance finds out.

The day before the wedding, the people from Oz are filming the advertising with Huan Huan as lead. Suddenly Tian Xing comes. He is acting strange. He doesn’t like the lighting, even if it is the lighting that the client requested. He doesn’t like Huan Huan’s make-up. He doesn’t like anything.

Leo asks Tian Xing to talk to him.

Leo:”What are you planning?”

Leo can see through Tian Xing the most. They look alike and they both want to protect Tao Zi. Tian Xing needs to focus on his battle to be able to win. So Tian Xing leave Tao Zi in Leo’s care until he finishes the battle.

Tian Xing goes to Huan Huan’s house. There Huan Huan’s mother was waiting for him with 2 envelops. Huan Huan’s mother is giving Tian Xing Oz Advertising ownership and her shares from Tian Ji Advertising, which means that Tian Xing will be Tian Ji Advertising owner. Lance heard his mother conversation with Tian Xing. He is mad. His mother promised that she will give Tian Ji Advertising to him and now she is giving it to Tian Xing.

Lance goes out. He thinks about his mother and Tian Xing. He remembers that Tian Xing called him “partner” 2 days ago. Lance meets his assistant, the man he asked to follow Tian Xing. Lance assistant found the man Ting Wei and butler Fu are looking for. Lance calls Mr. Long.

The day of the wedding is finally here. The people from Oz came too. They are filming the wedding for the advertising they are using Huan Huan.

Tao Zi went to see Huan Huan before the wedding. She gives Huan Huan a rose and congratulates her, even if Tao Zi’s hart hurts.

Tao Zi:” From today on, after you’ve received everything that you wanted hopefully you can think about how you used to be. Please don’t hurt anymore people, especially Lu Tian Xing.”

Tian Xing and Huan Huan enter the church. The priest asks Tian Xing if he accepts to marry Huan Huan. He accepts. Then the priest asks Huan Huan if she accept Tian Xing as her husband. Before Huan Huan respond someone objects the wedding….It’s Lance!

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