“Wonderful Days” ep 46~Dong Seok:”I will file your divorce lawsuit.”

In this episode Dong Seok and Hae Won begin to understand So Shim. Dong Seok will help his mother divorce Tae Seop.

Dong Hui tells So Shim that he will bring his girlfriend to meet the family, but after finding out about the divorce he doesn’t bring her anymore.

Episode 46

When she sees Hae Won defending Dong Ok in front of Woo Jin’s mother, So Shim gets out of the car and comes close. So Shim starts scolding Hae Won for defending Dong Ok. She tells Hae Won that she should protect Dong Ok only if she is sure that she will live longer that Dong Ok. Everyone is surprised by So Shim’s reaction. So Shim always told her children to protect one another, and especially to protect Dong Ok. But now she tells them to let Dong Ok protect herself.

Hae Won tries to make Dong Ok feel better, but she can’t. Dong Ok may be a little slow, but she understands how things are. That night Dong Ok went to spend the night at Young Chun’s house.

Tae Seop follows So Shim and angry he tells her that even if she acts like that he will still not accept divorcing her. Also Tae Seop calls Woo Jin to tell him what his mother did to Dong Ok. Then Tae Seop look into So Shim’s eyes and told her that he may not live longer than Dong Ok, but as long as he breaths he will protect his daughter.

Myeong Ran heard Tae Seop yelling at So Shim about the divorce and went to tell Ssang Ho. Ssang Shik and Mi Suk also found out about So Shim and Tae Seop’s divorce. The whole family makes a big fuss about So Shim and Tae Seop divorcing.

For some the family’s reaction about So Shim divorcing Tae Seop may be overreacted or selfish, but in some cultures being divorced is a big deal. The society looks at the divorced person differently…. But well…the family, specially the uncles Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik seems to be dependent of So Shim …

I still thing that she has another reason for wanting to leave the family. Maybe So Shim wants the family to go on without her. Something is strange with her, like she is preparing things, like she will not be there for long. She is always holding her handkerchief. That is a sign of anxiety. Also she is always drooping of the body, which is a sign of sadness. And So Shim avoids eye contact and she is blinking a lot, which means she is lying. She is acting like she is preparing her family for her departure…

Now let’s be honest! If So Shim wanted a divorce, she would have divorced Tae Seop a long time ago. After all Tae Seop left his family for 30 years…

So Shim being tired of taking care of things around the house is just an excuse. She has 3 daughter-in-laws, including Kim Ma Ri, and Myeong Ran is living in the same house as her. If she is tired she doesn’t have to do anything now, she can just rest around the house. She’s been working so hard to raise Dong Tak, Dong Seok, Dong Ok, Dong Hui and also her grandchildren Mul, Dong Won and Dong Ju. She also raised Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik and took care of her father-in-law…. So of course she would want to rest, but her reactions and her sudden change of heard of wanting to leave her family and her sudden wanting to let Dong Ok take care of herself, doesn’t say that she wants to rest because she is tired….

Dong Hui and Ma Ri are shopping. Ma Ri is buying presents for Dong Hui’s parents. The next day he is introducing her to his family.

Ma Ri is so happy that she is telling everyone that what she buys is for her parents-in-law.

At home, Dong Hui enters So Shim’s room.

Dong Hui:” Mom, I’m bringing a girl home tomorrow.”

In the morning, So Shim went to bring Dong Ok home from Young Chun’s house. Dong Ok pretends to be asleep. She told Young Chun what happened the night before. She told Young Chun that her mother scolded her and scolded Hae Won for defending her. Young Chun asks So Shim why she did that and So Shim answers Young Chun that Dong Ok doesn’t need to hide behind her family. That Dong Ok is smarter that Dong Seok and she can take care of herself.

Finding out about So Shim wanting to divorce, Dong Tak and Hae Ju rushed home. They went to So Shim’s house to ask her and Tae Seop what happened. Dong Tak scolded Dong Seok for not telling him about what going on in the family since he is the eldest son. Dong Hui heard the screams and surprised comes out.

So Shim tries to explain them why she suddenly wants a divorce. She said that she doesn’t want to be their mother anymore, she wants to be herself and to do the things that she wants and could do before. They can’t understand her and Tae Seop can’t give her the divorce.

Dong Tak:” Are you leaving because you hate us?”

Dong Hui:” You can stay with us and do what you want.”

Back to his house Dong Tak gets scolded again by Hae Ju’s mother for not being a successful actor. She wants Dong Tak and Hae Ju to divorce. Dong Tak tries to keep his clam, but he is sensible to the word “divorce” and he scream at his mother-in-law for the first time. Dong Tak tells his mother-in-law that if she hates him so much he will leave her house with his family, but he will not divorce.

