“The Night Watchman ” ep 13~ The hero in the shadows who is never recognized by other people…”

Moo Seok joins Do Ha and Rin and the three of them become Night Watchmen.

The night watchmen fight the smallpox goddess and destroy her.

Episode 13

After finding out that he was fired from his position as head of Sokyeokseo, Rin saw Prime Minister Park with Sa Dam. He approaches them and asks Park Soo Jong how can he, as Prime Minister, associate himself with a taoist priest. But what Rin doesn’t know is that Sa Dam isn’t just a priest now, he is the head of Sokyeokseo.

Rin goes to the king and tries to convince him that Sa Dam is the reason why smallpox is killing everyone. Also Moo Seok, who saw Sa Dam coming out from the king’s room, tried to tell the king that he shouldn’t let Sa Dam in the palace. The king didn’t what to hear anything against Sa Dam.

That night, before leaving the palace, Rin saw some ghosts going inside the palace. He followed them and saw Sa Dam with the serpent.

Rin returns to the inn. He goes in the basement where Sang Hyun and Do Ha are.

Rin:” We have to reestablish the Night Watchmen team.”

Sa Dam cured the serpent. Now he only needs the Ma Go tribe shaman to wake the serpent, before that happened, Rin wants to reestablish the Night Watchmen team to fight Sa Dam. But Rin and Do Ha aren’t enough. They need more people. So Rin has the tired member in mind. He goes to see Moo Seok.

Rin:” Sa Dam came back.”

Moo Seok’s answer is the same. He will not help Rin use magic. Moo Seok doesn’t believe that magic could help them. He had his moments when he wanted to use magic to save his parents and his sister. But he couldn’t.

Arriving home, Rin encounters Sang Hyun and Do Ha waiting for him to see if Moo Seok accepted to work with them.

After Sang Hyun left, Do Ha tried to cheer up Rin. But Rin said that he can’t cheer up when she is pushing herself away from him.

Rin:”I can’t cheer up because you’re trying to keep your distance from me.”

Do Ha:” I’ll maintain my distance from you. Otherwise, I’ll have to suffer too much later on.”

Do Ha tries to leave, but Rin pulls her back and hugs her. He will not make her suffer.

Rin:” Who said I’ll make you suffer?”

Soo Ryun, who came to see Rin, saw the whole scene. She waited for Rin to like her since they were little. She had faith in him. And now everything crushed for her. Since the moment she saw Rin hugging Do Ha, Soo Ryun changed. She isn’t the nice girl anymore.

Soo Ryun decided to destroy Do Ha. And also she threw away from the free clinic all the sick people that couldn’t pay for their treatment.

In Hwa ran away from the smallpox goddess. While the smallpox goddess and her ghosts were looking for In Hwa, she went to Do Ha and possessed Do Ha.

Sang Hyun, who was in his room sensed the presence of a ghost and thinking that is a ghost send by Sa Dam went to see if Do Ha was alright. Seeing that Do Ha is missing, Sang Hyun went to look for her. While searching for Do Ha, Sang Hyun saw eunuch Song, Minister Ddoong and Rang Yi. He asked them if Rin was close. Eunuch Song and minister Ddoong are surprised that Sang Hyun sees them. They also think that they saw somewhere Sang Hyun. When he leaves, Sang Hyun returns surprised. Sang Hyun was surprised to see Rang Yi. He bowed at her as if she was someone important.

Since a few episodes now I’ve started to believe that little Rang Yi is the ghost of Rin’s mother….

Then Sang Hyun enters Rin’s house and tells him that Do Ha disappeared. Worried Rin, Sang Hyun, Rang Yi, eunuch Song and minister Ddoong went looking for Do Ha.

Late in the night, Moo Seok is practicing. Suddenly Do Ha appears in front of him. She touches his face and calls him “brother”.

Do Ha:” Brother…it’s me…In Hwa.”

Moo Seok:” Why are you trying to reopen my wound and make my suffer?”

