“Wonderful Days” ep 45~Dong Hui:” I want you to meet my mother tomorrow.”

In this episode Dong Hui proposes to Ma Ri for the second time. Young Chun finds a new job and moves out from the house.

Tae Seop gets the shock of his live when he finds out that So Shim wants to divorce him.

Episode 45

Arrived home, So Shim gives her bag to Hae Won and goes inside. Hae Won sees an envelope in the bag and takes it out. She looks inside the envelope…inside Hae Won found divorce papers. So Shim plans to divorce Kang Tae Seop. Remembering the papers, So Shim comes out and takes the envelope from Hae Won.

The whole family is happy that their hero is back home and that he is safe. The whole family thinks that Tae Seop is a hero for saving Dong Seok’s life even after Dong Seok kicked him out. They still don’t know the reason Dong Seok kicked Tae Seop out of the house.

The only one that has a sad face is Hae Won. Tae Seop scolds Hae Won and accuses her that she is sad because he is fine and back to the house. Everyone is on Tae Seop’s side…But the reason Hae Won is sad this time is So Shim and Tae Seop’s divorce.

Later, Hae Won waits for Dong Seok in front of the house and tells him that his mother will divorce his father. Dong Seok knew that his mother saw a lawyer, but he didn’t know why. Back inside the house, Dong Seok and Hae Won have a talk with So Shim. She tries to explain her reason for the divorce to them, but they can’t really understand So Shim saying that she is tired to be someone’s mother, someone’s daughter-in-law or someone’s wife.

After making such big fuss when Dong Hui wanted to leave the house with Young Chun because she can’t live without him, now So Shim leave’s Dong Hui because she is tired? Of course her family can’t understand her…

Young Chun moved out of the house. Dong Seok helped her find an apartment and Hae Won helped her find a job. Wanting to see how Young Chun is doing, Dong Hui takes Dong Won and Dong Ju and spy Young Chun every day without her knowing. One day, they didn’t see Young Chun. Dong Hui believed that it must be Young Chun’s day off so he wants to leave, even if Dong Won and Dong Ju wanted some shaved ice. Suddenly, Young Chun comes in and sees them. She is happy that Dong Hui and the twins came to see her so she is treating them with shaved ice.

When Dong Hui, Dong Won and Dong Ju were eating their shaved ice, Dong Seok came. He too came every day to see Young Chun. Dong Seok even brought Young Chun cold medicine because he saw her coughing.

Hae Won thinks that if she pretends to fight with Dong Soek, if Dong Hui starts fighting again with everyone and if Tae Seop won’t act like a mature person then So Shim will not ask for divorce anymore. So when So Shim tries to teach her to cook, Hae Won pretends that she doesn’t understand, she doesn’t pay attention to what So Shim is telling her. Suddenly Mi Suk and Myeong Ran enter happily. They’ve prepared a surprise for So Shim, new beddings and new pajamas for So Shim and Tae Seop. Seems like Ssang Ho, Myeong Ran and Ki Suk believe that is the day Tae Seop will move to So Shim’s room.

Happy, Tae Seop goes home. He calls for So Shim. She invites him to her room. Tae Seop is happy. He believes that from now on he and So Shim will be again a married couple. But his happiness doesn’t last. So Shim invited him to her room just to give him the divorce papers.

Dong Tak is filming. He invited Mul and Hae Ju to go with him. He can work and spent time with his family the same time. Mul is happy. He takes pictures and posted them on his blog. But the director from that movie invited a special guest. The special guest is Mul’s biological mother, Jo Su Ji. Dong Tak tried to hide it from Mul and Hae Ju. He doesn’t want to hurt them. But Jo Won couldn’t keep his mouth and told them.

The same time Dong Hui is inviting Ma Ri to meet his family. He proposed to her for the second time.

Ma Ri:”Did you just propose to me? That was the second time. The third time, you have to marry me, okay?”

Dong Hui:” I want you to meet my mother tomorrow.”

While he was working, Dong Seok received a phone call from his coworker saying that his mother came to see him again. Dong Soek rushes over and finds So Shim sitting on the stairs. He takes her to his office and asks So Shim to tell him the reason why she wants so bad to divorce. Before she never could leave Dong Ok behind, but now she insists on doing it.

Usually in drama when someone insists so much on leaving their loved one is because that person is sick and will die soon…

At the camping site, Dong Tak is supposed to have dinner with the filming director. There is a party for director’s birthday. Mul encountered his friend there and wanted to have dinner with him. Left alone, Hae Ju drinks. She is upset. She thinks that Mul went to see his birth mother, Jo Su Ji. She is jealous of Dong Tak going to the same party with Jo Su Ji.

Suddenly Dong Tak appears next to her. He takes her to their tent. There Jo Won and Mul were getting dinner ready. That is the first time Mul went camping with Hae Ju so he wanted to have dinner with her. Dong Tak also missed the party. He wants to be with his family.

Woo Jin came to see Dong Ok at her work place. They are eating cakes and having fun.

Woo Jin:” I love you, Dong Ok!”

While Woo Jin and Dong Ok where having fun, someone calls Woo Jin. He needs to leave now.

Later, when she went home, Dong Ok saw Mi Suk’s sister arguing with Woo Jin’s mother, who came to take Woo Jin’s belongings. Again, Woo Jin’s mother is trying to separate them. When Dong Ok got close, Woo Jin’s mother vents her anger on Dong Ok. From the car Dong Seok and So Shim saw everything. Dong Seok wanted to go and protect his sister, but So Shim stopped him.

Hearing from Mi Suk’s sister what is going on, Hae Won came to defend Dong Ok. Tae Seop came too. But when Hae Won and Tae Seop were defending Dong Ok, So Shim stopped them. She told Hae Won that she shouldn’t intervene into Dong Ok’s problems until she is sure that she will live longer that Dong Ok and she will protect Dong Ok all her life.

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