“Love Myself or You? ” ep3~ Ah Jie kisses Kai Qi!

Aj Jie meets Xiao Yi and Kai Qi’s father and finds out that Xiao Yi is Kai Qi’s nephew, not her son.

Scared, Ah Jie goes to Kai Qi’s house in the middle of the night. He isn’t feeling well. Kai Qi and Ah Jie fell down. Ah Jie kisses Kai Qi!

Episode 3

Kai Qi is helping Xiao Yi take a shower. She doesn’t know how so she looks for information on internet. While Kai Qi was bathing Xiao Yi, the boy played with the water and Kai Qi in all wet not. The shower is over and Kai Qi has to dry Xiao Yi’s hair.

Someone is at the door. She goes to see who it is. When she opened the door, Kai Qi saw Ah Jie. Coming home, Ah Jie saw the pizza delivery man at Kai Qi’s door. She was with Xiao Yi in the bath and she didn’t hear the door. Ah Jie paid for that pizza and come to give it to Kai Qi. She took the pizza and told Ah Jie to close the door. But he didn’t. Ah Jie followed Kai Qi inside and saw her drying Xiao Yi’s hair. The boy was moving a lot and Kai Qi was scolding him. He left.

Ah Jie went home and returned to Kai Qi’s home with his dryer. Kai Qi’s dryer was old and Xiao Yi was uncomfortable. It was too hot for Xiao Yi. Ah Jie dried Xiao Yi’s hair and tried to do the same with Kai Qi’s hair. But, cold, Kai Qi pushed him away.

Ah Jie:” Sometimes one person may still need the companionship of another.”

Ah Jie tries to make Kai Qi understand that she needs to smile, she needs someone in her life to eat with her, to read beside her, to go with her at the amusement park. But Kai Qi thinks that she can do all of that alone. She doesn’t need someone to do all of that things with her and she sends Ah Jie home. After Ah Jie left, Kai Qi thinks about Ah Jie words….

The next day, Ah Jie comes out of the changing cabin. He sees Kai Qi waiting for him outside. She wants to give him the pizza money. He doesn’t want the money, after all they leave together, but in the end Kai Qi get her way. Da Zhi, from the stairs heard what Ah Jie said and he is surprised to find out that Kai Qi and Ah Jie live together.

Later a strange costumer came. He wants the best seat in the restaurant. The waiter gives him the menu, but the costumer doesn’t want to read the menu, he wants the waiter to explain the menu to him. The waiter doesn’t know what to do so Ah Jie steps in. He tells the costumer everything that he wants to hear. The customer is pleased. Now he will order what Ah Jie recommended to him. But the customer wants a different side dish that they have for that food. Everyone comes to the table. Le Xuan accepts the customer’s order and then she makes Kai Qi prepare it. That way if something goes bad, Kai Qi will be responsible for it. Ah Jie knows that something isn’t right. The costumer must be someone important since he ordered potatoes as side dish. Potatoes are both easy and difficult to prepare. Time to give the customer the food he ordered. Ah Jie asked Le Xuan to give the customer the dish he made in exchange of Kai Qi’s dish. Le Xuan did so. The customer was pleased by the food and he introduces himself now. The strange customer is the chief editor at a food magazine and he will do an interview with Le Xuan and give good reviews about the restaurant.

Le Xuan told Kai Qi and Ah Jie to enter a food competition. If they will not have good result both of them will have to leave the restaurant. Before leaving home, Kai Qi filled her part of the entry form for the competition and she gave the form to Ah Jie.

In front of the restaurant, Kai Qi returned from her way to ask Ah Jie out for dinner. She wants to treat him to dinner to thank him for helping her that day. When they arrive at the place where they were going to eat, Kai Qi’s father was there…drunk. He asked her for money, he slapped her, pushed her. Ah Ji defended Kai Qi and left.

Kai Qi went to the place she goes when she is angry. Worried Ah Jie followed her. He now knows that Xiao Yi is her nephew, not her son, and he knows that the reason Kai Qi is cold and likes to be alone always is because of her father. He borrows money from everyone that Kai Qi knows.

Ah Jie left for a little while and returned with some food. It will be his treat, but she has to remember to treat him a meal next time.

Kai Qi:”Why are you so nice to me?”

Ah Jie tells Kai Qi about the little girl he knew when he was young. But Kai Qi didn’t understand that he was talking about her. She believed that when Ah Jie looks at her, he remembers that girl.

The next day Ah Jie went to register for the competition. There he met his friend Enzo, who will be one of the judges. While talking with Enzo, Ah Jie wrote his French name on the form. He changes it with a different form, but Le Xuan saw Ah Jie with Enzo. After they left she saw the form with Ah Jie’s French name, Louis Fou.

Later in the night, Ah Jie arrives home. The power is off. He is scared of staying in the dark. He remembers that when he was young his brother will lock him in the closed in the dark. But there was someone who always came and accompanied him in the dark closet and that person is Kai Qi. He goes out and knocks at Kai Qi’s door. Ah Jie is acting strange. He can’t breathe. Both Ah Jie and Kai Qi fell down. Ah Jie kisses Kai Qi.

The next morning, when Ah Jie wakes up he is sleeping on Kai Qi’s sofa. His hands are tied. He doesn’t remember that he kisses Kai Qi the night before. While trying to hit Ah Jie, Kai Qi fell on him. The whole scene is funny for Xiao Yi.

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