“The Night Watchman ” ep 8~ Rin:” Thank you…for staying by my side.”

In this episode Rin finds out who was the man that attacked him in the palace. The king does what Sa Dam said and a lot of ghosts come in town. Do Ha realizes what is Sa Dam doing.

Sa Dam called the fire ghosts and many houses caught fire. Rin saves Do Ha from the fire.

Episode 8

Do Ha knocks on Rin’s room door. Moo Seok and Jo Seung Hun are there. They look towards Do Ha. Rin comes out. Did Jo Seung Hun saw that the man from Do Ha’s room is the prince?… No! He didn’t….The lady from the inn wanted to confess her feelings to Jo Seung Hu and called him out before he was able to see Rin’s face.

Out the lady jumps into Seung Hun’s arms and tells him that she will wait for him until he forgets the person in his heart. After her confession Seung Hun hugged her as he was waiting for her to say that. But….it was all in her imagination. When she tells him, Seung Hun rejects her and leaves.

Inside Moo Seok and Rin are arguing. Rin makes fun of Moo Seok for being hurt even if everybody says he is the best swordsman in Joseon. And Moo Seok asks Rin why did he leave the palace if he was really innocent. While the two of them were arguing, Do Ha came in with medicine for Moo Seok. She tells them that the two of them resemble Ah-Ong and Da-Ong, her pigs. Do Ha grabs Moo Seok’s arm to see his injury.

Rin:”How can you grab a man’s arm so mindlessly as a woman?”

But for innocent Do Ha, at that moment, Moo Seok wasn’t a man, he was an injured person and she had to cure his injury. After she finished with Moo Seok, happily Rin stretched out his hand. He was injured too and now he wants Do Ha to blow and cure his injury. She doesn’t. Do Ha takes Moo Seok’s hand and place it into Rin’s hand and leaves them to become friends.

Later in the night, Rin wakes up after having a nightmare. Rin dreamed about someone who came to kill him. He goes out and sees Moo Seok, who was reading something. When he saw Rin close to him, Moo Seok got scared and tried to hide the paper. But when he left, the paper fell from his pocked and Rin saw it. That paper was a wanted poster for Moo Seok. The king did that so that Rin will trust Moo Seok.

The same time Do Ha went to see Jo Seung Hun. She wants to leave the place she is staying. So she went to say goodbye to Seung Hun and also to ask him if he knows anything about the night watchmen. Her godmother told her that the night watchmen may know what happened to her sister. Seung Hun asks Do Ha what was her sister’s name. His face changes after he finds out that Do Ha’s sister was… Yeon Ha, the Ma Go tribe shaman.

Jo Seung Hun:” Sometimes it’s best to not dig out something that’s well hidden. Finding the truth isn’t always the best.”

Rin remembers that the man who attacked him at the palace had a distinctive scent. He thinks about a day when Soo Ryun thought him about scents and remembered what smell was that he felt from his attacker. He wants to go somewhere, but he passes by the place where Do Ha was talking with Seung Hun. Rin heard Do Ha saying how the children treated her after her sister disappeared. He remembered that when he was send away from the palace, he was treated the same why by the people in town.

Rin enters and scolding Do Ha, he tells her that she shouldn’t cry for what the others say. When her sister was kidnapped, she was less the 10 years old so what could she do against adults. When Rin entered, Seung Hun was with his back at the door, so he didn’t see Rin’s face. Then Seung Hun left…without looking at Rin’s face…

Moo Seok:” How long are you going to live your life attacking other people’s wounds?”

Moo Seok, who heard Rin scolding Do Ha, came in to stop Rin.

While Rin and Moo Seok were arguing…again, someone screamed “fire”. They went out and saw that some houses were on fire. Do Ha realizes what is going on and she tells them that “ someone called in the fire ghost.”

Sa Dam called in the fire ghost do give someone what she needs. That someone is the woman who gets in Joseon different staff from China. It’s the woman to whom Soo Ryun asked for help to get Rin out of the country. That woman wants all Joseon to buy medicine from her.

The next day that lady went to the clinic. She went to talk to Soo Ryun about the medicine. She was threatening Soo Ryun with telling the king that Soo Ryun wanted to get Rin out of the country and that her father also did something to help Rin.

Remembering the scent that his attacker had, Rin knows where he can find that man. But he can’t look at the necks of all the men from the archery. So he asks minister Ddoong, eunuch Song and Rang Yi to check them. And they did. Minister Ddoong, eunuch Song and Rang Yi found him.

Meanwhile Do Ha walks around the town. She sees the burned houses. She touched one of them and she got scared by what she saw. She went to look for Sa Dam. When she saw Sa Dam’s man, Ho Jo she follows him. The guards saw her and they want to arrest her. The guards have orders to arrest all suspect persons until the person who starts the fire is captured. She runs away. While running away, Do Ha met Moo Seok. He helped her hide.

But… suddenly Do Ha’s face changed. She is scared. She saw the fire ghost…

The same time, Rin was fighting the man who attacked him in the storage room. But… the fire ghost entered and started a fire there. The attacker pushes Rin and the pushed the cabinet over him.

Do Ha and Moo Seok arrived where the fire is. Soo Ryun was there too. At the storage room are all her herbs that she needs for the clinic.

Do Ha hears some men talking about the saltpeter. If the fire will get to the saltpeter it will be an explosion. Do Ha runs inside. Surprisingly she finds Rin under the cabinet. She helps him get out. Everything is on fire. Do Ha is trapped. She tells Rin to take the saltpeter and leave her there. The explosion will destroy the town. Rin takes the saltpeter and runs out. He puts the box down and takes a bucket with water. He puts the water on himself and runs inside. He finds Do Ha fainted. He takes her in his arms and gets her out of there.

When she saw Rin getting out of the storage with Do Ha in his arms, Soo Ryun runs to the lady that threatened her and asked her to bring Rin back to her.

Do Ha woke up. Rin carries her on his back.

Rin:” Thank you…for staying by my side.”

On their way back, Rin and Do Ha saw a lot of ghosts enter in the town. Do Ha realized what Sa Dam is doing, he is filling the town with bad energy.

Jo Seung Hun sees Do Ha and Rin coming. He stops Rin. He is surprised to see Rin’s face. The prince is in front of him, when he was about to forget about the ghosts, when he was about to forget the night watchers.

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