“Love Myself or You? ” ep4~ Xiao Yi:”Auntie, your face is so red.”

Ah Jie and Kai Qi took Xiao Yi to the beach.

Le Xuan finds out that Kai Qi is her brother’s ex-girlfriend.

Episode 4

Xiao Yi needs Kai Qi’s help for his kindergarten homework. Since she only has a motorbike, she thinks that will be better to go somewhere in Taipei, because is close by. That day is Kai Qi’s day off and she was supposed to help Ah Jie with his cooking.

Before leaving Kai Qi goes to Ah Jie’s apartment to tell him that she can’t help him that day. Xiao Yi takes advantage of Ah Jie’s presence and tells Kai Qi that he doesn’t want to go where she said. Xiao Yi runs and hides behind Ah Jie. In the end Ah Jie proposes to Kai Qi to let him help her. Ah Jie has a car so they will be able to go a little further then Taipei, as Xiao Yi want.

Le Xuan has a day off too. She goes to see her brother and on her way she buys her brother his favorite omelet. She inters her brother’s house. He isn’t there.

In her brother’s house, Le Xuan finds an old picture with her brother and his ex-girlfriend, a girl that he never forgot. When she saw the picture, Le Xuan can’t believe what she is seeing. She knows the girl in the picture. She always believed that her brother’s ex-girlfriend was a femme fatale, but looking at the picture she isn’t. The girl that Le Xuan’s brother never got over is…Du Kai Qi.

Le Xuan goes to where her brother is to ask him about Kai Qi and he asks Le Xuan for Kai Qi’s address.

Ah Jie, Xiao Yi and Kai Qi arrived at the beach. Xiao Yi is excited. His mother promised to bring him to the sea, but she never got the chance. The three of them collect crabs. Kai Qi is collecting them alone, as usual, while Ah Jie and Xiao Yi collect crabs together. Ah Jie is even teaching Xiao Yi about crabs.

Ah Jie see blood on one of Kai Qi’s fingers. A crab bit her. He wants to bandage her finger, but Kai Qi is colder than usual with him. She tips and Ah Jie catches her. She is still cold towards Ah Jie.

Ah Jie:” Exactly, what happened yesterday?”

After they eat, they take a picture. Kai Qi is shy around Ah Jie. She can’t look at him, like she used to. She’s always avoiding him. Not knowing why she is like that, Ah Jiw doesn’t want to let her be alone so he always goes close to her.

At some point they see a couple playing. When the couple fell, Xiao Yi told Ah Jie what happened the night before, that he kissed Kai Qi.

Xiao Yi:” Auntie and uncle were like that last night, too!”

Embarrassed, Kai Qi takes Xiao Yi and leaves away from Ah Jie.

Xiao Yi:”Auntie, your face is so red.”

Back in Taipei, Kai Qi doesn’t feel so good. She faints. Scared, Xiao Yi runs to tell Ah Jie that Kai Qi is sick. At the door Xiao Yi meet with Cheng Hao Wei, Le Xuan’s brother. He came to see Kai Qi. Hearing Xiao Yi saying that Kai Qi is sick, Hao Wei runs inside. He takes Kai Qi into his arms and sends her to the hospital.

When Kai Qi recovers, Hao Wei takes her and Xiao Yi back home. Xiao Yi fell asleep in the car. So Hao Wei wends up taking Xiao Yi into his arms and sending them to the apartment. Form the parking lot Ah Jie saw Kai Qi coming home with a man.

Kai Qi and Ah Jie are practicing for the competition. The theme for what they will need to cook is posted online.

Ah Jie takes Kai Qi out. He takes her t a place that will give her inspiration. But she doesn’t seem to understand what Ah Jie wants to teach her. In the end Ah Jie takes Kai Qi to a lake full with lotus flowers. He talks about the beauty that nature creates. Kai Qi seems impressed, looking at the lake.

Kai Qi is inspired. She knows what to do to impress the judges at the competition. She calls Ah Jie and they both go to work in Ah Jie’s car. Kai Qi didn’t even realize that she didn’t went to work with her motorbike.

Ah Jie changed his clothes first. Then, when Kai Qi entered the cabin, she dropped something. But when Ah Jie picked up what Kai Qi dropped, Da Zhi walked in and thought that Ah Jie was looking at Kai Qi while she was changing. Ah Jie and Da Zhi push each other and they both fall into the cabin.

Later Kai Qi and Ah Jie are cooking. But she isn’t satisfied with the taste of the food. She asks Ah Jie to taste too. Again Ah Jie gives Kai Qi an idea about how to make her food better. But then Le Xuan entered. She knows that Ah Jie is Louis. will Le Xuan tell Kai Qi that Ah Jie is Louis?

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