“Love Myself or You? ” ep 7~ Ah Jie:”It’s my turn to let you depend on me.”

On the day of the competition, Kai Qi realizes that Ah Jie is her childhood friend, Fu Zi Jie.

Zi Xiang, Ah Jie’ brother came to Ah Jie and took him to their parents house, where he locked Ah Jie in the basement. When she realized who Ah Jie is, Kai Qi ran away in the middle of the competition to go to Ah Jie.

Ah Jie and Kai Qi lost the cooking competition.

Episode 7

The chefs from Figaro Cuisine are at Zi Jie’s parent’s house. For now everything goes well for Ah Jie. No one realized his true identity. He made a few mistakes, but he got out of it fast.

The food is ready. Zi Jie’s father brings the food. Kai Qi is the only one that isn’t eating. Looking at the food that the chairman brought, Kai Qi remembers her past. After tasting the food, Kai Qi tells Ah Jie’s parents that she is the daughter of the nanny who worked for them many years ago.

Everything seems to be fine. Nobody knows who Ah Jie is. But soon the mood changes and Ah Jie becomes nervous. Ah Jie’s brother, Zi Xiang


Back home, Kai Qi took Xiao Yi to Ah Jie’s apartment. They need to practice for the final stage of the competition. While Kai Qi and Ah Jie cook, Xiao Yi plays with his vegetable toys and he asks Ah Jie to give him a plate because he needs to do his plaiting. A future chef was born.

The day of the final stage of the competition has come. Kai Qi and Ah Jie are ready to go. Ah Jie is smiling. But suddenly he stops smiling. He’s face changes and he becomes gloomy. Kai Qi looks behind her to see what made Ah Jie become like that. The reason Ah Jie become gloomy and stopped smiling was because he saw Zi Xiang. He came to talk with Ah Jie.

When Zi Xiang and Zi Jie were little, Zi Xiang was participating in cooking competitions. He was champion. But one day Zi Xiang saw a car coming towards Zi Jie. He run and saved his younger brother. That day Zi Xiang hurt his hand and since then he couldn’t use his hand, he couldn’t become a chef like he dreamed of becoming. Because of that, Zi Xiang started to lock his brother in the wardrobe. Since that day Zi Xiang didn’t let Zi Jie to have any achievement. He even send Zi Jie to France.

Zi Xiang brought Zi Jie to their parent’s house. Only the maid was home. He asked Zi Jie to not go to the competition. Because Zi Jie insisted that he has to go to the competition that day, Zi Xiang locked Zi Jie in the basement and left.

The competition is starting. Kai Qi is sure that Ah Jie will come. He promised her.

Hao Wei is one of the judges. He approaches Kai Qi and asks her were her partner is. Hao Wei is cold towards Kai Qi. He didn’t forgave her for what happened between them. Talking to Hao Wei, Kai Qi remembers Ah Jie’s expression when he saw Zi Xiang. She remembers her childhood and what Ah Jie told her, why he is afraid of dark. Kai Qi remembers the drawing from the changing cabin from the restaurant and the drawings she and Zi Jie were making when they were little. Kai Qi realized it. Ah Jie is Zi Xiang’s little brother, Fu Zi Jie. She knows that something happened to Ah Jie and runs out in the middle of the competition.

Arrived Ah Jie’s family house, she looks for Ah Jie. Suddenly Kai Qi and the maid hear noise coming from the basement. They open the door and saw Ah Jie. He can’t stand so Kai Qi helps him get up. Ah Jie insists to go to the competition even if half the time they had is over.

Ah Jie:”Before you let me depend on you, now, it’s my turn to let you depend on me.”

Kai Qi and Ah Jie arrived at the competition in the last 10 minutes. They use the same ingredients, but they changed the dish. They don’t have enough time to make duck as they planned. But Ah Jie doesn’t need to hide anymore. Kai Qi knows who he is so he can cook. He knows what he wants to do.

Ah Jie needs some baguette and tries to borrow from Yong Qian, but he refused to help Ah Jie. Seeing the Yong Qian doesn’t want to help Ah Jie, Le Xuan wants to give the baguette to Ah Jie, but she spilled the soup pot on herself. Ah Jie helps Le Xuan. In the end Yong Qian gave the baguette to Ah Jie and Ah Jie shared his soup with Yong Qian.

Ah Jie finished cooking. He has only one thing to tell Kai Qi. After finishing the plating, Ah Jie puts his name on the plate. He signed Louis. Finally Kai Qi found Louis, the chef that she admires.

Le Xuan and Yong Qian are the winners of the competition. Sad, Kai Qi tells Ah Jie that they have to go to the restaurant and pack their things. Since they’ve lost the competition, Kai Qi and Ah Jie have to resign and leave the restaurant.

But when Kai Qi and Ah Jie were about to leave, Le Xuan stopped them and asked them to stay and work at Figaro Cuisine.

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