“The Suspect – Korean Movie ”

Ji Dong Chul is a North Korean refugee. In North Korea he was a top special forces agent, until he was abandoned by the government while he was on a mission.

He goes to look for his wife and daughter, who were sold as slaves in China, but he discovers that his wife and daughter were murdered. Dong Chun finds out that behind the deaths of his wife and daughter is an ex-coworker so he defects to South Korean chasing out the killer’s family.

In South Korea, during the day Dong Chun looks for his enemy, while at night he is the personal chauffer of a CEO with ties in Pyongyang.

Watching this movie I got the impression that the cameramen were sick and their hands were trembling. Why in Korean Action Movie the camera has to tremble so much???? And why do they zoom in sooooooo much on the actor’s face? I kins what to see what is going on in the movie, not to see the actor’s eyes…….

After receiving his paycheck, Dong Chul leaves Chairman Park’s house. In front of the house, he realizes that something isn’t right and returns. He enters Chairman Park’s room and finds a man trying to kill Chairman Park. Dong Chul fight with the killer, but it was too late for Chairman Park. Before dying Chairman Park gave Dong Chul a pair of glasses.

Later the South Korean intelligence service agents came to Chairman Park’s house. Dong Chul was there, holding the glasses. One officer saw that Dong Chul was holding to something. When the officer asked Dong Chul to give him the glasses, Dong Chul, again realized that something is wrong and ran away.

The next morning Dong Chul called Chairman Park’s assistant to tell him about the glasses. But the agents were there .

Looking from his window, Dong Chul sees some men looking for him. He manages to get away from those men. He gets into a car and leaves his house. That car was Choi Kyung Hee’s car. She is a filmmaker and she is making a documentary about North Korea. At some point Dong Chul got out of the car and disappeared without Kyung Hee’s noticing.

The men that were looking for Dong Chul, placed a gun in his house. Ji Dong Chul has been framed for Chairman Park’s murder. Now Dong Chul has become a murderer and the intelligence service framed him and they are looking for him now. The manhunt is led by Min Se Hoon, a colonel and drill sergeant how knows Dong Chul and Kim Seok Ho, the director of NIS.

In North Korea, Ji Dong Chul became a spy after finishing the Hell Training. For the hell training is chosen the best out of the 10 best soldiers. During that training a lot of soldiers die or are badly hurt. Ji Dong Chul finished the training and was send to do different spy jobs for his government.

Colonel Min Se Hoon met Ji Dong Chul on Dong Chul’s last mission. In that mission Dong Chul was abandoned by his people. That day Dong Chul couldn’t kill colonel Min, because he saw in colonel Min’s wallet a picture with colonel Min’s daughter and thinking about his own daughter he couldn’t press the trigger.

At the agency, Colonel Min is tracking every people that were in contact with Dong Chul. He found Choi Kyung Hee and her cameraman and brought them in. While Kyung Hee was interrogated, Dong Chul called. He talked with Min Se Hoon. Dong Chul told Min Se Hoon to not look for him and he will find his dead body soon. Dong Chul plans to kill the man that killed his wife and daughter and them to kill himself. Also Dong Chul told Min Se Hoon that the night chairman Park was killed someone else was there, someone that wanted Chairman Park’s glasses.

Using Lee Gwang Jo, the man who killed Dong Chul’s family, as bait, Kim Seok Ho send a sniper to kill Dong Chul. When Gwang Jo arrived to his house, he knew that Dong Chul will be there. He called the sniper and put his phone on the table. Dong Chul didn’t see that and got close to Gwnag Jo. He asked Gwang Jo what where his wife’s last words.

Gwang Jo: “She begged for her life.”

While Dong Chul was getting close to Gwang Jo, he realized that there is a sniper on the building in front of Gwang Jo’s window. Gwang Jo managed to run away during the gun shot. Dong Chul took Gwang Jo’s phone and followed Gwang Jo.

When Dong Chul was running after Gwang Jo, colonel Min’s men arrived. Dong Chul got away from them and entered the mall near Gwang Jo’s house. At the agency colonel Min was looking at the towns camera’s and saw Dong Chul in the mall. He send his men in the mall. But while his men were chasing Dong Chul, colonel Min realized that Dong Chul wasn’t running away from the police officers, Dong Chul was chasing after someone.

Dong Chul lost Gwang Jo and he calls the last number Gwang Jo called, the sniper’s phone. Dong Chul and the sniper ended up face-to-face. They fight. The people gathered there. The sniper is about to shot Dong Chul with a syringe, but Dong Chul fought back. When he had the chance, Dong Chul took the syringe and shot the sniper then he ran away. The sniper is dead. Surprised, the police officers told colonel Min that the sniper was one of them, he had the same tools as them. Hearing that Min Se Hoon remembered what Dong Chul told him over the phone. Colonel Min realized that the one that send the sniper is Kim Seok Ho.

