“Love Myself or You? ” ep 14~ Zi Xiang:” He…is in love.”

Upset that Ah Jie intends to stay in Taiwan, Zi Xiang went to the restaurant. He offended Kai Qi and told everyone that Ah Jie is is younger brother, Fu Zi Jie.

Ah Jie’s parents find out that it was Zi Xiang the one that was alcoholic and apologize to Ah Jie.

Episode 14

Ah Jie went to work. At the changing room, Ah Jie found his clothes thrown. Everyone at the restaurant is treating Ah Jie hard. They feel betrayed by Ah Jie, since they didn’t know that he will leave. Also Kai Qi is still angry with him.

In the kitchen, Ah Jie tried to talk to Kai Qi, but Da Zhi and Xiao Shu stopped him and gave him a hard time, until Le Xuan intervened.

When the lunch break came, Ah Jie looks for Kai Qi. He sees Kai Qi leaving with Hao Wei. Ah Jie tries to call Kai Qi’s name, but it was too late.

While having lunch with Hao Wei, Kai Qi remembers all the times she was with Ah Jie. Again, Hao Wei encourages Kai Qi to talk to Ah Jie and resolve their problems, or she will be sorry later.

Returned to the restaurant, Kai Qi gives Ah Jei a chance to explain himself. He told Kai Qi that Zi Xiang hurt his hand when they were children, because of Ah Jie. While they talk, Kai Qi and Ah Jie are called in the restaurant. Zi Xiang came and he is looking for both Ah Jie and Kai Qi.

When Kai Qi and Ah Jie arrived downstairs, Yong Qian made Ah Jie apologize to Zi Xiang for being late, but Zi Xiang said he doesn’t need an apology from his younger brother.

Zi Xiang:” Who told him to be my younger brother?”

After telling everyone that Ah Jie is his younger brother, Fu Zi Jie, Zi Xiang approached Kai Qi.

Zi Xiang:” My brother told me that he likes you.”

Zi Xiang insults Kai Qi. He tells her that he will give her all the favors that Ah Jie won’t give her. Also Zi Xiang offers to give Kai Qi the whole restaurant. Zi Xiang must be really upset because Ah Jie doesn’t do what he wants for the first time in many years. Hurting Kai Qi must be Zi Xiang’s way of hurting Ah Jie.

The night of the day Zi Xiang went to the restaurant, Ah Jie went to his parent’s house. In front of Zi Xiang, Ah Jie announced his mother and father that he will not leave anymore.

Ah Jie:” I’ve decided to stay.”

Looking at Zi Xiang and Zi Jie, their parents realized that something is wrong. Zi Xiang looks at Ah Jie like he is threatening him, then smiling he said that Ah Jie decided to stay in Taiwan for a woman.

Zi Xiang:” He…is in love.”

The both parents are happy, Ah Jie is staying in Taiwan and they also like Kai Qi.

Zi Xiang excuses himself saying that he has work do to. Before leaving Zi Xiang looks at Ah Jie and signs Ah Jie that he will go drink. Zi Xiang isn’t pleased with Ah Jie’s decision.

The next morning Ah Jie didn’t come to work with his car. In the parking lot he asked Yong Qian to lend him the car and took Kai Qi with him. They talk and Ah Jie opens his hard towards Kai Qi. He can’t tell her the reason he had to stay out of Taiwan for 10 years, but he tells Kai Qi that Zi Xiang has other problems except his injured hand.

Back to the restaurant, Ah Jie sees some police officers. The policemen came to take Ah Jie to the police station because he drove his car drunk that morning. Even if he could stay for 5 years in prison, Ah Jie still said that he was the one that drove drunk. Kai Qi on the other hand tells the policeman that Ah Jie was with her that morning and he didn’t came to work with his car. Suddenly Kai Qi remembers that Ah Jie’s father said once that Ah Jie can’t drink because of some problems he had in high school. Kai Qi realizes that the one with drinking problems is the one that drove Ah Jie’s car that morning, Fu Zi Xaing.

When Ah Jie’s parents arrived at the police station, Ah Jie received a phone call saying that his brother was brought to the hospital. The whole family goes to see if Zi Xiang is alright. But when Zi Xiang sees his parents there he gets upset. He thinks Ah Jie told them everything.

The nurse come in to check on Zi Xiang and recognized Ah Jie. That nurse told Ah Jie’s parents the truth. She told the parents that Zi Xiang was the alcoholic one and that Ah Jie used to bring him to the hospital.

Later that night, Ah Jie meets Kai Qi. He feels sad that his parents found out. Ah Jie intended to tell his parents the truth, but when he saw his mother crying and apologizing to him, Ah Jie felt sorry. Kai Qi encourages Ah Jie and gives him strength.

Kai Qi went to see Zi Xiang in the hospital. She believed that she could make him understand that he hurt Ah Jie. Zi Xiang got angry and threw the flowers Kai Qi brought him.

That night Kai Qi took Ah Jie to play baseball to make him feel better. Every time Ah Jie hits a ball he will get a kiss. After Ah Jie finished playing Kai Qi remembered that Zi Xiang threw the flowers with his left hand, his injured hand…

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