Dong Seok came to the coffee shop were Young Chun is working. He is taking his coffee every morning from her and it gives him the chance to see her too. Dong Hui came furious too. He asked for a big glass of water with lots of ice. Dong Hui drink the glass of water in a hurry , went for another one and when he returned to the table Dong Hui asks Dong Seok to explain him what their mother meant by divorcing and leaving them.

When he leaves, Dong Hui asks Dong Seok to stop So Shim from leaving the house, even if he has to use the law to force her.

Dong Hui:” If you stop mom’s divorce, if you keep her from leaving, I’ll respect you as my big brother.”

Shocked by the news of So Shim’s divorce, Young Chun realizes why So Shim wanted her out of the house suddenly. At first Young Chun doesn’t understand why So Shim wants a divorce so suddenly, after all that she suffered. She doesn’t understand why So Shim wants to leave now when only good thinks waits for her.

Dong Seok:” What kind of person is my mother? I’m her son, but I know nothing about her.”

After knowing from Tae Seop that his mother come and insulted Dong Ok, Woo Jin went to apologize to her. But he doesn’t seem to find the proper words to apologize. But suddenly Woo Jin’s mother entered Dong Ok’s office. She came to talk to Dong Ok. Woo Jin doesn’t want to let his mother talk to Dong Ok. He knows that his mother will hurt Dong Ok again.

Woo Jin:” Unless you want to lose your son, leave!”

When she sees Woo Jin defending her, Dong Ok remembers her mother’s words. She remembers her mother saying that she isn’t a stupid girl that needs to be protected, she is smart and capable to protect herself. So when Woo Jin grabbed his mother’s hand and tried to drag her out, while screaming at her, Dong Ok stopped him saying that she needs to say something to his mother.

Dong Ok:” I like Dr. Woo Jin very much. So I want to keep seeing him.”

After his conversation with Dong Soek and Young Chun, Dong Hui went to Ma Ri’s house. She doesn’t know what happened in Dong Hui’s family and she’s really excited about meeting them. She wears Korean traditional clothes, hanbok, so that Dong Hui won’t get mad at her for wearing short skirts. But Dong Hui doesn’t pay any attention to Ma Ri. He thinks about So Shim’s words.

Mul came to see Dong Ju and Dong Won. When Hae Won brings them shacks the children ask her if it is true that So Shim and Tae Seop are getting divorced. Hae Won answered the children that So Shim asked for a divorce, but the family is trying to change her mind. Mul doesn’t understand why the family wants to change So Shim’s mind. If it is to hart for her, they should let her go.

Mul:” Can’t you just leave her alone? I think grandmother’s had enough.”

The children start talking about their mother who left them, because it was too hard for them to take care of their children and the family. Hearing Mul, Dong Won and Dong Ju talking Hae Won realized that So Shim didn’t raised just her grandchildren, she also raised Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik, she took care of her father-in-law, she raised alone her children and she also raised her and Hae Ju.

Mul:” That must be why people call her Buddha.”

Dong Won:”No, she’s human. She’s not Buddha.”

Hearing Dong Won saying that his grandmother isn’t Buddha, she is just another human, Hae Won realizes how hard was for So Shim to take care of everyone. She now understands why So Shim wants to divorce and why she wants to leave the house. She is tired to be someone’s wife, someone’s mother, someone’s grandmother or someone’s daughter-in-law, for the days she has left from her live, she just want to live her life as the person Jang So Shim.

At home, the women, So Shim, Hae Won, Myeong Ran and Mi Suk are preparing the dinner. They still wait for Dong Hui to bring his girlfriend at dinner. But suddenly they hear Tae Seop screaming.

When he arrived home, Dong Seok went into Tae Seop’s room and asked him to sign the divorce papers. That morning, Young Chun must have helped Dong Seok understand his mother, understand why So Shim wants to leave and wants to divorce, just like Mul, Dong Won and Dong Ju made Hae Won understand So Shim.

Dong Tak and Hae Ju came. They are moving in with So Shim. They say that So Shim can’t leave the house until she will see Dong Tak as the no. 1 son, like she sees Dong Seok, and until So Shim sees Dong Tak becoming a successful actor. Also So Shim can’t leave until she loves Mul and San as much as she loves Dong Won and Dong Ju and until she looks at Hae Ju with the same love she looks at Hae Won.

Dong Hui came home without Ma Ri. He will not let his mother leave the house. For that Dong Hui will make sure that So Shim will keep worrying for him.

Seeing his brothers acting like that, Dong Seok jumps in to help his mother.

Dong Seok:”Father’s being very stubborn, and he won’t agree to the divorce. I will file your divorce lawsuit.”

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