“Love Myself or You? ” ep 9~ Kai Qi:” I hate you!”

Ah Jie’s father invited everyone to dinner. At the party Kai Qi and Ah Jie are more close then even. They are happy. But something happened and they encourage each other.

Episode 9

One day Ji Yong Qian received a phone call. The owner of the restaurant wanted to invite everyone to dinner. Since it is a special occasion everyone will have to dress accordingly. Their clothes will be paid by the owner.

Everyone goes to the mall. The girls help the men to get their suits. Then is the women’s turn to get dresses. Every one of them goes to the store that fits their style, except Kai Qi. She doesn’t want new clothes, she wants to wear her clothes. Le Xuan takes Kai Qi with her. She will make sure that Kai Qi will wear a dress that day, a dress that will look good on her.

While the women were getting their dresses, the men went to the restaurant. When the women entered, the men couldn’t take their eyes out of them. They were beautiful. But when Kai Qi entered, the men couldn’t close their mouth. Kai Qi, wearing a dress was beautiful. She was totally different from the professional Kai Qi they all know and see the whole day in the kitchen.

Ah Jie goes to Kai Qi.

Ah Jie:” Wow! Du Kai Qi, your appearance today…is really pretty.”

Kai Qi and Ah Jie play together, they smile together, they are having fun just being with each other. The others are looking at them without understanding what is going on. Do Ah Jie and Kai Qi date? The only one who is sad to look at Kai Qi and Ah Jie being so close to each other is Le Xuan. She started to show interest in Ah Jie.

Kai Qi is sitting all alone while everyone is having fun. Ah Jie sees her. He goes to her and takes Kai Qi to the dance ring. She doesn’t know how to dance so Ah Jie clams her down telling her to follow his lead. When Ah Jie and Kai Qi are together they act like a couple, but if someone asks them they just say that they are childhood friends. When will they realize that they are in love with each other?

Le Xuan is looking at Ah Jie and Kai Qi dancing. When the chairman approaches her, Le Xuan realizes that Ah Jie’s surname is the same as the chairman. Le Xuan realizes that Ah Jie isn’t just Chef Louis, he is the chairman’s son.

Ah Jie and Kai Qi came to the table were Le Xuan and the chairman were. She asks Ah Jie to dance. On the dance ring Le Xuan tells Ah Jie that she knows that he is the chairman’s son, but she will not say anything to anyone.

While Kai Qi and the chairman were talking, Ah Jie’s brother, Zi Xiang came. He brought with him Hao Wei.

Kai Qi , wanting to avoid Hao Wei leaves the chairman with Zi Xiang and Hao Wei. She sits on bench. Hao Wei approaches her. Kai Qi doesn’t know what she did that Hao Wei is so upset with her. So she asks him, but Hao Wei is upset. Even if he is upset with her, Hao Wei still confesses his feelings to her.

Hao Wei:”I still continue to like you.

When they were in university, on Kai Qi’s birthday, Hao Wei wanted to confess to her. He brought flowers. But on his way to meet Kai Qi, Hao Wei met Kai Qi’s father. He saw that Hao Wei had money, so Kai Qi’s father borrowed that money lying to Hao Wei. Later that day, Hao Wei waited for the whole night for Kai Qi, but she never showed up.

Kai Qi still doesn’t know that her father looked for her and took money from Hao Wei. The day that her father took Hao Wei’s money, the creditors come to her house to get her father’s debt. That day Kai Qi dropped out of school to get a full time job and pay her father’s debt.

Not knowing what happened that day, on Kai Qi’s birthday, both Kai Qi and Hao Wei have different versions of the story. Neither one knows why the other is upset. So Kai Qi’s answer to Hao Wei’s confession is not what Hao Wei expected.

Kai Qi:” I hate you!”

Kai Qi left angry, leaving Hao Wei there. Le Xuan and Ah Jie saw Kai Qi talking to Hao Wei.

Kai Qi goes outside. She is furious. Ah Jie follows her. When Ah Jie was trying to comfort Kai Qi, Zi Xiang came out. Zi Xiang is about to tell Kai Qi that Ah Jie will be leaving soon, but Ah Jie asks him to stop. And he did.

When Zi Xiang left, Kai Qi saw Ah Jie’s worried face and held his hand. Fireworks started. Ah Jie and Kai Qi look at the fireworks holding hands.

Ah Jie:” I only wish you to be happy.”

Hao Wei still had something to talk to Kai Qi about. He goes after her. But he sees Kai Qi and Ah Jie holding hands and leaves.

Le Xuan knows that her brother is hurt. She goes after him, but she can’t reach him. She goes to his house, but he is not there. She tries to call him, but Hao Wei doesn’t answer. Hao Wei went to look at the stars. Another memory that Hao Wei has with Kai Qi is looking at starts.

Upset that she can’t get in touch with Hao Wei, Le Xuan comes screaming at Kai Qi the next morning. She tells Kai Qi that her father borrowed money from Hao Wei. Le Xuan tells Kai Qi how hurt her brother was after she dropped out of school….

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