“Love Myself or You? ” ep 8~ Ah Jie:” Just…hang out with me.”

After finding out that Ah Jie is her childhood friend, Fu Zi Jie, and also the chef that she admires, Louis, Kai Qi is giving Ah Jie a hard time. But in the end Ah Jie and Kai Qi made pace.

Episode 8

Kai Qi already knows who Ah Jie is. She knew where to find him. So even if he knew that she would be upset with him, Ah Jie signed his name on the plate at the competition. Now Kai Qi knows everything about Ah Jie. She knows that Ah Jie is Louis.

That night, Ah Jie met Kai Qi and Xiao Yi in the elevator. He was expecting Kai Qi to say something, but she didn’t. She acted like nothing happened. She even said “good night” before entering her apartment.

In the morning, Ah Jie called Kai Qi to leave together for work, but she didn’t answer. Arrived at the restaurant, Ah Jie saw that Kai Qi was already there. He wants to go to look for Kai Qi, but Le Xuan stops him for a moment. Le Xuan likes Ah Jie and she wants to invite him for dinner. Her brother, Hao Wei, told Le Xuan that having dinner with the one she likes is the easiest way to make him fall for her too.

Inside the restaurant, Ah Jie saw Kai Qi and talked to her. But she was acting strange. She clearly is upset with Ah Jie for lying to her. He knew from the beginning who Kai Qi was and he didn’t say anything. Even when they went to Enzo’s restaurant, he knew that she wants to meet chef Louis, but he pretended that he wasn’t Louis.

Because at the competition chef’s from Figaro Cuisine got first and second place, Yong Qian believes that they will have more costumers from now on. For that he is making changes on the menu. And for that changes Yong Qian told everyone that Ah Jie is the talented chef Louis. So Yong Qian is putting Ah Jie in the kitchen.

Ah Jie keeps following Kai Qi around and apologizing for lying to her. She avoids him and always when their coworkers ask Ah Jie to help them with something, Kai Qi jumps in and do it because she can’t let the young master work.

Bao Zhu:” Du Kai Qi, what are you playing with Ah Jie?”

Every time she makes things difficult for Ah Jie, Kai Qi is secretly smiling. She’s getting her revenge on him for lying to her.

That night, Ah Jie runs after Kai Qi in the parking lot and apologizes again. She pretends to be upset, but she really enjoys seeing Ah Jie following her around. But when Ah Jie was apologizing again, in the parking lot, Le Xuan arrived. Ah Jie and Le Xuan had dinner plans. Hearing that Ah Jie had dinner plans with Le Xuan made Kai Qi leave upset…jealous.

Returned home, Ah Jie wants to apologize one more time. Before leaving Taiwan he needs Kai Qi’s forgiveness. But Kai Qi is in the shower so Xiao Yi opens the door. Ah Jie takes Xiao Yi out for drinks and asks the boy to do him a favor.

Back home, Xiao Yi asks Kai Qi to play hide-and-seek. While Kai Qi counts, Xiao Yi looks for something in Kai Qi’s room. When Xiao Yi found what he was looking for he give it to Ah Jie.

That night Kai Qi dreams about Ah Jie. In her dream they were cooking together.

During lunch break, Ah Jie went to the manga shop. Kai Qi wants a limited signed edition of some manga that she loves. Ah Jie wants to get that for her and apologize again for lying to her. At the manga shop Ah Jie had to participate and win a game, but the only problem is that Ah Jie doesn’t know anything about mangas.

The one that won the game at the manga shop was Le Xuan’s brother, Hao Wei. Ah Jie wanted to buy the signed manga from Hao Wei. But Hao Wei realized that Ah Jie wants the manga for Kai Qi and refused to sell. Arrived home, Hao Qi posted on internet that he is selling a signed manga. A message came. Someone is buying the signed manga.

Hao Wei went at the address that the buyer gave him. He arrived at Figaro Cuisine. The buyer is…Kai Qi. Hao Wei told Kai Qi to cook for him. If he likes her food then he will give her the mangas. She cooked, but it wasn’t what Hao Wei wanted to eat. Kai Qi goes back to the kitchen and cooks something else. Again it wasn’t the dish that Hao Wei wanted. Kai Qi returns to the kitchen from the tired time and returns with the dish Hao Wei wanted. It was the first dish Kai Qi cooked for Hao Wei when they were younger.

It’s time to go home. Ah Jie takes Kai Qi’s keys and get her into his car.

Ah Jie:” Just…hang out with me.”

Kai Qi apologized to Ah Jie for being mean to him the past days. Then she tells Ah Jie what happened between her and Hao Wei.

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