“The Night Watchman ” ep 1~3 ~ The beginning!

The Night Watchman’s Journal is the new drama I’m watching. I wasn’t really impressed by the first 3 episodes, but I’ll give it another chance maybe it will be better.

This drama is about four night watchmen that patrol the streets of Joseon during night hours to protect the people from evil enemies like ghosts, monsters and supernatural forces. The four night watchmen are Lee Rin, Do Ha, Moo Seok and Jo Sang Heon.

Lee Rin is the royal prince of Joseon. After an incident in his childhood, the prince gains the ability to see ghosts. Growing up, Lee Rin becomes a night watchman just like his father was.

Do Ha is a girl from Ma Go tribe, whom are the protectors of Mt. Baek Du. She’s a warm and kind-hearted. Twelve years after her sister disappeared, Do Ha goes to Han Yang, the capital of Joseon, to search for the night watchmen.

Moo Seok is Lee Rin’s bodyguard. He was raised under strict education and martial arts training and became the best swordsman in Joseon. He is a cold hearted man of few words. Despite Moo Seok’s coldness, women are still attracted to him.

Jo Sang Heon is the head of nitgh watchmen crew. In the past he was King Hae Jong’s guard.



Jung Il Woo as Lee Rin

Go Sung Hee as Do Ha

Yunho as Moo Seok

Seo Ye Ji as Park Soo Ryeon

Yoon Tae Young as Jo Sang Heon

Kim Heung Soo as Prince Ki San

Kim Sung Oh as Sa Dam

Episode 1

In the first episode the palace is attacked by ghosts. The night watchmen were able to send the ghosts away, but in the fight prince Lee Rin was badly hurt. To save his son King Hae Jong and the night watchmen are going to look for Ma Go tribe.

Arrived at the Ma Go tribe, the king and his guards encounter the people from the tribe waiting for them. The Ma Go tribe knew that the king will come to them. They will give the king what he needs to save the young prince, but the king needs to help the tribe with something. The tribe shaman, Yeon Ha, was kidnapped by the men from the tribe that send the ghosts to the palace.

The leader of the Ma Go tribe gives the king a bow that is meant to be used only by royal blood. The bow will be helpful in the fight.

The king and his guards went to save the shaman from the Yong Shin tribe. The leader of the Yong Shin tribe, Sa Dam, is a psychic who worships a serpent monster in the heart of Mt. Baek Du. The serpent monster is a creature that starts out as a serpent and them becomes a dragon.

In the fight, where the king tried to save Yeon Ha, the serpent was awakened. The king killed Sa Dam.

The Ma Go tribe leader told the king to use the bow that she gave him to stop the serpent. The arrow has to hurt the serpent in a small upside down scale beneath its neck. The king hit the upside down scale, the serpents only weakness, and the serpent become a stone statue.

Episode 2

In episode 2, the king return Yeon Ha back to her tribe. The Ma Go tribe got their shaman back safely. Now Yeon Ha gave the king the flower that he needed for Lee Rin to recover.

Yeon Ha goes to the king’s tent. She hands the box with the flower to the king. The moment he opens the box something strange happened and the king changed. The king kisses Yeon Ha and at the same time the prince Lee Rin wakes up.

The king and his guards return home. They brought with them the statue of the serpent. The king insisted to have it in the palace basement.

In the morning, Rin runs happily to his father. But the king rejects him. He’s cold towards Rin and towards the queen.

At the Ma Go tribe, Yeon Ha is acting strange too. Do Ha asked her to pray together for Do Ha’s future, but Yeon Ha said that she can’t do that anymore. That she made a mistake and her prayers won’t work anymore. That night Yeon Ha is taken away by the Yong Shin tribe men. Sa Dam didn’t die. He was injured and he needed Yeon Han to heal him. Before the king saved her, Yeon Ha made a deal with Sa Dam.

The day of Lee Rin investiture as Crown Prince has come. The king wants Rin to show everyone that he is ready to be Crown Prince, to prove that he isn’t a child anymore. The king asks Rin to kill the bag that he was raising as his pet. When Rin refused, saying that he can’t kill his friend, the king took a sword and pointed towards the young prince. The queen and Rin’s eunuch tried to protect the prince by stopping the king. But the king went mad. That day the king killed Rin’s eunuch.

The ghost that possessed the king was send by Sa Dam and he tells the king to kill Rin, the queen and the queen mother. The king takes a sword and goes to Rin. The prince’s guards and servants try to protect them. But they weren’t able to do so.

Episode 3

Jo Sang Heon and his guards come. They know that the king is possessed by an evil spirit. They try to stop it and the king hurt Jo Sang Heon.

The queen took Rin to his room and told him to stay inside until she comes back. But the queen never returned. The king killed her. After killing the queen, the king entered Rin’s room. He was back to himself. The ghost was gone. But it was too late for the king, the queen mother called the prime ministers. That night the king and the queen died.

The prime minister, to protect his power, convinced the queen mother that they should name crown prince Ki San Gun. Prince Ki San Gun is Rin’s stepbrother. Ki San Gun is the son that the king had with a concubine. Then the prime minister killed all the men that could stop him, King Hae Jong’s men. With King Hae Jong’s men death nobody could help Rin.

The day Ki San Gun was named crown prince, Rin was send away from the palace.

Twelve years later, Rin has grown. He lives away from the palace. Every night Rin asks his servants to do all the things that can prevent the ghosts from coming inside.

One night, the two branches tied up were loosened. The branches fall down and three ghosts come inside. They entered Rin’s room. In the room Rin was burning pepper seeds. The three ghosts are a little girl, Rin’s eunuch that the king killed and Ddoong Jung Seung, one of King Hae Jong’s ministers. Even if Rin can see them, he still pretends that he can’t.

Minister Ddong:” Your Highness, you’ve grown up well.”

The next morning, when he was going out, Rin sees the three ghosts in front of his house. He pretends to not see them. He even wears sunglasses. Who would have thought that the rich people from Joseon era had sunglasses…

That day Rin went to a giseng house. But the giseng he wants to spend time with is hunted by a ghost. The ghost that hunts the giseng was in love with her when he was alive, but he never confessed his feeling. Now he doesn’t let anyone get close to the giseng. The ghost tries to kill Rin. Moo Seok is there too. He is Rin’s bodyguard and he has to protect Rin.

Do Ha left Ma Go tribe. She went searching for the night watchers. On her way to Han Yang, Do Ha sees a man attacked by three bandits. She tries to help him, but that man didn’t need any help. He is hiding his face.

After fighting with the three bandits, Do Ha follows the man to Han Yang. He helped Do Ha find a place to stay in Han Yang. The man that was hiding his face is Jo Sang Heon.

Ki San Gun is now the king of Joseon. He too can see ghosts like his father and younger brother. Because he can sleep, Ki San Gun asked for a Taoist priest. Every time he goes to bed, a ghost is trying to kill Ki San Gun. The Taoist priest that came to help Ki San Gun is Sa Dam….

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