“The Night Watchman ” ep 12~ Rin:” Do Ha…it’s warm. I like it.”


Rin and Do Ha asked Sang Hyun to train them as night watchmen. Rin went to Moo Seok and tell Moo Seok to join him in the fight against the spirits.

Sa Dam is back in the palace, close to the serpent.

Episode 12

Since they couldn’t open the door and find the serpent, Moo Seok doesn’t believe Rin and Do Ha. For a moment he believed them, but since he didn’t see the serpent with his own eyes, he thinks that it was foolish from his part to believe such stories. Suddenly, Rin saw something and runs away. Do Ha and Moo Seok followed him and found the court lady’s sick. All the court lady’s were suffering from smallpox.

Returned at the inn, Rin and Do Ha told Sang Hyun what happened. Sang Hyun is sure that Sa Dam did something and that is why they couldn’t open the door. Also Sang Hyun is sure that Sa Dam is still in the capital. They need to find Sa Dam before Sa Dam release the serpent.

Soo Ryun is dragged out from her cell by the officers. She will be interrogated and the one who will interrogate her will be the king. She tries to threaten everyone saying that her father is the prime minister, but when she sees the king she realizes that saying who her father is won’t help her. During the interrogation, Soo Ryun is tortured.

Hearing that Soo Ryun is interrogated by the king, Prime Minister Park comes. He stops the interrogation using the smallpox that is spreading all over.

Moo Seok arrived home. He sits on the veranda, thinking. Beside him is his sister, In Hwa. Unfortunately he can’t see her, and she has something important to tell him.

That night, Moo Seok had a dream with In Hwa. He was following In Hwa. When he caught her, In Hwa was smiling at him. But suddenly someone appeared and took In Hwa. Moo Seok woke up from his nightmare.

What Moo Seok didn’t know was that his dream wasn’t just a dream. That night the smallpox goddess followed In Hwa. When she caught the girl she changed In Hwa. Then the smallpox goddess took In Hwa to Sa Dam.

Sang Hyun has to stop the smallpox goddess. He looked on the map to see the way she is going. That night he took his sword, the one that can kill ghosts and went after the smallpox goddess.

The same time, Mr.Chun and Do Ha arrived at Rin’s house. Mr.Chun saw that the sword is missing and he fears that something could happen to Sang Hyun. Mr.Chun and Sang Hyun are the only night watchmen that are around, but only Sang Hyun can fight the ghost. And if Sang Hyun fights the ghosts, he can lose his life.

Sang Hyun is fighting the smallpox goddess. He is about to destroy her, but something stopped him. It was…In Hwa. Rin and Do Ha arrived and when Do Ha called In Hwa by her name, In Hwa run away. The smallpox goddess followed In Hwa. Do Ha and Rin followed In Hwa and the smallpox goddess. Suddenly the two of them disappeared. The place where they disappeared is the place where Sa Dam is hiding.

Do Ha:” Sa Dam is hiding here.”

Back to the inn, Do Ha and Rin are in Sang Hyun’s room. He can’t fight the ghosts alone so Rin asks Sang Hyun to make him a night watchman. Do Ha wants to be a night watchman too.

Rin:”Please teach me…how to stop ghosts. Please teach me the skills of the Night Watchmen.”

Not only that Sang Hyun can’t fight ghosts or he will lose his life, but even if he fight them, he can’t do it alone. Knowing that Sang Hyun can’t fight anymore, Rin wants to fight the ghosts in Sang Hyun’s place. For that Sang Hyun, the leader of the night watchmen, has to train him and Do Ha.

The Queen Dowager has smallpox. For several days she refused to see the king or Rin. The king forced his way to the Queen Dowager’s room and saw her. Now the Queen Dowager is going to a temple. She doesn’t want anyone to get smallpox from her.

Rin tried to stop the Queen Dowager. He wanted to take her to his house, but she refused.

After sending his grandmother away, Rin went to Moo Seok’s house. He asked Moo Seok to stop showing his contempt against what he can’t see and fight so there won’t be any more smallpox victims like his sister. Rin asked Moo Seok to join him. Rin is building his army of night watchmen.

Moo Seok:” What can you do with magic anyway?”

Rin:” Even if it’s dark magic…Even if it’s invisible…At least we should try.”

Sa Dam send his ghosts to make the people believe that Rin is the one that realized the smallpox goddess. Now the people are angry. They’ve come to Rin. He barely got away from then and went to the inn.

Do Ha enters Rin’s room. He is sleeping. She knows that he is in pain. Trying to console Rin, Do Ha puts her hand on Rin’s hand. When she wanted to remove her hand, Rin hold her hand.

Rin:” Do Ha…it’s warm. I like it.”

At his house, Moo Seok keeps thinking about what Rin said. He goes to his uncle’s house. When he arrived, Moo Seok saw Sa Dam coming out of Prime Minister Park’s house. He goes in and has an argument with his uncle.

Park Soo Jong took Moo Seok and In Hwa and raised them after their parents died. But always Moo Seok knew that his uncle didn’t took them in because he loved them. When he was young, Moo Soek heard Park Soo Jong saying that he volunteered to raise Moo Seok to make Moo Seok his shield.

Park Soo Jong brought all the medicine against smallpox. In exchange of that medicine his daughter, Soo Ryun, was released from prison. Now he gave the medicine to the people. They all praise Park Soo Jong now.

Do Ha and Rin found out that Park Soo Jong released the smallpox medicine and went to tell Sang Hyun. They are sure now that Park Soo Jong is working with Sa Dam.

Rin went to the palace, but he is not the head of the temple anymore. With Park Soo Jong’s help Sa Dam is back in the palace.

Sa Dam:” Wolgang isn’t the only sleeping dragon out there.”


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