“The Night Watchman ” ep 6~ Rin:” Do you like me?”

In this episode, Rin is accused for cursing the king. When an assassin comes to kill him, Rin runs away. Arrived in the mountains, hurt, Rin falls over a cliff. Do Ha helps Rin and brings him to her room.

Episode 6

Rin is confined to the palace. At the king’s order, Moo Seok is in charge to guard him so that Rin will not run away. Lee Rin is accused of practicing magic and cursing the king.

The three ghosts are waiting for Rin in front of his house. They believe that he spend the night with a woman. Suddenly Do Ha comes. She came to Rin’s house to get her bracelet. But she can’t enter. The guards have come to search Rin’s house.

Do Ha can see ghosts, so she can see and talk with eunuch Song, Prime Minister Ddoong and Rang Yi. She tells them that Rin is hold in the palace. Eunuch Song and Prime Minister Ddong know that Rin will be fine if the guards won’t find anything in his house. But the guards found something, they found a doll and Do Ha’s bracelet.

Hearing what is happening to Rin, Soo Ryun runs to his house to see if he is alright. When Soo Ryun wants to enter Rin’s house, the guards are about to arrest her too because they have orders to arrest anyone that are connected to Rin. Being there with the three ghosts, Do Ha goes and helps Soo Ryun.

When Soo Ryun asked Do Ha why she was at Rin’s house, Do Ha answered that she went to get her bracelet. Not understanding the meaning of her bracelet, Soo Ryun scolds Do Ha and gives Do Ha her ring to buy herself more bracelets. Feeling humiliated, Do Ha wants to explain Soo Ryun the meaning of her bracelet, but Soo Ryun doesn’t listen and leaves.

Rin came out of his room. He wants to walk around the palace. But he can’t. Moo Seok is always one step behind. Moo Seok follows Rin everywhere.

Rin:” Do you like me?”

Rin asks Moo Seok to leave him for a while, or at least to stay far away from him so that he can think. But Moo Seok can’t do that. The king ordered him to follow Rin so closely that Rin won’t be able to think about anything.

Suddenly the guards appear. They enter the room Rin is staying and they start searching. Moo Seok tells Rin that he is accused of cursing the king. The guards found evidence.

Back to Rin’s room, Moo Seok brought the evidence that the guards found at Rin’s house. Rin tries to convince Moo Seok that he was framed, but cold Moo Seok doesn’t believe him. Moo Seok believes only in the things he can see and now in Moo Seok’s eyes Rin is guilty.

Do Ha needs money to pay for her room and the food she is eating. She walks around the market. She sees some money on the road and picks them up. Do Ha is happy, she found money. A man comes to her and slaps her. He accused Do Ha for stealing his money. She tries to defend herself, but the man keeps calling her a thief. The people gathered.

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While Do Ha and that man were fighting, Mo Seok appeared. He picked the money and smiled. Moo Seok looked at the man and said that he should be the one that has to be arrested, that money are counterfeit.

Later Moo Seok brought some medicine for Do Ha. After giving her the medicine he wants to leave. But Do Ha stops him. She saw that he has a wound on his hand. Do Ha takes Moo Seok’s hand into her hand and puts medicine on his wound. Moo Seok seems to be touched, exited. He even slimes. But when Do Ha raises her head and their eye meet, Moo Seok draws his hand and returns at his cold self.

In the night, Rin wakes up. He feels that someone is coming to his room. It’s an assassin. He tries to defend himself. Two guards come to help him. But the assassin kills the guards.

What kind of guards are those? Shouldn’t they be trained for years and be great soldiers? If they’re not how can they protect the royal family? Even Rin defends himself better, using a fan….

Lee Rin defends himself with his fan. But he is hurts. He falls down. The assassin is about to kill him. With the sword towards him, Rin remembers the night from his childhood when his father wanted to kill him. When the assassin was about to kill him other guards come. They run after the assassin. Rin takes advantage of that situation and runs away. He arrives in the forest. He is hurt and about to faint. He fells over a cliff.

Do Ha remembers that she didn’t return Soo Ryun the ring. So she goes to Soo Ryun’s house. When she gets there, Do Ha sees Soo Ryun running away and follows her. The two of them saw the guards running all over the town looking for Rin. Soo Ryun entered somewhere. It’s the place where Do Ha was in the day she ended up in a cage.

Do Ha gets lost. She is caught in the middle of the ginsengs. That day the nobles come again to see or buy the goods imported from China. When Do Ha’s eyes meets the eyes of the lady in charge of the goods, there is a strange feeling between the two of them. Is that lady Yeon Ha?

The two men that were scolded by Moo Seok after Rin released Do Ha from the cage, few days before, are here too. They recognize Do Ha and decide to humiliate her.

Humiliated and crying Do Ha leaves. On her way out she meets Soo Ryun. She takes Soo Ryun’s hand and returns the ring.

Do Ha:”Even if you give me ten of these, I can’t buy even one of my sister’s bracelet.”

Minister Ddoong, eunuch Song and Rang Yi found Rin who fall over a cliff. They want to help him, but they can’t. Rang Yi goes down and stays with Rin until help comes, minster Ddoong looks over them from above and eunuch Song went in town to look for help. Since he is a ghost no one can hear or see eunuch Song. He falls down crying. Suddenly he sees Do Ha. She was going home after being humiliated.

Do Ha arrives at the cliff and helps Rin get up. But where could he go. No one will go against the king and help him. No one except Do Ha, she takes Rin to her room. She asks him if she wants something to eat. But Rin vents his anger on her. He just wants to sleep and forget everything. Then Do Ha gives him medicine for his wound. When Rin hears that the medicine is from Moo Seok he gets angry and throws the bottle. Then Rin kicks Do Ha out of her room. She goes out. She is frustrated. Jo Sang Hun sees her and asks her what happened.

Jo Sang Hun:” What’s the matter?

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