“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 20 ~Final episode!

This is the last episode of Fall in love with me.

Lance and Huan Huan realized their mistakes. Lance leave for America. Huan Huan decided to divorce Tian Xing and let him be happy with Tao Zi. She also found her love and began to walk again. Leo and Huan Huan fall in love with each other.

Tian Wei proposed to Miao Miao. Jia Gai Xian and Helen are still dating.

Everyone leaves happily ever after….

Episode 20

Arived home, drunk, Lance fights with his mother and his sister. He remembers his mother that Tian Xing is from the Lu family, not the Li family and he, Lance is the head of the Li family. So if his mother wants Lance to provide for her she should know who’s side to take. And if she doesn’t agree with his, she should leave the house.

Lance mother leaves. She sits on a bench, crying. Suddenly someone stops in front of her. It’s Tao Zi. She came to make Huan Huan’s mother feel better. The moment Huan Huan’s mother sees Tao Zi, she vents her anger on Tao Zi. She said that all her problems are because of Tao Zi, that Lance and Huan Huan aren’t happy because of Tao Zi. Lance ‘s mother even said that Tao Zi shouldn’t have existed. But Tao Zi doesn’t defend herself, she lets Huan Huan’s mother to scream and scold her.

Honestly now, who will let someone treat her like that and accept it???? Tao Zi’s character is worse than the main characters in South American’s telenovelas… Only there the main character is so goooooood that makes you wonder if she is good or really stupid….

Tao Zi takes Huan Huan’s mother to her house to calm her down. Tt Tao Zi’s house, butler Fu and Tao Zi’s parents were getting ready to have dinner. Huan Huan’s mother is impressed by the way Tao Zi and her family received her, after how she treated Tao Zi. She is also impressed by the way they interact to each other, like a normal family. Returning home, Huan Huan’s mother starts wandering if the was Lance is acting isn’t her fault.

Huan Huan is at Oz Advertising. They need to finish choosing the scenes for the commercial. But Huan Huan can’t concentrate. All she does is thinking about the problems she has at home. Suddenly Lance calls her and tells her that they need to talk and make up after the fight they had the day before. Lance sends his assistant, Dale to pick up Huan Huan.

Tao Zi and Leo have the feeling that something is wrong and call Tian Xing to tell him that Lance took Huan Huan. Worried that Lance could hurt Huan Huan, Tian Xing tries to call Huan Huan. But Huan Huan’s phone is turned off. Lance convinced his sister to turn off her phone and to give it to him.

Lance took Huan Huan to a deserted place, up on some stares so she won’t be able to leave. They fight. Lance wants Huan Huan’s shares from Tian Ji Advertising. But Huan Huan doesn’t want to give her shares to anyone. She knows that if she gives her shares to Tian Xing, he will leave her, and if she gives her shares to Lance, he will throw out his mother, because he hates her. Lance can’t understand why Huan Huan got what she wanted, but he can’t. She did everything she wanted, she hurt other people just to marry Tian Xing, a man that didn’t love her, just because she wanted to. And what Lance wants is Tian Ji Advertising. For that he needs the shares Huan Huan got from their mother. Because Huan Huan doesn’t want to give him the shares, Lance leaves Huan Huan there and goes. Scared, Huan Huna calls him to take her, to not let her there, but he doesn’t come back.

Huan Huan and Lance were thought that they can have everything they want and they have to do whatever they want to get it. So both of them acted that way… Huan Huan’s mother shouldn’t cry and blame Tao Zi for the misery in her family. Her children turned that way because she made them like that….

Leo and Tao Zi went to Tian Ji. They’ve met Dale and asked him where Huan Huan is. They’ve threatened Dale that Huan Huan can sue him when she is found, she will not sue her own brother. So to not pay for Lance’s doing, Dale tells Leo and Toa Zi where Huan Huan is. They hurried to take Huan Huan home.

When she saw Leo and Tao Zi, Huan Huan wated to come down, but she fell from her wheelchair. Tao Zi runs to catch her and they both fell. Feeling save, Huan Huan starts crying and asking why her own brother wants to hurt her.

Leo:”Huan Huan, I think that all of this started with the day that you and Lu Tian Xing got married.”

Huan Huan:”I lost my family because I received love.”

