“The Night Watchman ” ep 11~ Rin:” The place where the serpent is asleep.”

Sang Hyun sees Sa Dam and decides to tell Do Ha and Rin that Sa Dam is the leader of the Yong Shin tribe.

A new evil spirit appears at the palace. Do Ha, Rin and Moo Seok start looking for the serpent.

Is it me or Sa Dam’s hair is getting darker? And by the way when are the night watchmen going to appear? It’s already episode 11….

Episode 11

Rin and Sang Hyun followed a spy and arrived at Park Soo Jong’s house. There they saw Sa Dam. Seung Hun is shocked. He remembers Sa Dam.

Sang Hyun:” We will have a lot of things to discuss tonight.”

While Sang Hyun tells Rin what happened 12 years ago, Do Ha hears him mentioning Yong Shin tribe, the tribe that took her sister. Sa Dam is Yong Shin tribe’s leader.

When Do Ha said that Sa Dam approached her, Sang Hyun realized what is Sa Dam doing. Sa Dam is raising his power by bringing evil spirits into the capital of Joseon. But Sang Hyun can’t tell them that the woman who changed the king was Yeon Ha, the sister that Do Ha is looking for.

Park Soo Jong knows that the man who is near Rin is Jo Sang Hyun, the leader of the Night Watchmen. He’s afraid that Sang Hyun may know a lot of things and that Sng Hyun will help Rin. To stop Sang Hyun form helping Rin, Park Soo Jong sends assassins to kill Sang Hyun.

Sang Hyun fought the assassins, but in the end those men got away. Still Rin and Sang Hyun know that those assassins were send by Park Soo Jong.

The last memory that Rin has with his father is the one where his father tried to kill him with his sword. Sang Hyun tries to convince Rin that the king loved him. That is why the king went to the Ma Go tribe and also why the king found with Sa Dam and the Yong Shin tribe.

While Rin and Sang Hyun are talking outside, Do Ha remembers her last conversation with the king. She realized that the prince the king talked about then isn’t the actual king, is Rin. 12 years ago, the king lost the bracelet that the queen gave him and Do Ha picked it up. Remembering that day, Do Ha runs out to Rin and give him the king’s bracelet.

The king gave an order, Park Soo Ryun has to be arrested. Moo Seok tries to help Soo Ryun, but he can’t do anything against a King’s order. Moo Seok goes to Rin. He remembers the night Rin came to him for drinks and Rin’s question. He is angry. Who could Rin do something like that to Soo Ryun, when he knows how Soo Ryun feel’s about him. But Rin knows that Soo Ryun is innocent. Someone must have forced her to change the provider for medicine. Until he finds out how forced Soo Ryun, Rin wanted Soo Ryun to be save. Rin thinks that in prison Soo Ryun will be watched and no one will harm her.

Do Ha is walking around the market. She is looking for Sa Dam. Suddenly she encounters Moo Soek. But Do Ha isn’t looking at Moo Seok, she is looking behind him, like someone is there. She tells Moo Seok that she is searching for Sa Dam. Moo Seok took Do Ha to where Sa Dam is. He is sure that Sa Dam is there, he saw Sa Dam once. But again Do Ha looks behind Moo Seok. When Moo Seok asked her why is she looking behind him, Do Ha said that there is someone following him, a girl. The girl that follows Moo Seok said her name is In Hwa, Kang In Hwa. She is Moo Seok sister.

Do Ha entered the place where Sa Dam is. She found Sa Dam’s room and wants to go in. Bang Ju sees Do Ha and stops her. She takes Do Ha To her room. Sa Dam, who was inside, sensed something and went out. But no one is at his door.

Sa Dam goes to Bang Ju’s room. Bang Ju hides Do Ha until Sa Dam leaves. Inside the room, Sa Dam can feel that Bang Ju isn’t alone, but she stops him from looking.

At the palace, Rin saw a spirit. He went to the inn and looked in the night watchmen’s journal. In that journal, Rin found the picture of that spirit. He goes to look for Sang Hyun. Rin hears a conversation between Sang Hyun and Mr. Chun about why Sang Hyun shouldn’t get involved with ghosts anymore and how Sang Hyun survived 12 years ago.

Later, Sang Hyun talks about the serpent to Rin and Do Ha. He told them how to destroy the serpent and where that creature is. Sang Hyun wanted to go and destroy it, but Rin who heard Sang Hyun and Mr.Chun talking earlier, offers to go instead of Sang Hyun. Do Ha too said that she will go with Rin.

Rin and Do Ha are at the palace. They go to the secret entrance of the tunnel. Moo Seok saw them and followed them.

Rin:” The place where the serpent is asleep.”

They go deeper until they reached the door for the place where the serpent is. Rin tries to open the door, but he can’t. Sa Dam’s man made sure that no one can open that door.

Moo Seok:” Aren’t you mistaking something that you saw in your dream?”

Moo Seok is feeling foolish for believing and following Do Ha and Rin. He thinks that they were fooling around.

When they were leaving Rin and Moo Seok were acting again like Ah Ong and Da Ong, Do Ha’s pigs. Suddenly Rin sees something. It’s the spirit that he saw when he came to see the Queen Dowager. They follow that spirit and found the court lady’s sick. All the court lady’s were suffering from smallpox.

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