“Iron Man ” ep 2~ Hong Bin:”What did you do with the child?”

Hong Bin finds out that Kim Tae Hee’s son was abandoned at the airport and goes to look for him. The police officers took Hong Bin to Se Dong’s house, where the child is. But something happened and the child disappeared.

PS: Chang is the same child from Shinee’s Hello Baby.

Episode 2

Coming home with the boy on her back, Se Dong finds Hong Bin waiting for her in front of her house. She goes inside to put the boy to sleep. When Se Dong wanted to go out, Chang woke up and didn’t let her go out. Chang feel insecure if he is left alone.

Every second means money for Hong Bin so he will not leave without talking to Se Dong. While she was explaining why she was looking for him, Se Dong sees Hong Bin acting strange. She got scared and closes the window. Se Dong believes that Hong Bin is a pervert.

The next morning, Hong Bin sees that there is a graffiti on his wall. The drawing was made by Se Dong’s friends. Also the man that takes care of the garden called Hong Bin because the man found a tree strangely.

Meanwhile, Se Dong fed Chang breakfast and then met with the police officers. The officers took Chang with them. They will keep the boy until they will find the boy’s father.

Se Dong goes to see Hong Bin. She find it strange when secretary Go advises her to not let Hong Bin get angry or it will rain in the afternoon. Se Dong doesn’t have the money Hong Bin is asking for replacing the bricks her friends ruined so she offers to wash them. In return Hong Bin insults her and bombards her with questions.

With tears in her eyes Se Dong asks Hong Bin one minute to think. She has another offer for him. Se Dong asks Hong Bin to let her and her team finish the project he bought from her coworker. He doesn’t have to pay them, he just have to give them the copyright and after they sell the game she will give him the money for his fence. Hong Bin refuses.

Joo Hong Bin is called to the police station. His brother got into a fight. But there, Hong Bin said that the boy isn’t his brother and left him there. On his way out, Hong Bin saw his father entering the police station. Hong Bin returns inside and stops his father form hitting his brother.

When Hong Bin got angry on his father, the blades on his back appeared. Secretary Go hit Hong Bin before he could hurt someone or someone could see the blades.

After secretary Go told him that a woman called to tell him about Kim Tae Hee’s son, Hong Bin goes to the airport to look for the child. The boy isn’t there. Se Dong took him in.

While Hong Bin was at the airport, Se Dong took Chang to the supermarket. When Se Dong was shopping, Chang saw that police car and scared he ran away.

Arrived at Se Dong’s house, Hong Bin sees her looking for Chang. Because they can’t find Chang, Hong Bin get angry with Se Dong.

Hong Bin:”Where is the child? What did you do with the child?”

Suddenly Se Dong and Hong Bin heard Chang singing. Hong Bin recognized the son. It was the song Tae Hee used to sing.

“Rain, Rain, go away.

     Come again another day.

   Mommy wants to play.”

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