“Love Myself or You? ” ep5~ Ah Jie:”Apologize to me.”

Kai Qi starts to open up towards Ah Jie, but something happens and she turned more colder than ever.

Episode 5

Le Xuan doesn’t let Kai Qi and Ah Jie practice in the restaurant’s kitchen. She knows that Ah Jie is chef Louis and she is afraid that Kai Qi could win the competition. Le Xuan wants Kai Qi to lose the competition so that Kai Qi will leave for good the restaurant.

Since they can’t practice, Kai Qi, followed by Ah Jie, went to the library. They look for books with pictures that will give them the fresh and vibrant sense of summer. Ah Jie wants to play, but nothing works out for him. And Kai Qi doesn’t really help him. Reaching out to get a book, Kai Qi is about to fall, but Ah Jie caught her.

Kai Qi went to bet. She is tired, but she can’t fall asleep. She sees Ah Jie everywhere, in bed with her, in the kitchen handing her the milk, saying everything that it’s on her mind.

At his house, Ah Jie keeps sneezes. He also thinks about Kai Qi.

A man came to the restaurant. Bao Zhu knows him. He asks for Bao Zhu’s pearls. When she refused to give the pearls to him, he tried to take them on his own. Bao Zhu pearls necklace broke and all the pearls are on the floor. That man tries to hit Bao Zhu, but Ah Jie stops him.

Later, Bao Zhu collects the pearls from the floor. Ji Yong Qian rushes there screaming at Bau Zhu. Since the competition for the sous chef, Bao Zhu always puts sugar in everything that Ji Yong Qian wants as revenge. When Ji Yong Qian asks Bao Zhu if she put sugar in everything he wants because he sabotaged Kai Qi’s dish at the competition, the others employees appear. They were helping Bao Zhu collect her pearls.

The employees know now that Le Xuan didn’t win the competition because her dish was good, she won because Kai Qi’s dish was sabotaged. They treat Le Xuan differently now, they avoid her.

It’s time to go home. Bao Zhu is still upset. She’s looking at Kai Qi. But the cold Kai Qi doesn’t understand what Bao Zhu wants. While Kai Qi changes her clothes, Ah Jie tells her to go with Bao Zhu because Bao Zhu needs to be consoled.

Kai Qi went to accompany Bao Zhu. They drink until they forgotten them self. Suddenly Kai Qi realizes that she forgot something. She forgot to pick up Xiao Yi from kindergarten. She rushes out. There she met Ah Jie. He already picked Xiao Yi and took him home. Now he came to pick up Kai Qi and Bao Zhu and send them home. They send Bao Zhu home first. She’s way drunken than Kai Qi.

Arrived home, Kai Qi thanks Ah Jie for helping her that day, but she also asks him to not do that again.

Kai Qi:” What do you hope for me?”

Ah Jie:” Don’t let me see you live so depressingly.”

In the morning, Le Xuan gathered everyone. Since they know the truth, she needs to prove herself in front of them. For that Le Xuan will enter the same competition as Kai Qi and Ah Jie. The losing team will leave the restaurant.

In the night, while Ah Jie changes his clothes the lights turn off. He falls down. He found a coin and started scratching the wall. Someone pulls the curtain. It’s Kai Qi, she knew that Ah Jie will be like that and came to help him.

Kai Qi:” I knew it was you.”

Kai Qi tries to help Ah Jie get up, but he can’t stand. He is too strong for her and pulls her down. The other came up too. The lights are on. When the other arrived upstairs they found Ah Jie hugging Kai Qi. They think Ah Jie and Kai Qi are dating.

Upset, Kai Qi gets up. She says in front of everyone that she will never give her independent life for someone who is afraid of dark. Kai Qi embarrassed Ah Jie in front of their coworkers and left.

At home, Kai Qi and Ah Jie meet in the elevator. Kai Qi is colder then every. Ah Jie is upset too. Looking at Kai Qi and Ah Jie fighting, Xiao Yi apologizes to Ah Jie on Kai Qi’s behalf. Ah Jie looks at Kai Qi and asks for her apology, but she doesn’t want too. She doesn’t think she did something wrong, that needs an apology.

Ah Jie:”Apologize to me.”

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