“The Night Watchman ” ep 7~ Do Ha:” That is my room.”

Rin helped Do Ha escape from Sa Dam and both of them found the secret room of the night watchmen. From that room Rin took the Night Watchmen’s Journal.

Episode 7

Because Rin was able to run away from the palace where he was being hold a hostage, Moo Seok was fired. Now Moo Seok is practicing with the bow and arrow. While Moo Seok is practicing, the king ordered everyone to look for Rin.

The soldiers have arrived to the Inn where Do Ha is staying. Rin wanted to leave, but when Do Ha saw the soldiers enter, she took Rin and they both hide. The soldiers called the owner and searched around. The owner told the soldiers that everyone that comes to his Inn is suspicious. He pointed at Jo Seung Hun, at Mr Chun , at everyone that were there. The soldiers left without seeing Rin. He is safe for now…And so is Do Ha and the people from the Inn. Everyone that will help Rin is considered accomplice and will be in danger.

After the soldiers left, Rin leaves too. Do Ha follows him. She is worried. Rin is hurt and everyone is looking for him.

Rin:” I’ve been still all this time, because I wanted to live.”

Do Ha and Rin went to a mountain and raised a kite. Doing that, Rin send a message to his grandmother, the Queen Dowager. At the palace, one lady in waiting entered the Queen Dowager’s room and told her. She realized that the kite was a message from Rin. In that message Rin was telling his grandmother where he is.

The same time Sa Dam was playing with the king’s mind, using Queen Dowager. Insecure of his position, because deep inside he knows that Rin is the real king, Ki San Gun went crazy. Sa Dam made him believe that Queen Dowager hided something from him and gave it to Rin.

When Queen Dowager was leaving the palace to go and meet Rin, Ki San Gun appeared in front of her. He is drunk and doesn’t think clear. He pushes the Queen Dowager down. When the lady’s in waiting try to help the Queen Dowager to get up, the king killed one of them.

Rin waited the whole night, awake, for the Queen Dowager. Now he is disappointed, because she didn’t come. But Rin doesn’t know what happened when the Queen Dowager wanted to came to him. He doesn’t know that if the Queen Dowager would have still come, even after her encounter with Ki San Gun, then she would have been followed and Rin would be found by the king’s men.

In the morning, Do Ha and Rin return to the town. Suddenly Do Ha sees Sa Dam’s man. She wants to go to him so that he will send her to Sa Dam. She needs to find her sister. Knowing that she might be in danger, Rin stopped her and dragged her away from there.

Angry, Do Ha stops and crying she screams at Rin because he intervened again in her business.

Do Ha:” Because I walk around smiling even though I’m not treated like a human, do you think I have no feelings?”

Rin:” Have you ever thought about the reason why I interfered with each and every think?”

Rin tells Do Ha that he intervened because he believes that she will be in danger if she will be involved with Sa Dam. Rin gives Do Ha her bracelet and tells her that they both should take care of their own business, without interfering with each other.

Leaving Do Ha behind, Rin goes to Soo Ryun’s house. He needs to talk to her father, the prime minister. With Soo Ryun’s help, Rin arrives to the prime minister. But when Soo Ryun went to tell her father that Rin came, she heard her father talking to someone. The man that was with the prime minister is the assassin that triad to kill Rin at the palace. Hearing her father and that man talking, Soo Ryun goes back to Rin, without talking to her father. She takes Rin out of her house and tells him to leave or her and her family with be in danger.

Soo Ryun:” Hurry and leave please!”

The prime minister was the last person that could help Rin..or at least that is what Rin believes.. And now even the prime minister can’t help him.

Walking around the towns market, Jo Seung Hun sees a drawing with Rin’s face. He remembers the prince Rin as the scared child from the night his father wanted to kill him.

In the night Rin goes to his house. But he can’t go near it. The king’s guards are there… The three ghosts, eunuch Song, minister Ddoong and Rang Yi are there. They tell him to leave, there is not safe for him to be.The same time Do Ha is with Sa Dam…She didn’t listen to Rin and went to Sa Dam…

Moo Seok is in the king’s room. The king wants Moo Seok to get close to Rin and tell him all the movements Rin does. When he was leaving, Moo Seok saw Do Ha with Sa Dam.

Moo Soek:” This isn’t right. His majesty should not get blinded by religion anymore.”

Back to the king’s room, Moo Seok realized that the king isn’t well. He called for a physician. The medic told Moo Seok that the king “fainted because of sudden loss of spirit.”

Worried for Do Ha, after hearing that she followed Sa Dam’s man, Rin went to the palace.

Walking ahead of Sa Dam, Do Ha knows that something isn’t right. But is too late! Sa Dam did something to her. A strange smoke appeared and Do Ha fainted for a while.

Do Ha managed to get away from Sa Dam. She runs away. She is followed by Sa Dam’s man. Suddenly Do Ha is pulled by someone. It’s… Rin. He came in time to save her. Sa Dam’s man passed them. They can come out and leave. But they are stopped. Moo Seok saw them and he has a royal order to capture Rin. Sa Dam’s man appears again. Moo Seok fights him and tells Do Ha and Rin to leave.

Moo Seok:” Get out of the way quickly.”

Rin and Do Ha run away. They fall into a canal.

Rin:” Are you alright?”

He scolds Do Ha for following Sa Dam’s man even when Rin told her to not go with that man. She tells them that they are the same so he shouldn’t stay still either. She needs to know what happened to her sister no matter what will happen to her in the process. The canal Rin and Do Ha fall in is a secret passage. They light a candle and walk through the canal. Because in every canal you can find a candle when you need it…..

Rin and Do Ha found a secret room. It’s the room of the night watchmen. Do Ha’s bracelet strats moving on her own. Rin wants to go close to Do Ha and see what is going on, but he steps on a book. He picks the book and he see that it’s not a book. It’s the night watchman’s journal.

Out of the night watchman’s room, Do Ha and Rin are back to the place where Sa Dam’s man attacked them. They found Moo Seok on the floor, hurt….

Do Ha, Moo Seok and Rin are back to the Inn. Rin and Do Ha took Moo Seok with them. Rin goes up to Do Ha’s room saying that from now that is his room.

Do Ha:” That is my room.”

In the room, Rin takes out the night watchman’s journal. He starts reading it.

The same time Sa Dam found the Dragon God. He says a spell to wake him up, but he can’t. When the king shot the arrow to the serpent scale, he hurt him too much. Now Sa Dam needs to fill the town with ghosts so that the serpent will heal from their energy.

At the inn, Moo Seok is looking around. He is close to Rin as the king ordered him to be. Jo Seung Hun enters. Their eyes meet.

Do Ha knocks on Rin’s door. He was reading the night watchmen’s journal. He hides the journal and goes out to Do Ha.

Did Jo Seung Hun saw his face? Did he realize that the man from Do Ha’s room is the prince?

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