“The Night Watchman ” ep 5~ Rin:”It doesn’t feel that pleasant being held by a man’s hand.”

In this episode Do Ha and Sa Dam are accepted as Taoist priests. Moo Seok becomes Rin’s bodyguard.

Rin is found in the palace garden and the king keeps him in the palace.

Episode 5

Lee Rin came to the clinic because his head hurts. He’s been thinking all night how he can avoid the job that the king gave him. The king wants to put Rin in charge of the new temple he plans to reopen, a temple that was closed many years ago.

At the clinic, Rin meets Park Soo Ryun, the daughter of Prime Minister Park. Since childhood, Soo Ryun has made her mind in becoming Rin’s wife. She gave him some tea and his headache in gone.

While Rin and Soo Ryun talk, Rin hears a familiar voice. It’s Do Ha’s voice.

Do Ha:” He’s so rude and arrogant.”

He goes to Do Ha. The moment she saw him, Do Ha asks him again to return her bracelet. But Rin vents his anger on her. He tells her that it’s a crime to look him into the eyes and it’s a crime to question him, because he is from a noble family.

When he heard that Do Ha is getting ready for the Taoist temple’s test, Rin told her to give it up, because when the ones that give the test will find out that she doesn’t have the power of seeing spirit they will kill her. But Moo Seok came. Again Moo Seok defended Do Ha. He came because the king made him Rin’s bodyguard.

Jo Sang Hun in making swords. Mr. Chun comes to him with drinks, but Sang Hun doesn’t drink. That is the day his guards were killed, many years ago. Mr. Chun wants Sang Hun to forget what happened and start living his life. Sang Hun said that he will think about forgetting when his scar will disappear. The night Rin’s father and mother died, Rin’s father, who was possessed, stabbed Sang Hun. At that moment Sang Hun was the king’s trusted guard. At that moment Sang Hun and his guards where night watchmen.

Mr. Chun followed Sang Hun out, when Sang Hun went to practice with his sword. Do Ha saw Mr. Chun and came to him. Because it’s his first time seeing Do Ha with her hair released, Mr. Chun got scared. That night Do Ha took a shower because the next day it’s the day of the Taoist temple test. Mr. Chun told Do Ha that she doesn’t have to take a shower the night before an exam, because she will fail it.

Do Ha:” Then, did you fail every time because you showered?”

The day of the test has come. Do Ha goes to the temple. Sa Dam also went. When he sees Do Ha , Sa Dam looks strangely at her. Does he know that Do Ha is Yeon Ha’s sister? Or he intends to sacrifice Do Ha the same why he did with Yeon Ha?

The head of the Taoist temple come before the ones that will take the test. When she looks at him, Do Ha is surprised. She can’t believe her eyes. The Taoist temple head is the man that took her bracelet, Lee Rin.

The day he went to the clinic, Rin found out from Soo Ryun that there is a man who is suffering from headaches and no medicine made him feel better. So the test that Rin is giving to the once that want to became Taoist priests is to cure that patient.

Sa Dam and Do Ha enter the room where the patient is. It’s their turn to try and cure him. When they enter, they both see a ghost, a woman that was piercing with needles the patient’s head. They go out. Hearing noise, Rin comes to see what happened.

When Rin asked them what are they doing to a sick person, Sa Dam said that he should arrest and investigate the sick man. He isn’t sick, he is a murderer. Rin didn’t believe them, even when Do Ha described the dead woman’s clothes. Wanting to leave, Rin sees the ghost of the murdered woman. He recognized her. The dead woman was a court lady. She was the court lady that told him to take care of him the day he was send away from the palace.

Rin, Moo Seok, Do Ha, Sa Dam and the guards went to the forest. The guards dig and found a coffin. The body was court lady Kim’s. She was murdered and her ghost was piercing with needles the head of her murderer. When Rin asked the killer who ordered him to kill court lady Kim, Sa Dam made the ghost kill the murderer.

Rin failed Do Ha. She will not work for the Taoist temple. But why did he fail her? She proved that she has special powers… Is Rin trying to protect Do Ha? After all he heard Ki San Gun and Sa Dam talking and he knows what they intend to do…

That night Do Ha is upset. She doesn’t leave her room. Suddenly she wants to go out. A man came for her and she leaves with him. The same time, Sa Dam told the king about what happened that day at the test. He also told the king that Rin failed Do Ha.

Rin is walking around a garden in the palace. The king and Moo Seok came and heard Rin calling court lady Kim. When the king pointed the sword at Rin, Sa Dam brought Do Ha. The man that went for Do Ha was Sa Dam’s man. He needs Do Ha to release the serpent, like he needed Yeon Ha years ago.

When Rin sees Do Ha, he gets on his knees and tells the king that he called court lady Kim’s name because that garden is full with memories of his mother. And thinking at his mother, made him remember court lady Kim. The king doesn’t believe him and wants to kill Rin. But Moo Seok jumps in and saves Rin. Then the king orders Moo Seok to send Rin to his room. The king wants Rin in the palace.

Rin:”It doesn’t feel that pleasant being held by a man’s hand.”

Leaving, Sa Dam follows Do Ha with a strange look in his eyes. He knows that Do Ha is the shaman of Ma Go tribe and he asks the Dragon God to wake up. Sa Dan wants to do something to Do Ha. He takes out something. But he can’t. An eunuch stops him.

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