Leo, Tao Zi and Tian Xing brought Huan Huan home to her mother. Tian Xing, Huan Huan and her mother will stay at Xiao Lu’s place.

Huan Huan blames herself for the way Lance is acting. If she wouldn’t have insisted so much to marry Tian Xing, then Lance wouldn’t have turned out like this. Also Huan Huan’s mother believes that the was Lance is acting is her fault, not Huan Huan’s. After the time she spend at Tao Zi’s place, with Tao Zi’s parents, Huan Huan’s mother realized that if she would have been like Tao Zi’s parents and if she have known when to stop her daughter’s stubbornness, then Lance wouldn’t have turned out like that.

Meanwhile, Lance was at a bar, drinking alone. A text came. The next day there will be a shareholders meeting at Tian Ji Advertising.

In the morning, Lance arrives at Tian Ji for the shareholders meeting. He believes that Tian Xing, Huan Huan and his mother joint forces to throw him away from Tian Ji. So he asks them why did they bother call him when they already made the decision.

Tian Xing gets up from his sit, goes next to Lance and tells him what the decision is. Huan Huan, her mother and Tian Xing signed the papers in which they give their shares from Tian Ji to Lance. They’ve made Lance the chairman of Tian Ji Advertising.

Lance:” Tian Xing, you’ve made them act in this “drama” to try and move me, right? Or did you want to see me lose all of my dignity?”

Lance tears up the documents and leaves the room. He goes to a bar and drink. Then he leaves the bar. He stops in a park, on a bench. He is crying in the rain….

The next day, Lance came home, went straight into his room and packed his luggage and left without saying a word to Huan Huan or his mother. He refuses to talk to them.

Lance is at the airport. Suddenly Tian Xing calls his name. Huan Huan and her mother came too. The three of them came to asks Lance to stay. But he needs to leave…at least for some time. They say their goodbye. Lance asks Tian Xing to take care of his sister and his mother until he comes back. Then Lance leaves…

Tian Xing brought Huan Huan to Oz Advertising. They’ve came to bring Tao Zi the prize Oz won for the last commercial they’ve filmed. But Huan Huan is changed. She isn’t the Huan Huan she was after the accident.

Huan Huan takes Tao Zi’s hand and puts it into Tian Xing’s hand. Then she takes of her wedding ring and gives it to Tao Zi.

Huan Huan:” I lost.”

Huan Huan decided to divorce Tian Xing and let him be happy with Tao Zi, the woman he loves. Everyone is both happy and surprised. They didn’t expect that from Huan Huan, but everyone is happy with Huan Huan’s decision. She realized that forcing Tian Xing to marry her was a mistake. Marrying Huan Huan was Tian Xing’s present for Huan Huan. Divorcing Tian Xing is Huan Huan’s present to Tian Xing.

Huan Huan goes out. She wants to let Tian Xing and Tao Zi together. Leo acompany Huan Huan. He teaches Huan Huan to enjoy little things in life, like looking at a bird nest or hearing the birds sing.

Huna Huan decided to restart her treatment.

Ting Wei proposed to Miao Miao. Jia Gai Xian is still dating Helen. Huan Huan is in a relationship with…Leo. And Tian Xing and Tao Zi are getting married.

Huan Huan came to Tian Xing and Toa Zi’s wedding. She can walk now. She’s been on treatment in America and she’s better now.

After the wedding, Helen, Miao Miao and Tao Zi are waiting for Tian Xing, Ting Wei and Jia Gai Xian. Tao Zi and Tian Xing need to leave for their honeymoon. But when they came it wasn’t Tian Xing that get out from the car, it was….Xiao Lu.

And they’ve lived happily ever after.

The end!

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2 Responses to “Fall in Love With Me ” ep 20 ~Final episode!

  1. curlynoona says:

    …whut…? Thanks for recapping it, I was afraid to watch it, and I think I was right because that’s kinda..Huan Huan and Leo? Ok sure.

    • lemonmirae says:

      Thanks for reading 🙂 glad you like it! yes, it seems like Huan Huan and Leo ended up together… at first, in the first episodes i kind had the impression that they will develop some kind of a relationship, but with passing episodes they didn’t so i thought that i was wrong…but at the end they just….said well. ..we’re together…..

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