“Love Myself or You? ” ep 12~ Ah Jie:” We…are together.”

Ah Jie discovers that Kai Qi likes him too and confesses his feelings again. Kai Qi and Ah Jie start dating.

Ah Jie went to tell his brother that he intends to remain in Taiwan.

Episode 12

Hao Wei and Kai Qi are walking on the beach. Suddenly someone comes to them at announce them that they are the 520 couple that walked by and they have to participate in a drawing. Kai Qi won a lot of money that day and with that money she went to buy a new motorcycle.

Ah Jie sees Kai Qi returning with her new motorcycle and asks her about it. Excited, Kai Qi told Ah Jie what happened. But she didn’t realized Ah Jie’s reaction when she said the word “couple” referring to Hao Wei and herself. Then she asks Ah Jie what he wanted to tell her that day, but , upset, Ah Jie said that it doesn’t matter anymore.

Ah Jie:”Is it still important.”

The rest of the day, Ah Jie was acting strange. He was upset and he was doing his coworkers jobs. Anything that the others had to do in the kitchen, Ah Jie was doing. When he was leaving, Kai Qi followed him to see what is wrong with him. Ah Jie was cold towards her. His attitude was hurting her.

At home, Kai Qi went to Ah Jie’s house. She wants to know why is he acting that way towards her. But Ah Jie isn’t home. Da Zhi opened the door and told Kai Qi were Ah Jie.

Meantime, Ah Jie went to the place he and Kai Qi were always going when Kai Qi was sad. He takes the balloons out from his car and remembers all the time he was with Kai Qi. He wanted to confess his feeling to her that day, but she left with Hao Wei.

Ah Jie:”I’m leaving, but I like you.”

Kai Qi arrived where Ah Jie was. She asks him what is wrong with him, why is he so upset, why is he acting like that with her. And Ah Jie tells her. He was upset because she didn’t keep her promise. She promise Ah Jie to go with him during lunch break, but she went with Hao Wei. Kai Qi still doesn’t understand what Ah Jie is saying. For her the plans she made with Ah Jie weren’t important.

Ah Jie:” In your heart, what am i?”

Kai Qi ia upset now. She doesn’t understand Ah Jie’s comportment. He was the one that told her to look for Hao Wei and resolve the misunderstanding between them and now he acts like that for listening to him.

Ah Jie:” I was being crazy when I told you to look for him. I have something even crazier.”

Ah Jie pulls Kai Qi closer to him and kisses her.

Back home, Kai Qi hears the door bell. She opens the door, but no one was there. At her door was just a little box. She took the box and went inside. Ah Jie left the box with sweets and hid himself from Kai Qi.

The next morning, Kai Qi and Ah Jie met at the restaurant. They both were wearing masks. Ah Jie wanted to talk to Kai Qi about the kiss from the night before, but Kai Qi stopped him and told him to not do that ever again just because he doesn’t have anyone to spend Valentine Day.

In the kitchen everyone is looking at Ah Jie and Kai Qi. They are acting weird and they both have masks. While Ah Jie was tasting a sauce, Da Zhi and Xiao Shu saw that he had bruise on his lip. They asked him about it, but since he didn’t know what to tell them, Le Xuan helped him.

Later, when Hao Wei came for lunch, Ah Jie didn’t let Kai Qi cook for him. Ah Jie pushed Kai Qi away and he cooked for Hao Wei himself. Then Ah Jie took the dish to Hao Wei and told him to not request dishes that aren’t in the menu.

It’s lunch break. Kai Qi leaves with Hao Wei. On their way out, she tells Hao Wei that she likes Ah Jie.

While Ah Jie was eating, Yong Qian called him. Yong Qian is showing a film from the surveillance camera of the restaurant. The camera filmed Kai Qi in the morning when she was thinking if she should or should not give Ah Jie a towel after she watered him. Then Kai Qi was talking to Ah Jie’s clothes.

Yong Qian:”Does she like you?”

Just hearing Yong Qian saying that Kai Qi likes him, made Ah Jie smiling happily. He changed his clothes and went to look for Kai Qi.

Ah Jie found Kai Qi at the bus station. She still runs away from him. The bus arrives, and Kai Qi gets on to get rid of Ah Jie. But Ah Jie is not someone who gives up easily and runs after the bus. When the bus stops, Ah Jie gets on. He teases Kai Qi. When Kai Qi mentioned the girl that she things Ah Jie likes, he described that girl. Ah Jie told Kai Qi that the girl he likes doesn’t have a nice personality, she isn’t someone to get along with easily, but she is passionate about her work. He also said that the girl he likes isn’t so smart and she didn’t even realized that he likes her. When Ah Jie said a phrase that the girl he likes says, Kai Qi finally realizes that Ah Jie was talking about her. Embarrassed, Kai Qi gets out of the buss and runs away from Ah Jie again.

Ah Jie catches Kai Qi. He takes her in the middle of artesian fountain, confesses his feelings again and kisses Kai Qi.

Ah Jie:” I like you!”

Returned to the restaurant, Kai Qi tells Ah Jie to keep it a secret that they are dating. When they enter together , their coworkers asked if the wide woman who bruised Ah Jie’s lips was Kai Qi. Ah Jie answered them that he and Kai Qi are dating. Sims like Ah Jie and Kai Qi are really great at keeping secrets.

Ah Jie:” We…are together.”

That night, Ah Jie meets Zi Xiang. He needs to tell his brother to let him stay in Taiwan. When Zi Xiang heard Zi Jie that he wants to stay, he got mad.

Zi Xiang:” If I’m here, you are not.”

To make Zi Jie leave, Zi Xiang even threaten with firing Kai Qi. That was the moment that Zi Jie , for the first time in years, didn’t do what Zi Xiang wanted. Hearing Zi Xiang threatening with firing Kai Qi, Zi Jie told his brother that if Zi Xiang fires Kai Qi, he will have more reasons to stay in Taiwan. And if he stays in Taiwan to protect Kai Qi from Zi Xiang, Zi Jie will participate in every cooking competitions he can to inherit their father’s business.

Ah Jie meets Kai Qi and Xiao Yi in front of the elevator. He accompanies them to their door. Da Zhi sees them and comes to take Ah Jie home. Inside their house, Ah Jie saw that Da Zhi’s shoes are old and he takes Da Zhi out to buy shoes. Ah Jie’s been wanting to give Da Zhi a present, but he didn’t know what to give him until now.

The next two days are off from the restaurant so Ah Jie and Kai Qi went on a date.

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