Full House!

Finished my first Thai drama ☺ yeeeyyy for me☺☺☺!

If anyone else saw Full House Thai, please tell me your opinion.

Last week someone recommended me to watch Full House Thai. I thought to myself “why not” and I started it.

One of my first Korean dramas that I saw was Full House, Korean version and I really enjoyed it. This drama had romance, had comedy so was great to see.

Full House, Korean version, is about a young woman who lives alone after her parents died. Her best friend and the friend’s husband tricked her to go on a vacation for a few days in China. On the plane to China, Han Ji Eun, played by Song Hye Kyo, met Lee Young Jae, played by Rain, who was an actor. To be able to return to Korea Han Ji Eun has to borrow money from Lee Young Jae.

Returned to Korea, Ji Eun finds out that her friend sold her house. And the new owner of her house is Young Jae.

At some point Young Jae proposes Ji Eun a contract marriage for one year. During that year they fell in love with each other.

Now back to the Thai version. They’ve kept some parts and changed others.

In the Thai version Om Am, played by Aom Sucha, gets tricked by her sister or cousin (I didn’t really get who Oom was…☹) to go on a vacation in Korea. On the plain Om Am meet Mike,who is played by Mike Pirath Nitipaisankul, a singer who is always involved in scandals. To come back to Thai, Om Am borrows money from Mike. Back to Thai Om Am finds that Oom sold her house . The now owner is Mike. After one incident with Mintra and the media, Mike proposes to Om Am. He will pay Om Am to play the role of his wife for a while and after the divorce he will leave her the house. Om Am accepts, but they fall involve with each other.

What I didn’t really like is that in the Thai version they were passing to fast on some things. You can really know when Om Am and Mike fall in love. And also at some point it seems that the whole action of Full House Thai happens in the plain and in Korea. Like in this drama they were promoting Korea.

When they first met, in the plain, Om Am throws up on Mike’s shirt. But… Mike keeps touching it and smelling it…

At some parts they were focused too much on Om Am or Mike sitting somewhere, on Om Am or Mike taking picture. I would have preferred if they were more focused on the interactions between Om Am and Mike.

But…it’s a nice drama to watch… At first for me the language was a problem, but after the first episodes I got used to it.

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