“Love Myself or You? ” ep 6~ Ah Jie:” Do I really only see Kai Qi as a friend?”

Kai Qi and Ah Jie passed the first stage of the cooking competition. After hearing others say that he has feelings for Kai Qi, Ah Jie starts to wonder if he really sees Kai Qi only as friends.

To celebrate that two teams from Figaro Cuisine are in the finals of the cooking competition, Ah Jie’s father invited everyone to eat at his house.

Episode 6

Ah Jie asks Kai Qi to apologize to him, but she doesn’t. In the end Ah Jie decided to respect Kai Qi’s decision and to be more distant from now on, to treat her as a stranger. For Xiao Yi, who was with them during their fight, Kai Qi and Ah Jie act like little children and he even invited them to go with him to the kindergarten the next day.

At home, Kai Qi keeps thinking about Ah Jie, especially the look that Ah Jie had when she humiliated him at the restaurant. But Kai Qi ends up thinking that she didn’t do anything wrong, because she warned him not to get to close to her.

While changing, Kai Qi saw the drawing Ah Jie made on the wall the night before. When she goes out, she saw Ah Jie. But he was strange. He wasn’t like he usually is around her. The atmosphere was awkward between them. They avoided each other the whole day. Even the others employees noticed it. Ah Jie decided that he will treat Kai Qi the same way she treats him, in a cold way.

Le Xuan doesn’t want to let Kai Qi and Ah Jie practice for the competition so she sends everyone to give flyers away.

Kai Qi and Ah Jie give flyers on the same intersection. While Kai Qi gives flyers away, she keeps thinking about Ah Jie’s words. She’s about to fall, but Ah Jie caught her. The only problem was that it was all in her head. She is on the street and a car is behind her. She moves to the sidewalk and observes that one of her shoes is ripped. While looking at her shoes someone pushes Kai Qi over. That person wants to help Kai Qi, but she refuses. Ah Jie comes to her, gives her his shoes and drags her over to his car. Barefoot, Ah Jie leaves Kai Qi in the car and leaves for a few minutes. Ah Jie returns with a pair of new shoes for Kai Qi. She’s giving him money for the shoes. He doesn’t want to, but when he looks into his hand there wasn’t money, there was just one coin.

Kai Qi:” I heard that giving shoes means you want that person to leave. So are you asking me to leave?”

Kai Qi opens up towards Ah Jie. She wants him in her live. She even apologized. Then Kai Qi saw that Ah Jie hurt his leg while walking barefoot on the street. They go to her special place and she puts medicine on his wound. Kai Qi even opens up and tells Ah Jie about her relationship with Le Xuan’s brother, Hao Wei. Then Kai Qi asks Ah Jie why is he afraid of dark. And he told her that it’s because his brother used to lock him when he was little. But she still didn’t realized that Ah Jie is her childhood friend Zi Jie.

First day of the cooking competition has come. Whole contestants are there.

All that food looks delicious…and I’m here drinking…tea… ㅠㅠ.

Kai Qi and Ah Jie are cooking like they are one. Le Xuan and Ji Yong Qian are doing a great job too. The cooking time is over. Now the judges have to taste and decide which team will move to the next stage of the competition. All of Figaro Cuisine employees, Kai Qi, Ah Jie, Le Xuan and Yong Qian passed. They’ve got the silver spoon. The winner of the final stage will be one of them and will get a gold spoon.

Kai Qi doesn’t have time to rest. The first stage of the competition is over, but the competition isn’t over. So she and Ah Jie need to practice. They go to a duck farm. Kai Qi is different from her usual self. She jocks around with the owner of the farm. She seems relaxed and she is smiling. Ah Jie looks at her smiling.

Farm owner:” Young man, if you look at a woman this way, you’ll look like a pervert. If you like her, just tell her.”

They need to catch a duck. They run after the ducks. The pebbles are slippery. Kai Qi slips and is about to fell in the mud. But Mr. One Million Flowers Pants Ah Jie catches her.

Has anyone notices that Ah Jie is always wearing pink pants or pants full of flowers?

In the end Kai Qi makes Ah Jie catch the duck while she stays like a boss and ordering him which duck to catch.

Back home, Ah Jie and Kai Qi start cooking the duck they’ve got. They can’t practice at the restaurant, so they cook at Kai Qi’s house. When is finished, Xiao Yi tastes the dish. It’s delicious. But Ah Jie and Kai Qi need more details then “it’s delicious”. They make strange remarks about how good is their dish for Xiao Yi to express. But Kai Qi and Ah Jie end up arguing who made the most childish comment and who is more strange. Xiao Yi looks at them arguing and then he asks them if they are dating.

Xiao Yi:” Are auntie and uncle a couple?”

They both say that they are just friends. Xiao Yi doesn’t believe them and keeps smiling at them. The little one seems to know a lot. But then Ah Jie remembers that the farm owner said the same think and he starts wandering what he feels for Kai Qi.

Ah Jie:” Do I really only see Kai Qi as a friend?”

Ah Jie’s parents invited Yong Qian, Kai Qi, Le Xuan and Ah Jie to eat at their house. With Kai Qi next to him the whole day, Ah Jie didn’t get the chance to remind his mother to not blow up his cover. The house is full with pictures with him. So Ah Jie asks the maid to pick all the pictures without his co-workers to see them. Will everything be alright for Ah Jie?

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