“Wonderful Days” ep 47~Tae Seop:”Bring me the divorce papers.”

In this episode Dong Tak received the opportunity to film alongside the main actor in a commercial.

Tae Seop wants to leave the house to let So Shim stay with the family. To stop him from leaving, So Shim tells Tae Seop the reason she wants to divorce. Tae Seop agrees with the divorce.

Episode 47

Dong Tak and Dong Hui arrived home saying that they will make their mother worry so that she will not divorce and leave them. For that Dong Tak is even moving back to his parent’s house. Knowing that his mother took that decision after thinking carefully, Dong Seok sided with her.

Dong Seok:”I will handle your divorce lawsuit.”

Everyone is surprised by what Dong Seok said, even So Shim and Hae Won. He tells Hae Won to take So Shim to her room to rest and he stayed with his brothers who vent their anger on him. Even Tae Seop wants to hit Dong Seok for agreeing with So Shim’s divorce.

Dong Seok went to So Shim’s room and tells her that he will not help her because he understands her, but he is helping her because he knows that she thought carefully before taking that decision.

Dong Tak and Hae Ju went to Tae Seop’s room. They think about what they could do to stop So Shim. They think about getting a loan and pay a top lawyer or pay so the divorce will not happen. But they realize that nothing will work because of Tae Seop’s past. Any judge will agree with So Shim’s divorce after finding out that Tae Seop left his family for many years and he also had an affair.

…Baby San is a really cute kid!!…

Hae Ju’s mother comes home. The lights are off. She calls for Hae Ju, but no one answers. She goes into the kitchen. There she found Mul with Dong Won and Dong Ju. They were cooking for her. Dong Tak, Hae Ju and San moved in with So Shim to try and stop her divorce.

Hae Ju’s mother starts to scream. Dong Won and Dong Ju are scared. They say she is mean and talk bad about her. Even if he agrees with them, Mul fights with Dong Won and Dong Ju in order to defend his grandmother. For Mul no matter how mean she is, she is still his grandmother and he doesn’t want people to badmouth her. Scared Dong Won and Dong Ju left home. They are upset with Mul.

Dong Won:” Don’t call me anymore.”

Dong Ju:”Don’t call me either.”

Mul remained home with his grandmother. He is scared of her, but he can’t leave. If he leaves with Dong Won and Dong Ju it will mean that the twins were right to say that his grandmother is an evil person. Hae Ju’s mother feels bad seeing Mul crying.

The night she said to Woo Jin’s mother that she likes him and she will keep seeing him, Dong Ok met Woo Jin in the park. They are on a date. They have fun. They play with small fireworks…

Woo Jin:” I love you, Dong Ok!”

For the second time Woo Jin told Dong Ok that he loves her. His mother tried to make his give up on Dong Ok. She was saying that he might regret his decision to have a love relationship with Dong Ok. But Woo Jin is sure that he may regret his decision to be in a relationship with Dong Ok, but he is sure that if he gives up on Dong Ok now he will regret that even more.

Woo Jin:” Promise me you won’t freak out.”

After Dong Ok promised she will not freak out, Woo Jin kisses her.

Since Dong Hui broke his promise to introduce Ma Ri to his family, Ma Ri is out eating chicken and drinking beer. She is sad and disappointed. Dong Hui knew that she might feel bad and come to her. He looks at her through the restaurant’s window.

Dong Hui calls her. He is asking if she is drinking and eating alone. Ma Ri lies, saying that she is having fun with others teachers. When Dong Hui tells her that she might have to wait a long time before meeting his family because he told his mother that he will not do anything to make her happy, Ma Ri told him that she has to think if she can wait so much.

In the morning Dong Seok is eating breakfast. He needs to go to work soon. Dong Tak stops Dong Seok from eating by taking his spoon and his chopsticks. Dong Tak can’t understand how Dong Seok can eat after going against the whole family and accepted to let go of So Shim. To avoid fighting with his older brother, Dong Seok leaves for work without finishing his breakfast. Dong Tak wants to follow Dong Seok out, but he can’t. Angry on Dong Tak for how he treated Dong Seok, Hae Won tripped Dong Tak.

In front of the house, Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik were waiting for Dong Seok. They, too, are angry because Dong Seok agreed to help So Shim divorce. Dong Seok wants to pass through Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik, but they go after him. Ssang Shik hits Dong Seok. Upset, Dong Seok asks his uncles for who’s benefit are they objecting So Shim’s divorce. Dong Seok makes Ssang Shik understand that if they want So Shim’s well being they should let her do what she wants, even if that means to let divorce and leave the house.

Dong Tak is working as an extra again. The filming started. Even if he has problems at home, Dong Tak is a professional and he does his work perfectly. When the director sees Dong Tak acting, he asks Dong Tak to move to the table were the main actors were. Filming the part with the main actors, Dong Tak did a great job and the director asked him to give him some lines.

Dong Tak gives an audition there. The director liked him so much that he asked Dong Tak to say the same lines with the lead actor.

Dong Hui didn’t sleep at home that night. He doesn’t eat. He just works. Dong Soek came to see Dong Hui, but Dong Hui refuses to talk to him. Dong Seok came because he wants Dong Hui to convince him not to help So Shim.

At home, Tae Seop is with Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik. They think about what Dong Seok asked Ssang Shik that morning, for whom are they objecting that divorce. Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik, during the conversation realizes that they were actually objecting So Shim’s departure for themselves. Ssang Ho, Ssang Shik and the rest of the family can live without Tae Seop, but they can’t live without So Shim.

Later, Tae Seop went to Dong Seok’s office. He tells Dong Seok that he doesn’t have nowhere to go and no one that wants to take him in so even if So Shim divorces him, he can leave the house. Dong Seok’s answer was that if Tae Seop agrees with giving So Shim the divorce, he and Hae Won will take care of Tae Seop.

Young Chun came to visit the family. She tries to understand why So Shim wants to leave her family now when only good thinks awaits for her.

After thinking about what Dong Seok said to him, Tae Seop decided what to do. Tae Seop will leave the house and let So Shim stay with the family, but he will not give her the divorce. He goes to his room to pack. So Shim follows him and tells him that he must stay and enjoy the live with his children and grandchildren. She already enjoyed that live and now she wants to give that present to Tae Seop too.

Dong Seok arrives home. He encounters Dong Hui in front of the house. They both go inside. When Dong Seok and Dong Hui entered, Young Chun was leaving. Young Chun told Dong Hui and Dong Seok that So Shim isn’t human and she will never come back to that house. Then Young Chun leaves the house upset. Dong Hui follows her.

Tae Seop comes out and tells Dong Seok to bring him the divorce papers.

Tae Seop:”Bring me the divorce papers. I’ll sign them right now.”

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