“Wonderful Days” ep 48~Dong Hui:” I thought I was dying.”

In this episode, Dong Hui gets back together with Ma Ri. So Shim and Tae Seop leaves the house.

Episode 48

After Tae Seop announced that he will leave the house so that So Shim could stay, So Shim followed him to his room and told him the reason she wants to divorce and leave the house. She wants to leave the house because she is extremely happy with her family, she is happy that she have her children, Dong Tak, Dong Seok and Dong Ok, she is happy that she has a younger sister like Young Chun who gave her Dong Hui, she is happy with Ssang Ho and Ssang Shim and she was happy meeting her father-in-law. So now so Shim wants to let Tae Seop have that happiness.

Hae Won, Hae Ju and Young Chun heard what So Shim told Tae Seop and they can’t understand her. Young Chun leave disappointed. On her way out she meets Dong Seok and Dong Hui. She tells them that she will never come again to that house and also she told them that their mother isn’t human. She leaves. Dong Hui follows Young Chun to find out what happened. But Young Chun doesn’t tell him. So Dong Hui, together with Ssang Shik who he met in front of the house return home to see what happened.

Tae Seop came out of his room and told Dong Seok to bring him the divorce papers. He will sign them right away. The whole family gather in the living room. Tae Seop tells them what So Shim said. He also added that So Shim will not leave the house. Tae Seop wants to divorce and leave the house. He can’t let So Shim sacrifice herself again for him.

Hae Ju dragged Dong Tak out so he won’t fight with Dong Seok letting their mother leave the house. Dong Tak returns and he is looking for Dong Soek. He wants to go to his mother’s room and take Dong Seok out. But Dong Hui stops him. Dong Hui understood that if their mother wants to leave they should let her leave. Because Dong Hui defends Dong Seok, Dong Tak gets upset. Hae Ju takes Dong Tak home to her mother’s house.

Meantime Dong Seok and Hae Won were with So Shim in her room. Dong Seok brought So Shim the divorce papers. Hae Won wants to stop So Shim from divorcing and leaving again.

In the middle of the night, Dong Won wakes up. He goes out and sees his grandfather. Tae Seop decided to leave the house so that So Shim will stay with her family. And he is leaving in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping. He hugs Dong Won and leaves.

Returned to his room, Dong Won wakes Dong Hui up and tells him that Tae Seop is leaving the house.

Dong Hui follows Tae Seop the whole day. He doesn’t let Tae Seop out of his sight. But Tae Seop is feeling guilty. He tries to sneak out when Dong Hui is talking on the phone with Hae Won. Dong Hui turned in time and caught him.

So that Dong Hui will let him leave, Tae Seop told Dong Hui that it was him the one that introduced Han Bin to Young Chun.

At home, So Shim packs her staff. She wants to move with Young Chun until the divorce is over. Hae Won took her luggage and also Dong Tak tries to stop her. Hae Ju hides So Shim’s shoes so that she won’t leave. Dong Seok came home. He will help his mother go. He tries to take his mother’s luggage from Hae Won, but in the fight the bag falls. From So Shim’s bag got out her precious things, letters from her children, Dong Tak’s poster, drawing from Dong Hui and Dong Ok and Dong Soek’s certificate from a prize he won.

A month later, Hae Won is helping Dong Won and Dong Ju with their homework. She is doing magic for them for a long time. Because she spends too much time helping Dogn Won and Dong Ju, Hae Won forgot about the laundry and burned them. Since she is in charge of the house now, Myeong Nan and Mi Suk tells Hae Won all the things that happened with, the things that they can’t say to each other. Dong Hui calls Hae Won to ask her to help Dong Won and Dong Ju with their homework, to feed them and to not let Dong Ju get a perm. Tired, Hae Won screams at Dong Hui to get married. She remembers Dong Hui that she is Dong Won and Dong Ju’s aunt, not their mother. Dong Ok brags to Hae Won how good she is now to defend herself.

Dong Hui went to buy chicken. There he met Ma Ri. She comes to him and she asks him why didn’t he call for a whole month. Before Dong Hui could answer, the waiter come with Dong Hui’s order and asks Dong Hui if Ma Ri is the girl he was waiting for everyday at the chicken store. They go to the park and talk.

Dong Hui was waiting for Ma Ri to call him. The last time they’ve talked she said that she needs to think if she still wants to be with him. Because he didn’t call that month, Ma Ri went on blind dates, she believed that Dong Hui and her broke up. They make up.

Dong Hui:” I thought I was dying.”

Woo Jin wants to buy presents for Dong Ok’s family. Because he needs help he asked Dong Won and Dong Ju to come to his place. Also he asks Dong Won and Dong Ju to tell Dong Hui how good he treats them. He seems to be still scared of Dong Hui.

After the twins left, Woo Jin calls Dong Ok. She was thinking about the nurse that looked down on her because she is Woo Jin’s girlfriend.

Dong Tak is famous now. A camera crew came to his house to film him and his family. At first Hae Ju’s mother didn’t want to be in the clip, but when Mul said that Dong Won and Dong Ju will tease him if she isn’t she changed her mind.

Dong Seok is meeting Hae Won at the restaurant were Young Chun is working. Hae Won fall sleep. He gets close to her and asks her where is she. In her sleep Hae Won is on a trip, but not with Dong Seok. Hae Won was talking in her sleep. Hearing that Hae Won wasn’t dreaming about him, Dong Seok got jealous and woke her up.

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