“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 19 ~Tian Xing:” She…has nothing to do with me.”

It’s the day of the wedding. Everyone is in the church. Tian Xing and Huan Huan enter the church. The priest asks Tian Xing if he accepts Huan Huan as his wife. He accepts. Then the priest asks Huan Huan if she accepts Tian Xing as her husband. She wants to answer, but she can’t. Lance objects that wedding.

Lance is asking Tian Xing, in front of everyone in the church, why is he marrying Huan Huan suddenly. No matter what Lance and his mother did, Tian Xing still refused to marry Huan Huan, he even wanted to run away with Tao Zi, so Lance wants to know why the sudden change of heart. Is it because of the shares from Tian Ji Advertising that Huan Huan will receive the day of the wedding? That is what Lance fears the most. With that shares, Tian Xing will become the major shareholder of Tian Ji Advertising.

Before the wedding ceremony, Tao Zi told Huan Huan that no matter who Tian Xing will marry, in his heart will always be Tao Zi. And the necklace she is wearing is the proof of that. Huan Huan told Lance that. And now Lance asked Tian Xing about it in front of everyone.

Tian Xing:” She…has nothing to do with me.”

At Lance’s request, Tian Xing goes to Tao Zi and looking into her eyes he tells her that they don’t have any relationship from not on and that he asks her to stop mentioning their past together after the ceremony. Then Tian Xing takes Tao Zi’s necklace from her neck and then he opens her bracelet. Tian Xing throws the necklace and the bracelet on the floor and then turns his back to Tao Zi.

Everyone is surprised by Tian Xing’s actions. No one understands what he is doing. Not even butler Fu knows what Tian Xing plans to do. The only one who isn’t surprised is Huan Huan. She is in seventh haven from happiness. But will Huan Huan’s happiness last? Will she be happy? No matter how hurt Tao Zi is now, something tells me that Huan Huan will suffer even more…

The wedding goes on. Huan Huan and her mother are extremely happy. Tao Zi is crying and Lance leaves, angry.

At the party Tian Xing and Lance are talking. Lance’s mother sees them and she goes there. She doesn’t want Lance to question Tian Xing as he did in the church. She asked them what they were talking about.

Lance:”We’re talking about your retirement.”

Huan Huan is entering. Tian Xing goes to her. He sees some important businessmen and tells Huan Huan that he needs to talk to them. Huan Huan want to touch Tian Xing’s hand, but he takes his hand away. Upset, Huan Huan goes to where Tao Zi was. She asks Tao Zi to stop meeting Tian Xing, even if they need to talk about Oz Advertising. Huan Huan threatens Tao Zi with the smile on her face. Then Huan Huan approaches Leo, Jia Gai Xian, Tian Wei, Miao Miao and Helen. She wants them to congratulate her.

Miao Miao:” I could congratulate you…if you think what you’ve got is true happiness.”

After receiving her forced congratulations from Ting Wei and Helen, Huan Huan calls Tian Xing over. She doesn’t pay attention and she falls down from her wheelchair. Jia Gai Xian starts laughing and filming Huan Huan.

After the wedding Tao Zi and everyone from her team went back to Oz Advertising. They need to choose the scene they will use for the commercial. Jia Gai Xian sees Tao Zi getting sad after seeing a scene with Tian Xing and Huan Huan from the wedding and proposes for everyone to go have some fun. Ting Wei and Miao Miao joins him in convincing Tao Zi.

Tao Zi gets up from her seat, she approaches Ting Wei and Miao Miao. Tao Zi sends Ting Wei and Miao Miao to have a date. Then she sends Helen and Jia Gai Xian to spend some time together. Leo has to choose the scene. And Tao Zi goes home. She doesn’t seem affected by the wedding. She eat, talk and smiles with her parents.

Even when her father said that Huan Huan will come and cause trouble at their house because she will not be happ after forcing Tian Xing to marry her, Tao Zi said that what Huan Huan will do has nothing to do with her. And she can’t change the fact that Tian Xing married Huan Huan.

In the evening, everyone is having dinner, except Lance. He doesn’t eat, he just drinks. Suddenly, Lance gets up and leaves. Tian Xing follows him to the bar. He gets close to Lance and asks him if he knows what his mother said when she prepared to give Huan Huan her shares. Lance said word by word his mother’s sentences. Tian Xing knows that Lance heard the conversation Tian Xing and Lance’s mother had before the wedding. Then Tian Xing remembers Lance how their relationship was before the wedding.

Tian Xing” I was your money tree.”

Tian Xing was Lance’s financial resource. Now everything is changed. Now Tian Xing has not just his shares, but he also has Huan Huan’s shares. He tells Lance that he will be Tian Ji Advertising boss.

Tian Xing and Lance are at the same bar where Lance told Tian Xing to stop dreaming. Now Tian Xing gives him an answer. Tian Xing stopped dreaming about having a happy life with Tao Zi, he will take Lance’s place as owner of Tian Ji Advertising. Both Lance and Tian Xing have similar number of shares at Tian Ji Advertising. But Huan Huan has her mother’s 30% shares and she can do with that what she wants. Both Lance and Tian Xing know that Huan Huan will not think twice and she will give those shares to Tian Xing.

Why is Tian Xing provoking Lance? Does he expect Lance to do some stupid think…like he did when he paid someone to burn Oz Advertising…? Or is Tian Xing trying to divide them? He can’t fight Lance, Huan Huan and their mother so he is trying to make them fight against each other?

Drunk and furious Lance arrives home. He screams for his mother and Huan Huan to come to the living room. Huan Huan and her mother try to calm Lance down, but they can’t. Lance told her mother that he heard what she said to Tian Xing about him. Lance feels like his mother loves Tian Xing more then she loves him.

Lance asks Huan Huan to give him the shares that she got from their mother as wedding gift. Huan Huan hesitates and her mother is surprised. Neither of them wants to give the shares to Lance. They must be sure that Tian Xing married Huan Huan for those shares. Will Tian Xing leave Huan Huan if she doesn’t have them?

Later butler Fu waits for Tian Xing in front of the house and tells him what happened. Lance asking Huan Huan shares was what Tian Xing expected Lance do to.

The next day, Lance called for a shareholders meeting. They need to choose the new chairman. Both Tian Xing and Lance vote for themselves. The decisive vote belongs to Huan Huan or her mother. Who will they choose? Lance forces Huan Huan and his mother to choose one? Is it Lance or is it Tian Xing?

Lance:” You can take love that doesn’t even belong to you, but you don’t understand something as simple as this?”

Lance has spend his entire life protecting Huan Huan and giving her everything she wanted. But now when he begs her to vote for him she just hesitates and says that she doesn’t understand what he wants from her. He feels like Huan Huan has to get everything she wants, but his needs and his feeling aren’t important.

Lance:”At least we proved something during this meeting. I’m not your son and I’m not your brother.”

That night, Tian Xing, Huan Huan and her mother are having dinner. Lance arrived home. He is still angry with them. He doesn’t want to eat with them.

Huan Huan stops him from going to his room. She tells him that even if she will not give him her shares, he shouldn’t think that she or their mother don’t love him. He shouldn’t expect Huan Huan or their mother to do everything he wants.

Hearing that Lance looks into Huan Huan’s eyes and asks her what right does she have in that house to tell him that when she made a fuss that she wanted to marry Tian Xing, when she refused to eat and wanted to remain cripple for her entire life just to force a man that doesn’t love her to marry her.

Lance:” Even a cripple knows how to get mad!”

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