“Iron Man ” ep 3~ “I can see myself in your eyes.”

Hong Bin took Chang to his house, but the boy refuses to eat. Hong Bin hires Se Dong to take care of Chang.

Something happens and Hong Bin’s blade appears again. He hurt his father.

Episode 3

While screaming at Se Dong for losing Chang, both Se Dong and Hong Bin hear Chang singing.

“Rain, Rain, go away.

   Come again another day.

   Mommy wants to play.”

Hong Bin recognized the song. His first love, Kim Tae Hee used to sing it. He goes near Chang, but Chang is scared and starts crying. Se Dong takes him inside and calms Chang down. Later she invites Hong Bin inside to talk with Chang. The boy is scared of Hong Bin too. But Se Dong helps Chang

Hong Bin:” Why is your name Chang?”

Chang:” Because I can see myself in your eyes.”

Hong Bin:” How do I look to you?”

Chang:” Like you are in love.”

Hong Bin took Chang to his house. But Chang refuses to eat. He is scared of Hong Bin and all he does is cry. Also Hong Bin doesn’t help either. Hong Bin is always screaming and looking with an angry face at Chang.

Every time Chang is forced to eat, he throws up. He got sick and the employees took him to the hospital. Chang is burning up… Because Chang is so sick, secretary Go called Se Dong. She is playing with Chang and the boy eats. He’s feeling a lot better and his fever is gone.

When Se Dong is leaving, Hong Bin gave her an envelope with money. He is paying her for helping with Chang. Hong Bin is even making an offer. He needs a babysitter and Se Dong needs a job. But Se Dong refuses. She already got a job for her and all her team. All Se Dong wants is “thank you”, but she won’t get that from Hong Bin.

On her way out Se Dong realized that she forgot her bag and returns. But there is a problem…how to open the door or how to ring the bell? Hong Bin house is like a space shift for a normal person… The alarm started and the employees wanted to go check, but Hong Bin stopped them. Hong Bin was looking at the files in Se Dong’s bag.

The police arrived. Se Dong entered, apologized, took her bag and wanted to leave. Since the police left, Hong Bin takes advantage of this situation and tries to force Se Dong to work for him as babysitter.

Hong Bin:” Do you want to go to the police or do you want to babysit here?”

Se Dong feels like she needs to teach Hong Bin a lesson and calls the police again. The policemen came again. If Hong Bin insists that Se Dong trespassed his propriety, both Se Dong and Hong Bin have to go to the police station to give statements. Hong Bin doesn’t want to go to the police station so he apologizes.

Hong Bin:” I’m sorry! It’s my fault!”

Hearing Hong Bin apologizing shocked the employees.

Se Dong and her team went to their new jobs. But when they arrived, no one was there. The company that employed them went bankrupt the day after they hired Se Dong and her team. Because she needs a job, Se Dong went to see Joo Hong Bin.

Hong Bin took Chang and Se Dong to the amusement park. Chang was happy, playing with Se Dong. But he hasn’t opened up towards Hong Bin yet. And Hong Bin is always screaming at him. Chang is still scared of his father.

Eliza Park, the woman how brought Chang in Korea, called Hong Bin and his father. She has to be paid for taking care of Chang. Hong Bin’s father arrived first. He heard Tae Hee’s story first, he paid Eliza Park before Hong Bin got there. Later, when Hong Bin arrived, his father told him what Eliza Park said, that Tae Hee died and asked Eliza Park to bring Chang to Hong Bin.

Hearing that Tae Hee is dead, Hong Bin got angry. The blades on his back appeared… Secretary Go, seeing that the weather changed, rushed to the hotel where Hong Bin was. But he arrived too late. Hong Bin wasn’t there anymore and Hong Bin’s father was unconscious.

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