“Love Myself or You? ” ep 10~ Ah Jie:” What do I feel towards Kai Qi..?”

Kai Qi resolved the misunderstandings she had with Hao Wei. Ah Jie realized that he is in loved with Kai Qi.

Episode 10

Le Xuan came screaming at Kai Qi. She tells Kai Qi that her father borrowed money from Hao Wei and how hurt Hao Wei was after Kai Qi left him. Feeling sorry for how she treated Hao Wei, Kai Qi runs to look for him and apologize. Ah Jie goes after her. Kai Qi is suffering now so Ah Jie will look for Hao Wei.

Ah Jie and Le Xuan went to look for Hao Wei. At Hao Wei’s house they’ve found the business card of a pension and went there. They found Hao Wei.

Meantime, Kai Qi is upset. She hurt Hao Wei. Arrived home, Kai Qi waits for Ah Jie in front of the elevator to see if he found Hao Wei. Hearing that Ah Jie and Le Xuan found Hao Wei and he is safe, Kai Qi goes home.

Kai Qi:”Even if I say sorry now, it has no meaning.”

Seeing Kai Qi sad, Xiao Yi tries to console her, but he can’t.

In the morning, Ah Jie hears the door bell. Someone is at the door. He opens. It was Xiao Yi. The boy came to asks Ah Jie to help him make Kai Qi smile. Ah Jie and Kai Qi decided that they will collect three smiles from Kai Qi.

At the restaurant, while Kai Qi and the others were eating, Ah Jie appeared with an instrument and started singing for Kai Qi. Embarrassed she leaves, but Ah Jie follows her around singing until Kai Qi smiles. Ah Jie obtained the first smile.

While Kai Qi was preparing a new menu, Ah Jie, who made some dolls, started a show to make her smile. At first Kai Qi got upset and wanted to hit him, but in the end Kai Qi smiled. Second smile was a success too.

Ah Jie has two smiles from Kai Qi. For the last one Ah Jie and Xiao Yi dressed in sports costume with big wigs on their heads. They dance and fool around for Kai Qi. Seeing Ah Jie and Xiao Yi dancing like that Kai Qi laughs. They’ve got the tired smile too. Kai Qi now knows that the whole day Ah Jie and Xiao Yi tried to make her smile. Since Ah Jie is the only person that puts up with Kai Qi’s personality, Xiao Yi asks Ah Jie if he will consider his aunt for marriage.

Xiao Yi:” Uncle Ah Jie, would you consider my auntie. I’m worried she won’t be able to get married.”

That night, Ah Jie dreams about Kai Qi who came to his room to seduce him. He wakes up wandering what he feels for Kai Qi.

Ah Jie:” What do I feel towards Kai Qi..?”

Since Kai Qi didn’t look for him, Hao Wei came to her. They’ve talked and decided to start again, as friends. To pay back the money her father borrowed from Hao Wei when they were young, Kai Qi will have to cook for Hao Wei, until she returned all the money plus interest.

Ah Jie arrived early at the restaurant. Because of the dream he had with Kai Qi he didn’t sleep well. When he sees Kai Qi coming, Ah Jie wants to grid her happily like usual, but he can’t. Ah Jie’s heart starts beating fast.

The whole day Ah Jie acts strange. He realized that he has feelings for Kai Qi. He avoids her.

Kai Qi has some saffron powder on her face. She asks Ah Jie to clean it for her, but nervous Ah Jie can’t move his hands. Da Zhi cleans Kai Qi.

On the lunch break Kai Qi leaves. She doesn’t eat with her coworkers. When Ah Jie saw that Kai Qi is leaving to have lunch with Hao Wei he became jealous. Pretending to have a cat with whom he can’t get along, Ah Jie asks Bao Zhu what he should do. The cat Ah Jie was talking about is Kai Qi. Bao Zhu told Ah Jie that if he can’t take care of his cat, he should give it to someone else.

Ah Jie:”But I already have feelings for that cat.”

Hao Wei took Kai Qi out for lunch. There they see a couple. The man was making a love declaration to his girlfriend, using scientific words. Hearing him Hao Wei intervenes telling them that the man was wrong with the scientific words. Hao Wei studied engineering and he made sure to tell the man that was confessing to his girlfriend what he said wrong. Seeing Hao Wei like that, Kai Qi remembered the Hao Wei she knew in university.

Hao Wei is curious who is Ah Jie. He asks Kai Qi about Ah Jie. He tells her that Ah Jie went to the manga shop and tried to buy the signed manga’s for her. Kai Qi’s face changed when she was talking about Ah Jie. She smiles just when she thinks about him.

Mean time, Ah Jie is at the restaurant. He is not his usual self. He thinks about Kai Qi and how to make sure that he will not lose Kai Qi to Hao Wei.

Yong Qian made a cocktail for Le Xuan. He likes her. Le Xuan took the cocktail and gave it to Ah Jie. She likes Ah Jie. She says that she likes Ah Jie, but does she really likes Ah Jie or does she likes the fact that Ah Jie is a good chef and the son of a rich family?

When Hao Wei brought Kai Qi back to the restaurant, Ah Jie was cleaning outside. He became jealous when he heard that Hao Wei called Kai Qi “cute”.

Ah Jie:” She didn’t let me call her cute before, yet he’s allowed to.”

Da Zhi went to help a friend. Trying to help Ai Zi, he got hurt and returned late at the restaurant. While Yong Qian was scolding Da Zhi, Bao Zhu saw that Da Zhi is bleeding.

Da Zhi apologized to Kai Qi, but she didn’t scold him. She is happy. Ah Jie is surprised. Where is Kai Qi’s angry face? Why is she smiling? Is it because of Hao Wei?

Before going home, Bao Zhu tried to clean Da Zhi’s wound and everyone saw that he is hurt.

After Ah Jie changed his clothes, Kai Qi asked him to wait for her, but he left as soon as she entered the cabin to change.

Kai Qi comes to Ah Jie’s house. She invites him to dinner at her house. She tells him that she made up with Hao Wei.

Hearing that Hao Wei come to Kai Qi early in the morning and in the same day they went to lunch, Ah Jie becomes jealous. They just made up and they had their first date.

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