“Love Myself or You? ” ep 11~ Kai Qi:” Stay or take me with you.”

Realizing that he is in love with Kai Qi, Ah Jie wants to confess his feelings, but something happened and he can’t.

Episode 11

“If I hadn’t dropped out of school, we would most likely be together right now.”

Hearing Kai Qi say that, shocked Ah Jie. Did Ah Jie realized that he loves Kai Qi too late? Ah Jie asked Kai Qi what she feels about Hao Wei, if she wants to be in a relationship with Hao Wei, but Kai Qi didn’t answered. She just changed the subject.

That night Ah Jie couldn’t sleep. He kept thinking about Kai Qi and how she smiled the whole day after meeting with Hao Wei. When he finally fell asleep, Ah Jie dreamed about Kai Qi calling him when he was leaving.

Kai Qi:” Stay or take me with you.”

After Kai Qi told him to stay, she jumped into his arms. But suddenly she was with…Hao Wei and Ah Jie woke up from his dream.


Da Zhi let Ai Zi sleep at his house so he sleeps at the restaurant. The men who hurt him the day before come to the restaurant. They are looking for Ai Zi. She was Da Zhi’s wife, but she ended up with the gang boss when Da Zi was in prison for that man.

Everyone comes out. They protect Da Zi. A fight starts. One of the gang members hit Ah Jie in his hand. The hands are the most important for chefs. During the fight, Yong Qian came out. He already called the police and came to draw the time until the police arrived.

After the gang left, Kai Qi wants to take a look at Ah Jie’s hands, but he rejects her.

Later, when he heard that Da Zhi can’t go home, Ah Jie invited Da Zhi to leave with him.

Someone came at the restaurant and ordered Taiwanese style mushroom sauce with chicken. No one knows that dish, except form Kai Qi. She starts cooking that dish smiling. Kai Qi’s smile seems suspicious for Ah Jie and he goes to see who ordered that dish. Ah Jie’s suspicions were right. The one that ordered that dish is Hao Wei. He tries to help Kai Qi cook that dish, but she doesn’t let him.

Lunch break has come, but still Hao Wei didn’t leave. While everyone sits at their usual table to eat, Kai Qi sits separately with Hao Wei. Ah Jie is jealous. A sparkle of light appear to Ah Jie when he realizes that Da Zhi will get mad with Hao Wei, after all every time Ah Jie was close to Kai Qi, Da Zhi will get upset. But this time, Da Zhi doesn’t get involved.

Upset Ah Jie leaves. He passes by Kai Qi and Hao Wei’s table, but no matter what he does, Kai Qi isn’t paying attention to him. She doesn’t see him anymore. The other employees realizes that Ah Jie reacts the same as Da Zhi used to react when he fall out of Kai Qi’s favor.

Le Xuan understands what Ah Jie is feeling. She goes after him.

Le Xuan:” Do you like Du Kai Qi?”

She tells Ah Jie that for now Kai Qi and Hao Wei are just friends. But soon Hao Wei will confess his feelings again to Kai Qi. Le Xuan encourages Ah Jie to confess his feeling for Kai Qi too. That way he will get an answer from her. Ah Jie can’t do that, he can’t confess, knowing that soon he will have to leave Taiwan. Hearing that Ah Jie has a reason to leave, she gives Ah Jie a reason to stay too. Or at least she tries.

Le Xuan:” Ah Jie, I like you!”

When Ah Jie was in high school, Zi Xiang was admitted to hospital with alcohol poisoning. Zi Xiang hurt his hand while saving Zi Jie when they were children. After that accident Zi Xiang couldn’t become a chef anymore. For that reason Zi Xiang was always mean to Zi Jei and he even closed Zi Jie in the wardrobe or basement. When he was realized from hospital, Zi Xiang made Zi Jie sigh his name on the papers. So that Zi Xiang will stop drinking and start a new life, Zi Jie promised his brother that he will leave Taiwan. Knowing that he has to leave the country, how can Ah Jie confess his feelings to Kai Qi.

Ah Jie:” Kai Qi…would you want to live outside the country?”

Ah Jie goes to Kai Qi and asks her if she would like to leave in a different country. But Kai Qi saw that Hao Wei was leaving and she run after him.

Ah Jie and Da Zhi arrived home. That night Ah Jie didn’t sleep well again. He’s been thinking about his brother and Kai Qi. He doesn’t want to go leaving Kai Qi behind. For 10 years he’s been living on his own in a different country, but now for the first time he is afraid.

In the morning, someone is at the door. Da Zhi opens. It was Kai Qi. Her motorcycle is broken and she needs a ride to work.

In front of the building, when Kai Qi was about to enter in Ah Jie’s car, Hao Wei arrived. He came to pick her up. Kai Qi ended up going to work in Hao Wei’s car. That made Ah Jie angry.

On the way, Kai Qi kept thinking about Ah Jie. He’s been acting weird lately. Before he used to talk to her, asks her about everything that happened to her, he used to smile a lot and make her smile when she was sad, but now Ah Jie doesn’t do any of this things anymore.

It’s the Chinese Valentine’s Day. Le Xuan brought a present to Ah Jie. Kai Qi hears the last part of Ah Jie and Le Xuan’s conversation. She hears Ah Jie telling Le Xuan that he can’t accept her feelings because he likes someone else.

Ah Jie:”I already have someone I like.”

In the kitchen Kai Qi hears that everyone knew that Le Xuan likes Ah Jie, except her. She is a little upset. They end up arguing a little.

Later Ah Jie decides that he should confess to Kai Qi. They make plans to go out on lunch break. Ah Jie prepared a gift, with sweets, flowers and balloons. He waits for Kai Qi in the parking lot. Happy Ah Jie sees Kai Qi coming out. But he becomes sad fast. Ah Jie sees Hao Wei coming to pick up Kai Qi. Even if they had plans, Kai Qi left with Hao Wei…again…

Even if she was with Hao Wei, Kai Qi kept thinking about Ah Jie. She was daydreaming about Ah Jie. She was seeing Ah Jie happy with another girl. And she didn’t like that.

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