“Love Myself or You? ” ep2~ Ah Jie:”You’re actually still very cute.”

Ah Jie has to cook so the chef from the restaurant will know where to put him work, in the kitchen or serving. Ah Jie cooks perfectly, but he ruins his plate and ends up serving in the restaurant.

Kai Qi finds out that Ah Jie is her neighbor and she accepts to raise Xiao Yi.

Episode 2

In the morning Kai Qi went to work. She got upstairs to change, but Ah Jie was there, changing. She got him out of the changing cabin.

Ji Yong Qian brought Ah Jie to introduce him again to the employees. They don’t know where to put Ah Jie work so they ask him to cook. Ah Jie prepared the food perfectly, but he doesn’t want them to know who good he is so after he finished cooking he put a lot of lemon on the plaiting. Everyone from Figaro Cuisine where excited to taste Ah Jie cooking, but because of the lemon the food didn’t taste good. So in the end Ah Jie will have to serve in the restaurant and help in the kitchen with everything that the chefs say.

While helping in the kitchen, Ah Jie thinks about the boy that called Kai Qi “mom”. He asks the others employees if Kai Qi is married, but they told him that Kai Qi doesn’t even have a boyfriend because of her personality and the amount of time she spends working.

Later Le Xuan, who was happy that she won the competition and she isn’t anymore just a pretty face, heard Bao Zhu and Da Zhi talking about Ji Yong Qian who sabotaged the competition. Ji Yong Qian ruined Kai Qi’s food, so she will lose, because Kai Qi rejected him. As revenge Bao Zhu and Da Zhi put a lot of sugar into Ji Yong Qian’s coffee.

It’s night. Kai Qi went home. In the parking lot she sees an expensive car arriving. She looks to see who is the driver and she sees Ah Jie. That get’s her upset. How can an intern have an expensive car?

She goes towards the building. Ah Jie goes in that direction too. She is more upset and tells him to stop following her. But he isn’t following her. He lives there too.

Kai Qi:”Why do you live here?”

At the elevator, Kai Qi is more surprised. Both she and Ah Jie live at the same floor. When they’ve arrived Ah Jie told her that she is cute and smiled.

Ah Jie:”You’re actually still very cute.”

Hearing that, Kai Qi is more annoyed. Why did he say “still”? It’s not like Ah Jie is her elementary school friend… Before going to his house, Ah Jie said “goodnight” while he was smiling.

Kai Qi:” What goodnight? Why the hell are you smiling? Don’t smile!”

Inside her house, Kai Qi found her nephew, Xiao Yi. She takes the boy to his father’s house. It’s his son so he has to take care of Xiao Yi. But Xiao Yi’s father doesn’t want him. He will get married soon and his future wife is pregnant. He will have a new life and he doesn’t want Xiao Yi to “ruin” his happiness. Kai Qi and Xiao Yi’s father fight in front of Xiao Yi. Even if Xiao Yi is young, he still understands that his father doesn’t want him. Xiao Yi looks at Kai Qi. She looks at Xiao Yi. Then Kai Qi turns to Xiao Yi’s father and tells him to not look for Xiao Yi ever again. From that moment he lost every parental responsibility over Xiao Yi. She will raise the boy.

When Kai Qi wants to leave she noticed that while she told Xiao Yi’s father to not look for Xiao Yi every, the boy ran away. Worried, Kai Qi looks for him. She found Xiao Yi. Hugged him and took him home.

Kai Qi:” When you think of your mother and your father, think of auntie.”

In the morning, Kai Qi and Ah Jie met in front of the elevator. Since the night before Ah Jie knows that he can make Kai Qi show her emotions if he plays with the competitive nature. When the two of them are in the elevator, Ah Jie presses a few elevator buttons. Well…Kai Qi can’t let him have his way, so she presses all the buttons and steps out leaving Ah Jie inside. She took the other elevator, but at the first floor the elevator stopped, Ah Jie got in.

At the restaurant, they were missing caviar. Someone let Ah Jie check the supply, but he didn’t know what he should have looked for. Ah Jie and Kai Qi end up going together around Taipei to look for caviar. They went to various restaurants to buy, but they couldn’t.

Ah Ji knows someone, so they went to Ah Jie’s friend’s restaurant. It’s the restaurant where Kai Qi loved the food and asked to meet chef Louis. Ah Jie doesn’t want Kai Qi to know that he si Louis so he makes signs to the waiter and his friend, the owner, to not say anything. Ah Jie’s friend said that Louis resigned and left without notice, so she can’t meet him.

Back to Figaro Cuisine with the caviar, Kai Qi is praised by her co-workers for being able to find caviar so quickly. Le Xuan is jealous of Kai Qi since Ji Yong Qian told her that if he wouldn’t have sabotaged Kai Qi’s plate, Kai Qi would have been sous chef. She has the ability to be one.

Le Xuan keeps making thinks hard for Kai Qi. At some point, Le Xuan told Kai Qi to make again the dish she made. She did. Then Le Xuan said that the meet that Kai Qi made is to undone. Ah Jie couldn’t take it anymore and come to help Kai Qi. He told Le Xuan that the customer is French and Kai Qi made the dish exactly the way French people like it.

Kai Qi received a phone call from her mother saying that she has to go take care of Kai Qi’s grandmother and she asked Kai Qi to pick Xiao Yi from kindergarten. She picked him.

At the house, Xiao Yi wanted to eat pizza, so they commanded one. Later Xiao Yi had to take a shower, but he can’t do it alone. Kai Qi has to help him. Suddenly someone is at the door. Wed, Kai Qi goes to open. It was …Ah Jie.

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