Back to the agency, captain Jo tells colonel Min everything he found out about Dong Chul. After returning from his mission, in which he was abandoned, Dong Chul was captured and tortured by the people he was working for. In the army’s prison, where he was tortured Dong Chul found out that his wife and daughter are alive in China. He escaped the prison and went to look for his family. When he arrived in China, Dong Chul found his wife death. Lee Gwang Jo killed her.

The same time, the runaway Dong Chul remembers what Gwang Jo wrote him before the sniper began to shot.

“Daughter…is alive!”

Dong Chul needs help. He calls Kyung Hee and asks her to meet him. Also, using a different number, Dong Chul calls colonel Min. Dong Chul’s number and Kyung Hee ‘s phone number are tracked, but they seem to be in different locations. Colonel Min goes to the location where Kyung Hee is. The agents follow Kyung Hee. Suddenly they realized that Dong Chul is in Kyung Hee’s car. She runs to her car. Dong Chul and Kyung Hee drive away. Colonel Min is close. He follows Dong Chul and Kyung Hee. Min Se Hoon tries to shot the tires of Dong Chul’s car, but still Dong Chul managed to get away.

Returned to the agency, colonel Min was fired and he will be send to trial. To help colonel Min, captain Jo becomes a double agent.

While colonel Min was trying to shot Dong Chul’s car tire, a bullet hit Dong Chul. Kyung Hee took the bullet out and disinfected Dong Chul wound. Also Dong Chul discovered that inside chairman Park’s glasses there is hidden a secret formula that chairman Park intended to give to North Korea as present.

Kim Seok Ho found out where Dong Chul and Kyung Hee are and send 2 killers after them. One of the killers was Lee Gwang Jo. When the killers arrived they’ve killed the owner of the house Kyung Hee and Dong Chul were staying at and they’ve found the secret formula. While one killer took the formula to Kim Seok Ho, Gwang Jo fought with Dong Chul. Before dying Lee Gwang Jo told Dong Chul that his daughter is still alive. Kim Seok Ho sold the child in China. Also Gwang Jo wasn’t the one that killed Dong Chul’s wife, the killer was the other North Korean spy that was with Gwang Jo and Gwang Jo shot that man.

Colonel Min arrived at the scene late. He knows that Kim Seok Ho is chairman Park’s killer and that Kim Seok Ho framed Dong Chul. Min Se Hoon leaves, but he takes Kyung Hee with him. Even if the formula is in Kim Seok Ho’s hands, the formula was filmed. Se Hoon and Kyung Hee took the formula to a laboratory and found that even if the formula is similar to anthrax formula, that formula was for buckwheat seed. That formula was a present to North Korea to solve their famine problem. That was why Chairman Park told Dong Chul to “burry” the glasses

Kim Seok Ho gathered the reporters for a press conference. He tells them that the police has evidence that Ji Dong Chul killed chairman Park. During that press conference Dong Chul come, he fired a gun shot and told the reporters to get out. There are snipers everywhere around the building Dong Chul is in, there are policemen inside the building.

Min Se Hoon and Kyung Hee arrived too. While colonel Min goes inside, Kyung Hee shows to the reporters what she filmed. With evidence, Kyung Hee told the reporters that Ji Dong Chul was framed.

Dong Chul fight with Kim Seok Ho. At some point one of Kim Seok Ho’s killers got up with Dong Chul and Kim Seok Ho. Dong Chul had to fight that killer and Kim Seok Ho got away. But he didn’t get too far. Colonel Min found Kim Seok Ho. They fight.

Later Dong Chul arrives where Min Se Hoon and Kim Seok Ho are. Both Dong Chul and Se Hoon are trying to catch Kim Seok Ho.

Kim Seok Ho said that he brought colonel Min’s boss and that colonel Min should kill Dong Chul. But colonel Min gives the gun to Dong Chul. When he turned around Kim Seok Ho saw Dong Chul with the gun. Dong Chul shot and killed Kim Seok Ho.

Min Se Hoon arrested Dong Chul. On their way to the station, colonel Min gave Dong Chul a paper with an address from China. Then colonel Min said that he has to go buy cigarette.

Min Se Hoon:” I’ll go buy some cigarette, stay put.”

Min Se Hoon let Dong Chul go and look for his daughter.

Dong Chul went to the address that colonel Min gave him. When he arrived there, Dong Chul saw a lot of children working the field. In one look Dong Chul recognized his daughter even if he never saw her face.

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