“The Night Watchman ” ep 4 ~ Moo Seok:” Wait a moment, I will take you out.”

In this episode Rin and Moo Seok meet Do Ha.

The ghosts find that Rin can see them and keeps following him.

The king, at Sa Dam’s advice, wants to reopen a temple and he will put Rin in charge ir of. At first Rin doesn’t want it, but he sees the king surrounded by ghosts.

Episode 4

The ghost from the giseng house came to Lee Rin’s house. He wants to go inside, but he can’t. The three ghosts that follow Rin stop him. There barriers against ghosts all over Rin’s house. The ghost from the giseng house came to Rin’s house because he is sure that Rin can see him. Hearing that the three ghosts that follow Rin want to check if Rin can really see them and for that they came up with an idea.

Going outside, Rin hears the three ghosts talking about a place in the mountain where fairies came to take a bath. Happily, Rin goes to the place that the fairies will come down to take a bath. One fairy is taking a bath. He gets close and calls her. When the fairy turns to him, Rin is shocked and runs away. The fairy is eunuch Song.

Rin runs away through the market. Suddenly in front of him appeared Do Ha. They can’t go around each other and both of them fall down. Getting up in a hurry, Rin took Do Ha’s bracelet and forgot his identification card. Realizing that her bracelet is missing, Do Ha takes the identification card and goes to look for Rin.

Do Ha arrives in front of a house. She wants to get in to look for Rin, but the men from the gate stop her. She insists of going inside and look for the owner of the identification, but the man from the gate doesn’t let her. He pushes Do Ha. Seems that there will be a party and everyone from the high society is coming. Moo Seok arrived too. He sees the man from the gate pushing and wanting to hit Do Ha and goes there. Moo Seok stops that man from hitting Do Ha.

To escape from the man from the gate, Do Ha hides herself in a cage. Also, Rin, who is running away from the ghosts, hides himself in a cage. They both in the same cage. Rin thinks that the girl that is talking to him is a ghost so at first he ignores her.

Do Ha:” I’m not a ghost. I’m human. Here, touch me and see.”

Rin touches Do Ha’s head and gets scared. He runs away and without realizing he locks Do Ha is the cage. He goes inside the house.

A cage with a phoenix is brought. When they take the curtain off everyone is shocked. In that cage with the phoenix there is a girl. Moo Seok and Rin are surprised, but everyone there are having fun.

Moo Seok rises from his seat and goes to Do Ha to help her.

Moo Seok:” Wait a moment, I will take you out.”

But at the same time, Rin got up from his seat. He took a sword and got Do Ha out. Once she’s out, Do Ha throws Rin to the ground. All that happened to her is because he took her bracelet.

Lee Rin:”I’m afraid you don’t know…I’m telling you, I’m not someone you can just hurl down to the ground.”

Do Ha:” Then do you have specific people that you can hurl down to the ground in the world?”

The people that where having fun when Do Ha was inside that cage are angry now. How can she throw the prince on the ground and how can she talk to the prince like that? They want Do Ha arrested, but Moo Seok steps in. Moo Seok asked them how can they call themselves humans if they don’t have compassion. How are they different from beasts if they can’t understand others and they don’t have tolerance?”

When Rin is leaving, Do Ha runs after him. She asks for her bracelet. But Lee Rin, angry, tells her to prove that the bracelet is hers if she wants it.

Ki San Gun wants to reopen a temple as Sa Dam told him to. The prime minister agreed with it, but he has a condition…that the person in charge of the temple will be Rin.

Rin goes to the palace. He sees some ghosts going inside a room, calling for the king. He follows them. Lee Rin hears the king and Sa Dam talking about what they will do when the temple in opened.

Rin performs a ritual to make the king change his mind. He stays on his knees on a mattress at the palace. That night, the queen mother, Rin’s grandmother came to him. She told him to not add his presence to the king’s worries. The queen mother asks Rin to live his life as a dead person.

The next morning the king came to Rin. He is followed by the ghosts that Rin saw the other day. When the king asks him if he still sees ghosts, Rin remembers a day from their childhood and answers that he doesn’t see them anymore. When they were children, Rin told Ki San Gun that he can see dead people, but Ki San Gun didn’t believed him and he hit Rin.

When Rin asks the king to don’t make the temple and to not put him in change of it, the king tells Rin to give it a try.

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