“The Night Watchman ” ep 10~ “ Water triumphs over fire.”

Do Ha heard Rin and Seung Hun talking. She now knows that Seung Hun was a night watchman.

Following a spy, Rin and Seung Hun see Sa Dam entering Park Soo Jong’s house.


Episode 10

Rin remembered the night watchmen. He knows that Seung Hun is the night watchman that protected him when his father tried to kill him.

At the place where the night watchmen were killed, Rin asks Seung Hun what happened to his father. Why did his father tried to kill him? But Seung Hun just wants to forget everything.

Returned to his house, Rin meet eunuch Song, minister Ddoong and Rang Yi. For the first time, Rin took down the thinks that blocked ghosts from entering his house and let eunuch Song , minister Ddoong and Rang Yi enter.

Later, Rin sits beside Rang Yi and asks her why didn’t she left, when it’s clearly that she hates him. But Rang Yi doesn’t hate Rin, she nags him so that he will become a great person, like a mother will do.

Rang Yi:” I like you.”

The king doesn’t trust Sa Dam anymore. Since Sa Dam didn’t do what the king ordered him to do, the king started to believe what Rin wrote to him “ water triumphs over fire”. The king made his guards arrest Sa Dam. While the guards were dragging Sa Dam out, he saw Rin and Moo Seok. But Sa Dam managed to run away from the guards. His loyal man fought the guards, then he and Sa Dam ran away.

Meantime, Rin came to see the Queen Dowager. He needs to find out what happened to his father 12 years ago. Why did his father tried to kill him?

Rin went to the inn. The moment Do Ha saw him she hid herself. She intends to keep her distance from Rin, she is poor and he is the prince.

Seung Hun was coming inside, but he heard Ok Mae calling Do Ha because Rin came and wanted to leave. But Rin saw him. Rin keeps asking Seung Hun what happened to his father 12 years ago and who was the woman who made his father change. In the night watchmen’s journal it was written that the king changed 12 years ago because of a woman. Seung Hun said that he doesn’t know anything and left.

Turning around, Rin saw Do Ha. He is happy to see her and wants to talk to her. But Do Ha just said that she has a lot of things to do, she has to look for her sister and find out what Sa Dam wants from her. Before Do Ha and Rin said that they will find what Sa Dam wants form Do Ha together, but now Do Ha pushes Rin away.

Since the fire from the storehouse when Rin entered and brought the explosive out from the fire and saved Do Ha, all the people praise him. His image has been restored. The only problem is that the storehouse is empty since them. In that storehouse there was medicine for the people. Now the king asked Rin to investigate why the storehouse is empty. Why didn’t the ones in charge bring other medicine.

Rin and Moo Seok went to the storehouse and found out that the provider for the medicine has been changed with a more expensive one. While looking for more information, Rin and Moo Seok saw Soo Ryun. When Soo Ryun saw Rin she ran the other way. She hid herself. She doesn’t want to see Rin. But he saw her and wants to go and talk to her. He can’t do that. Moo Seok doesn’t want Soo Ryun to be hurt so he stops Rin from going to her.

Later, while talking to the person in charge of providing medicine to the storehouse, Rin found out that Soo Ryun gave the order to change the provider with one more expensive.

Because Rin took down the thinks that didn’t allow the ghost to come to his house, one ghost entered and possessed Rin servant. The servant tried to attack Rin. When the ghost came out of the servant Rin recognized the face, it was the ghost of the assassin who tried to kill him in the palace. Rin follows the ghost and ends up at Minister Park’s house. There Rin hears Soo Ryun talking with her father. He heard that the assassin who tried to kill him was send by Minister Park. Rin is shocked. He trusted Minister Park.

Moo Seok is in his room. The ghost of a young girl comes. She looks at him. Suddenly Moo Seok hears his servant saying that he has a guest. He goes out. The girl is following him. The guest is Rin. He came for drinks and an advice. Rin wants to know what should he do with the information he has about Soo Ryun. Should he report Soo Ryun or should he cover it up. Moo Seok told him to do the right thing, which is to report the criminal. Of course Moo Seok didn’t know that Rin was talking about Soo Ryun. In the end Rin asked Moo Seok about his sister. The young girl that is following Moo Seok is the ghost of his sister.

Rin went to Seung Hun again. But as usual Seung Hun refuses to talk about the night watchmen. But this time, Do Ha heard them. Now she knows that Seung Hun was a night watchman. She asks him about Yeon Ha, but he insists that he doesn’t know anything.

Ok Mae, who was coming to Seung Hun noticed a man who was spying on Rin and Seung Hun. Both of them went out. The spy ran away, but Rin saw his face. Rin runs after the spy. Seung Hun follows Rin too. They’ve lost the spy, but Rin recognized him. The spy is Park Soo Jong’s man.

Seung Hun is surprised when he heard Park Soo Jong’s name. Rin and Seung Hun go to Park Soo Jong’s house. There Seung Hun is shocked. He saw Sa Dam entering Park Soo Jong’s house.

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