“Wonderful Days” ep 49~Hae Won:”This isn’t a dream?”

Dong Hui introduced Ma Ri to So Shim and Young Chun. Dong Seok and Hae Won went on their honeymoon.

So Shim left the house and she is leaving with Young Chun, while going to school. Guilty that So Shim left the house because of him, Tae Seop also left and he leaves on his own close by.

Episode 49

After the divorce, So Shim moved with Young Chun and she is going to school. One day So Shim called Dong Seok to bring her some patches. She hurt her ankle while trying to avoid a ball.

Tae Seop also moved away from the house. Hae Won is taking care of him.

Meanwhile Dong Tak and Hae Ju are with Dong Ok. She made a dress for Hae Ju. Seeing how talented Dong Ok is, Dong Tak begins to cry. He was worried that Dong Ok will need someone to take care of her forever, but looking at her now, he realized that Dong Ok can take care of herself. But when Dong Tak was having an emotional moment with Dong Ok she received a phone call. It was Woo Jin. After the phone call Dong Ok just left Dong Tak and Hae Ju and rushed out to meet Woo Jin. Jealous, Dong Tak and Hae Ju follow Dong Ok. She is happy, eating ice cream, on her date with Woo Jin. Hae Ju is happy for Dong Ok, but Dong Tak is acting like a jealous father when his daughter gets a boyfriend.

Dong Hui is dragging Ma Ri to introduce her to his mothers. Ma Ri doesn’t want to. She isn’t dressed the way she should be when she has to meet her future mother-in-law. But in the end she accepted to go.

At their house, Young Chun and So Shim are in bed. They are ready to sleep. It’s the middle of the night. Suddenly they hear Dong Hui at the door. Young Chun and So Shim met Ma Ri. The look at Ma Ri and the outfit she is wearing seems familiar to both of them. Ma Ri is wearing So Shim’s clothes. Ma Ri was sorry to appear in front of Young Chun and So Shim in shorts and t-shirt so she took So Shim’s clothes wire laundry.

While Dong Hui is studying, Dong Won is pretending to sleep. A text came for Dong Won. Tae Seop is at the door and he sends Dong Won a text to know if Dong Hui is home. When Dong Hui leaves, Dong Won calls Tae Seop and tells him.

Tae Seop is waiting for Dong Hui in front of Mi Suk and Ssang Shik’s store. He borrowed some money from Dong Hui and now is using that money as a excuse to see him. After he found out that Tae Seop introduced Han Bin to Young Chun, Dong Hui is upset with Tae Seop. He refuses to see or speak with his father. Not knowing the reason why Dong Hui is upset, both Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik come to defend Tae Seop. They scold and hit Dong Hui. Seeing that his uncles are scolding and hitting Dong Hui, Dong Tak came to defend his younger brother. Even after being scolded and hit, Dong Hui doesn’t accept Tae Seop and leaves. Left alone with Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik and his eldest son Dong Tak, Tae Seop tells them the reason why Dong Hui is upset with him. He tells them that he introduced Han Bin to Young Chun and also that he took and lost the money he received for Dong Ok’s accident when she was little.

Since he heard Hae Won saying that she was dreaming about being on a trip with another man, Dong Seok took a vacation. Now Dong Seok and Hae Won are getting ready to go on their honeymoon. Even if she is all excited, at first Hae Won pretends that it’s nothing, a trip like any other trip.

When they leave, Dong Seok and Hae Won found Ssang Ho, Ssang Shik and Dong Tak in front of the store. They were sad. It was after Tae Seop told them what he did. All three of them feel sorry for how they treated Dong Hui that morning and also they feel sorry for how they treated Dong Seok when he kick his father out to take care of Young Chun.

Now that all the family knows the truth, Dong Tak went to see Young Chun and apologize to her on behalf of his father. Hae Won went to praise Dong Hui that he grew up. Even after finding out the truth, Dong Hui didn’t start a scandal, he went to work, studied and took care of Dong Won and Dong Ju. On the other hand Dong Seok went to see how his father is. Dong Seok took Tae Seop to eat, but Tae Seop fell.

Home, Hae Won is listening to music sad. Mul, Dong Ju and Dong Won are around her. They tell her what presents they want when she returns. But Hae Won won’t be able to bring them anything. She isn’t going on her trip. Since Tae Seop fell and hurt himself, Dong Seok and Hae Won postponed their trip. And Dong Seok is bringing Tae Seop to their house.

The next morning, Dong Hui reads a note in which Dong Seok was asking him to take care of Tae Seop. While Dong Hui was reading that note, Dong Won come saying that Tae Seop needs help to go to the bathroom. Dong Hui refused to help him and then his phone ringed. It was Young Chun. She called to say to Dong Hui that Tae Seop didn’t know what kind of man Han Bin was when he introduced Han Bin to Young Chun.

Dong Seok left the note for Dong Hui because he took sleeping Hae Won to a trip. When Hae Won woke up she believed that she is dreaming. But she realized that she isn’t when Dong Seok pinched her.

Dong Seok:”It’s not a dream.”

Hae Won:”This isn’t a dream?”

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