“The Night Watchman ” ep 9~ Rin:”I’ve found someone I want to protect.”

Rin returns the room to Do Ha. He and Moo Seok share a room with Seung Hu.

At the inn Rin finds another secret room with night watchmen’s uniforms.

Rin follows a night watchman ghost and finds out that Seung Hun was a night watchman.

Episode 9

Jo Seung Hun saw Rin coming with Do Ha. He can’t believe his eyes. He grabs Rin and looks at him surprised. The prince is in front of him. But, since Rin didn’t recognize him, Seung Hun said that he mistook Rin for someone else. When Do Ha and Rin left, Seung Hun is about to fell. Hi is so surprised that his legs can’t hold him.

Following Rin’s every step, as the king told him to, Moo Seok saw Seung Hun’s reaction.

Subconsciously, Rin must have recognized Seung Hun too. That night Rin dreams about the night his father tried to kill him. He remembers someone, in a uniform, that saved him. But Rin wakes up before seeing the face of the soldier. He goes out and he sees a ghost in a uniform looking at Seung Hun.

Some men come and attacked Seung Hun. He fought some drunk men trying to protect Ok Mae and now that men want revenge. Seung Hun fight them like for him fighting with those men was a piece of cake. Rin came and helped Seung Hun, but Seung Hun told Rin to never meddle into other people’s business and goes inside.

Again Moo Seok followed Rin and saw the whole scene.

Returned inside, Rin sees Do Ha sleeping on a table. He looks at her smiling. Is Ris starting to fell in love with Do Ha? Seems like he is . While Rin was looking with love at Do Ha, Mo Seok come and asked Rin what is he doing. Do Ha heared Moo Seok and Rin and woke up.

Embarrassed, Rin asks Do Ha why she sleeps on a table when she is a woman. Then he takes her to his room.

Rin:” Sleep here.”

Rin is returning the room to Do Ha. He and Moo Seok will sleep in a different room.

Rin takes Moo Seok with him to their future room. He looks inside a room and enter. Moo Seok followed him inside. That room is Seung Hun’s room. Rin and Moo Seok will share with Seung Hun. While Moo Seok is pretending to sleep, Rin asks Seung Hun about the blood death sword. A sword that can prevent any disaster and dark energy. Seung Hun answers that there is no such sword in the world, but asks Rin why does he wants a sword like that.

Rin:”I’ve found someone I want to protect.”

After Rin and Moo Seok fell asleep, Seung Hun puts his blanket on them and goes outside.

In the morning, Rin goes into Do Ha’s room. He is looking for the night watchmen’s journal that he left there. The book isn’t there anymore and Do Ha said that she didn’t see it so who took it?

When he sees Seung Hun, Rin starts suspecting him. Seung Hun goes out. He avoids as much as he can Rin. But Rin keeps following him. When Rin asks Seung Hun to make him a good sword, Seung Hun refuses. Seung Hun believes that if Rin will use a sword, that sword will cause people to suffer.

Seung Hun:” You look like a playboy who is trying to hide behind a sword.”

To get rid and Rin and his questions, Seung Hun accepts to go to the market with Ok Mae, even if he hates noisy places.

Moo Seok went to inform the king about Rin’s moves. On his way out he met Sa Dam. Moo Seok knows that Sa Dam has a bad influence on the king, but no matter how much he tries to make the king understand, the king won’t listen.

Back to the inn, Moo Seok fights with Rin. Moo Seok will not let anyone hurt the king. He is loyal to the king. Both Rin and Moo Seok agree the they have to get rid of Sa Dam, but Moo Seok thinks that the believing in ghosts is stupid. Even when Do Ha tries to explain him, he still doesn’t believe it. Moo Seok doesn’t believe in what he can’t see.

Rin follows Moo Seok out and asks him for help to get rid of Sa Dam. When Rin was telling Moo Seok his plans, Seung Hun arrived. He told Rin to stay put and do nothing. That must be Seung Hun’s way of protecting Rin.

Seung Hun:” Don’t get involved and just stay still.”

Minister Park Soo Jong found out where Rin is hiding and came to him. When Seung Hun saw Minister Park he hid himself.

Later, when Minister Park was leaving a ghost wanted to harm him. Rin saw it. But from behind Rin, Seung Hun signed the ghost to leave Minister Park alone. Surprised, Rin saw everything. He doesn’t understand why the ghost in uniform wanted to hurt Minister Park and why the ghost stopped after looking behind Rin.

Rin followed the ghost in uniform on the mountain. He reached to a place where there were others like that ghost, several ghosts in the same uniform. They were the night watchers. They’ve took Rin to the place where they’ve been killed.

Looking for someone, Rin arrived in a secret room under the inn. There he saw two night watchmen uniforms. He remembered again the night his father attacked him…and the night watchmen that fought his father.

Minister Park found out that the king raised his sword against the Queen Dowager. He made the king confess and threaten him with telling everyone about it. Raising the sword against the Queen Dowager is a crime that can cost him the crown. In exchange of his silence Minister Park asked the king to remove the crimes that Rin is accused of.

Now Rin can return to his home. He is no longer a wanted criminal. He feels sorry to leave Do Ha behind, but he has to go.

That night, while walking through town, Rin saw the ghost that he saw looking at Seung Hun. He follows that ghost and arrives on the mountain again, at the place where the night watchers were killed. Seung Hun was there, telling the night watchers to move on to the next world without regrets.

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