“Love Myself or You? ” ep 13~ Kai Qi:” Stay away from me.”

Kai Qi and Ah Jie went on their first date. They are happy. They love each other. But everything changes when Kai Qi discovers that Ah Jie will leave for France soon.

Episode 13

Ah Jie and Kai Qi have two days off so they went for a date. Ah Jie took Kai Qi to the aquarium. They’ve played with the beluga whale. After they’ve played with the whale, Ah Jie changed into a diving suit and entered the water. While swimming with the fish, Ah Jie showed Kai Qi a silver spoon. She remembered Ah Jie’s words form when they’ve passed the first stage of the cooking competition. At that time Ah Jie said that he wants to give the silver spoon to his girlfriend as a couple’s gift.

Ah Jie took from the water a box and give it to Kai Qi. When she opens it, Kai Qi found inside a necklace. Kai Qi and Ah Jie spend their day playing happy together, like any other couple. Ah Jie arranged that the two of them will spend the night there, at the aquarium.

After sending Xiao Yi to kindergarten, Da Zhi went to the restaurant. Everyone is preparing a party to celebrate that Ah Jie and Kai Qi are a couple.

The same time, Le Xuan is spending her day off with her brother. While talking about Hao Wei’s feelings for Kai Qi and her feelings for Ah Jei, Le Xuan tells Hao Wei that Ah Jie will leave Taiwan soon.

Ah Jie and Kai Qi arrived at the restaurant. Everyone is giving them their blessing. In the middle of the party, Hao Wei come angry and asked Ah Jie to talk to him. Kai Qi was coming down and she heard Hao Wei saying that Ah Jie will return to France soon. She can’t believe what she just heard. Ah Jie said he will never let go of her hand and after making her fall in love with him, he leaves her. That’s what Kai Qi is thinking.

Angry Kai Qi gathered Ah Jie belongings and told him to leave. She doesn’t want to see him again. She doesn’t want to listen to hi explanations.

Ah Jie:” I’m not dumping you.”

Kai Qi:” Stay away from me.”

Sad, Kai Qi went to drink. Everyone that she gets close to, leaves her behind. Drunk, Kai Qi vents her anger on Hao Wei, who came with her. She is angry with Hao Wei because he made her find out that Ah Jie is leaving. Then Kai Qi got angry with her sister, for leaving her behind. In the end Kai Qi was angry with Ah Jie for letting her fall in love with him and now he is leaving. When Kai Qi and Hao Wei were leaving, they’ve met Ah Jie. He came to apologize and explain to Kai Qi everything. But Kai Qi doesn’t want to leave.

While Hao Wei went to get his car to send Kai Qi home, Ah Jie apologized and told Kai Qi that he didn’t expect to meet her and fall in love with her when he came. But Kai Qi and Ah Jie can’t finish talking because Hao Wei arrived and Kai Qi left with him. She is too upset and hurt to listen to anything that Ah Jie tells her. She doesn’t believe him when Ah Jie said that he will not leave Taiwan.

That night both Ah Jie and Kai Qi can’t fall asleep. They both went out to get some fresh air.

Worried about Kai Qi, Hao Wei returned. Since Kai Qi is calmer now, Hao Wei told her that she has to talk with Ah Jie and resolve their problems together. Every time she encounters a problem, Kai Qi close herself in her own shell.

The same time, Ah Jie is sad. He is out too. He doesn’t know what to do to convince his brother let him stay in Taiwan or how to tell Kai Qi to go with him.

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