“Iron Man ” ep 1~ The begining!

Iron Man is the story of Joo Hong Bin, the CEO of Global Games. He is capable, rich and good looking. Hong Bin is also ill tempered and carries with him a tremendous amount of pain from a past event. His live becomes more complicated when his body suddenly begins to sprout iron blades every time he gets upset about something.

Personally I wasn’t impressed by this drama. I was expecting something else… LLLL . But I’ll give it another try since it’s just the first episode…..

What do you guys think about this drama?


Lee Dong Wook as Joo Hong Bin

Shin Se Kyung as Son Se Dong

Kim Gab Soo as Joo Jang Won

Han Eun Jung as Kim Tae Hee

Jung Yoo Geun as Chang

Han Jung Soo as Secretary Go

Shin Seung Hwan as Seung Hwan

Sun Woong as Kyung Ho

Kim Jae Young (김재영) as Je Gil

Kang Da Bin (강다빈) as Soo Jae

Kim Jin Tae (김진태) as Jung Joon

Lee Seung Ho (이승호) as Yoon Suk

Episode 1

Worried that she might be scolded again for not giving him breakfast, the maid goes to Hong Bin’s room. She insists that he should say what he wants for breakfast, even if he said he will not eat. Hong Bin gets up and goes next to his maid.

Hong Bin:” Why are you saying ‘please’ three times in the same sentence?”

Lately, Hong Bin’s nose is sensitive. He can smell different things from far away. From his room, who is upstairs, Hong Bin can smell that the marmalade, who is in the fridge, in the kitchen, downstairs, has gone bad. He doesn’t like the smell from the detergent used to wash his clothes.

At the office, two employees are reporting to him. Since Hong Bin doesn’t like what he hears, he throws different things at his employees, laptops, chairs, everything that he can throw.

Hong Bin:” I detest singers who can’t sing, technicians who don’t know technology, intelligent people without intelligence and game developers who can’t develop games.”

After the meeting with Hong Bin, the two employees need to pay a visit to the hospital. They are full of blood and bruises.

Leaving the company, Hong Bin throws his assistant and his driver out of the car, in the middle of the road, because he doesn’t like the smell of their essence.

Se Dong is trying hard to keep her landowner from entering her house. She isn’t allowed to have men in the house, but she lives with 5 young men. While So Dong is keeping the house owner from entering, they are hiding. They get out on the window and realizes that they don’t have their shoes on. One of the boy returns inside, but the landowner hears noise and goes inside. To keep the land owner form seeing him, the boy hid himself under the sink and got stuck.

Hong Bin went with his assistant to the hospital to prevent the two employees from suing him. The two employees are promoted. Suddenly Hong Bin sensed a smell that remembers him of someone. He follows that smell and arrives to the room were Se Dong and the boy are.

Se Dong left in a hurry the hospital. She needs to go to Global Games to get something back so that the boys won’t get hurt anymore. Hong Bin follows Se Dong and her friend and hears them talking back about him.

Hong Bin needs to arrive at the company before Se Dong. He rushes over and gets into a car accident. The other driver is Hong Bin’s father. But Hong Bin and his father don’t get along well. When he sees his father, Hong Bin gets angry and his assistant gets Hong Bin on his back and runs away to a gym. While Hong Bin was beating him, the assistant remembered Hong Bin that he has to arrive at the company before Se Dong.

Meanwhile Se Dong who was about to reach Hong Bin’s company, changed her route. She runs to the airport. She has to get there before the man who sold her company leaves for USA. While waiting for that man to get out of the airport’s bathroom, a woman, who just landed in Korea comes. That woman has a child with her. The little boy needs to use the bathroom. After the boy entered the bathroom a man was running towards the woman who was with the little boy. She runs away leaving the boy behind. While running after that woman, the strange man trips and is about to touch Se Dong’s chest. She screams and beats that man until the police arrived.

After finishing at the station, Se Dong wanted to leave, but the little boy was crying. The boy was crying every time the police officer was getting close to him. Se Dong couldn’t let the boy there so she calmed him down and took him home.

In front of Se Dong’s house, Hong Bin was waiting for her.

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