Miss A’s Suzy and Kim Nam Gil i a movie together!

Actor Kim Nam Gil will be in a new movie that is scheduled to begin filming in September 2014.

The movie’s title is “Dorihwaga”, which refers to a short song, used to relieve the throat before singing pansori, Korean traditional musical storytelling. This movie is based on a real story.

Shin Jae Hyo teaches the female shaman, Chae Sun pansori. Heung Seon Dae Won Gun, is the most powerful man in Joseon. Dae Won Gun is attracted to Chae Sun and decides to make her his concubine. That is when Shin Jae Hyo realizes that he also loves Chae Sun and writes the “Dorihwaga” song for her.

So… Suzy will be Kim Nam Gil’s concubine? 🙂

Lately are so many movies with Kim Nam Gil! I can’t wait to watch them. 🙂 . To bad that I have to wait a long time for the English Sub.


Ryoo Seung-Ryong – Shin Jae-Hyo

Bae Suzy – Chae-Sun

Kim Nam-Gil – Heungseon Daewongun

Song Sae-Byeok – Kim Se-Jong


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4 Responses to Miss A’s Suzy and Kim Nam Gil i a movie together!

  1. eden hadgu says:

    it will be good if kim namgil and suzy have kiss …

    • lemonmirae says:

      We’ll see :)), we have to wait a lot for this movie. they just started filming it in September, but considering that for ” Pirates”, who was released this summer, the eng sub are already online, i think that if “Dorihwaga” will be released in the summer, the eng sub will be online next year this time too.

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