“Love Myself or You? ” ep1~ Kai Qi:” You’ve never seen a woman before?”

WARNING!!!!!! If you watch “ Love myself or you”….you will get hungry and will leave your mouth water!

Love myself or you is a drama about Du Kai Qi, a woman used to be alone and handle her problems alone, and Fu Zi Jie, an over friendly man.

Du Kai Qi loves comics and good food. She is an independent single woman who works as a sous chef at a French restaurant. When Kai Qi was about to achieve her career aspirations and earn more money her rival Cheng Le Xuan fights back. The executive chef Ji Yong Qian also starts creating problems for Kai Qi because she rejected him. When Kai Qi believed that her life won’t get more bad that this, an unassuming man Fu Zi Jie moves in next door to her. Fu Zi Jie and Du Kai Qi start fighting over unimportant staff, but never crossed his mind that Kai Qi is the girl he met when he was younger.

Zi Jie comes to Figaro Cuisine as the new employee and everyone mistakes him as an intern. But they don’t know that Zi Jie is the son of the owner and also he was trained as chef in France.

Kai Qi admires “Chef Louis” even if she never met him. Searching for cooking ingredients, Kai Qi almost finds out the chef Louis is Zi Jie.

Will Fu Zi Jie be able to change Du Kai Qi from “liking being a loner” to “liking being with someone”?


Guo Xue Fu as Du Kai Qi 杜凱琪

Liu Yi Hao as Louis Fu / Fu Zi Jie 傅子杰

Lene Lai as Cheng Le Xuan 程樂瑄

Jian Hong Lin as Cheng Hao Wei 程浩威

Lee Shiau Shiang as Ji Yong Qian 紀永謙

Ba Yu as Lin Bao Zhu 林寶珠

Episode 1

The story begins with Kai Qi eating at a restaurant. She enjoys the food. All three courses are appealing and tasty. The chef makes bold combinations and he always signs his name on the plates…”Louis.

Kai Qi asked the waiter if she can meet the chef. He agreed to meet her. But when he arrived at her table, she was gone. Kai Qi received a phone call and left in a rush because she found out that something happened to her mother.

Arrived at the place where her mother was working, Kai Qi found her mother hurt. Kai Qi’s father came and hit her mother.

At home, Zi Jie cooked for his family. His parents are delighted. Zi Jie’s father opened a restaurant and he wants Zi Jie to take over the restaurant. Zi Jie returned from France where he studied French cuisine. But Zi Jie doesn’t want to take over his father restaurant. He wants his brother to take over the family business.

After his father and mother insisted, Zi Jie accepted to work at his father’s restaurant as an intern for just one month. He will also rent an apartment and live from his paycheck as an intern.

The next morning Kai Qi heads to the restaurant she is working, Figaro Cuisine. That day Kai Qi will participate in a competition. She and her rival will have a test. The winner of the test will become chef.

In front of the restaurant Kai Qi met Ji Yong Qian. He is the executive chief at the restaurant. He believes that he is great. He stops Kai Qi and tells her that he will give her the honor of becoming his wife, because he is at the age of getting married and have children. Kai Qi rejects him and goes inside.

The competition started. Both competitors have an hour. Kai Qi hurt her hand the day before, but she still does her best.

While the competition is in progress, Zi Jie arrived. Before entering the restaurant, Zi Jie remembers his old nanny and his nanny’s daughter, Kai Qi. Arrived inside, Fu Zi Jie met Ji Young Qian. Nobody knows who Zi Jie is and Zi Jie introduced himself as Ah Jie. He goes to the kitchen and sees Kai Qi and Le Xuan cooking. Le Xuan is smiling while she works and she treats her co-workers well. On the other hand…Kai Qi is cold and she is scolding her co-workers.

To be fair with the competition, Ji Yong Qian lets Ah Jie be the judge. The moment he sees the plates, Zi Jie noticed that Kai Qi’s plating looks like his. He sits and tastes the souses and the food from both plates. Le Xuan won. She is the new sous chef.

Kai Qi:” Who the hell are you?”

Because she lost, Kai Qi goes crazy. She grabs Ah Jie’s collar and asks him who he is and why does he dares to judge her food.

Hearing Le Xuan calling Kai Qi’s full name, Du Kai Qi, Zi Jie wonders if the girl that lost the competition isn’t his nanny’s daughter. He follows her.

Kai Qi went to change her clothes. Zi Jie comes up, but he can’t see Kai Qi. He hears her voice telling someone to hand her blouse. He wants to give the blouse to her, but she takes the curtain away and appears in front of him.

Kai Qi:” You’ve never seen a woman before?”

He asks her what happened to her hand, but Kai Qi said is none of his business and leaves.

Zi Jie keeps following Kai Qi. That night she met a friend. They went drinking. Zi Jie hears Kai Qi and her friend talking about the executive chef who messed with her plate and that is why her food didn’t taste as good as it should. At some point Kai Qi’s friend has to leave, but Kai Qi stays there. She keeps drinking until she got drunk. Zi Jie seems worried. She is about to fall from her seat. Zi Jie hurries to her and catches her. After talking nonsense for a while, Kai Qi fell asleep in Zi Jie’s arms.

Zi Jie carries Kai Qi home on his back. When they get up from the elevator a child runs to them. The little boy grabs Kai Qi’s leg and calls her “mom”.

Little boy:”Mom, where did you go?”

The little boy’s name is Xiao Yi. After Xiao Yi’s grandmother took him, Kai Qi woke up. She is still drunk. She believes that Zi Jie followed her home and she pushes him to the elevator to leave. From the elevator, Zi Jie said that he also leave in that building.

Zi Jie:” I live here!”

Kai Qi goes home. Xiao Yi’s grandmother opens the door for Kai Qi, she is Kai Qi’s mother. Kai Qi is Xiao Yi’s aunt.

In the morning, when Kai Qi woke up she saw her mother at her house, but she is more shocked when she sees Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi is Kai Qi’s sister’s son. Kai Qi’s sister died and the boy was raised by his father. Now XiaoYi’s father doesn’t want to take care of him anymore so he brought the boy to his grandmother. After their parent’s divorce, Kai Qi remained with her mother and her sister Kai Hui remained with her father. Kai Hui felt abandoned so when she grew up she didn’t want to have anything to do with Kai Qi and their mother. So now Kai Qi doesn’t feel that she has to take care of Kai Hui’s son.

Later Kai Qi goes to work. She goes up to change. But Zi Jie was already there…changing…


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