Since Moo Seok doesn’t believe her, Do Ha enters the house. She opens a box with In Hwa’s cloths. There were the cloths In Hwa was wearing the day she died.


In Hwa:” I saw everything! After I left…You cried so much holding onto my jacket.”

Moo Seok:” Are you really In Hwa?”

While looking for Do Ha, Rin saw the smallpox goddess. He follows her until Moo Seok’s house. Rin goes inside and finds Do Ha sleeping on Moo Seok’s knee. Moo Seok doesn’t know what is going on. Do Ha said she is In Hwa.

In Hwa goes to Rin and tells him something. In Hwa is destined to become the new smallpox goddess. That is why she was following Moo Soek. She needed to tell him what is going on with her. In Hwa is telling Moo Seok and Rin everything. Suddenly In Hwa becomes scared. She looks at someone. Rin turns around and sees the smallpox goddess. She came to take In Hwa and she took the girl with her.

What happened that night with In Hwa, made Moo Seok decide, he will join Do Ha and Rin and become a night watchman.

Sang Hyun gives them weapons. Rin will use the sword that blocks evil spirits and stops disasters, the Four Tigers Sword. Moo Seok also will use a sword and he will have a compass that will move when spirits are close by. Do Ha will use a whip to blind ghosts.



For their weapons to work they need to become one with the weapons. For that Rin, Moo Seok and Do Ha will have to go throw a ceremony. They will get a tattoo and their weapons will recognize them.

Sang Hyun:” This is the start of your journey as Night Watchmen. A dangerous road is ahead of you. You’ll deal with those who are less fortunate than ordinary people. So not a day goes by without encountering agony. You’ll have many sleepless nights. You’ll be fighting for those who are disadvantaged, who are left out. That’s an extraordinary feat which can’t be achieved by ordinary people. So you should be proud of yourselves. The hero in the shadows who is never recognized by other people…That’s the life of a Night Watchman.”

The new night watchmen, Rin and Moo Seok search around town to see if they can find the smallpox goddess. They went to all the places were Sa Dam could be, even at the palace, but they weren’t able to find her.

With the help of eunuch Song, minister Ddoong and Rang Yi, the night watchmen discovered that there are new cases of smallpox near the temple were the Queen Dowager is. Rin , Moo Seok and Do Ha went to see if the Queen Dowager is safe.

The three of them have to stop. The fog is too dense and they can’t see anything. Do Ha see light and they go to that house. Two women were there and they invited them to stay until the fog is gone. The two women gave them food. But when they were about to eat, Moo Seok’s compass begin to move. The two women were ghosts…

Do Ha, Rin and Moo Seok went out to fight the two ghosts. But they can’t see them. It’s much fog. Rin remembers that Sang Hyun told him to trust the sword. He used his sword and the fog was gone. They were at the temple…

Rin runs inside. The Queen Dowager was unconscious. He goes to her and wakes her up. But suddenly the Queen Dowager is strangling Rin. The Queen Dowager was possessed by the smallpox goddess. Do Ha and Moo Seok come in too. When Rin said that the Queen Dowager was possessed by the smallpox goddess, Moo Seok used his sword and blocked the smallpox goddess.

After Moo Seok blocked the smallpox goddess, Rin put a talisman on the Queen Dowager to force the smallpox goddess get out her.

Rin and Do Ha, who can see the ghosts fight them. The two ghosts are gone now. The only ones that have to be stopped are In Hwa and the smallpox goddess. In Hwa approaches Moo Seok. He takes his sword and wants to destroy the spirit that is making his compass move. But Do Ha can’t let him fight his sister’s spirit. In Hwa touched Do Ha and Do Ha faited.

Rin, that saw everything, went to fight the smallpox goddess. He blinds her with his sword, then he surrounds her with talismans and destroys her. Turning around to see Moo Seok and Do Ha, Rin sees In Hwa strangling Moo Seok…


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