“Iron Man ” ep 4~ Hong Bin:” Did I do this to you?”

Chang is scared that the monster who appears when is raining will eat him. Hong Bin is tacking Chang to his grandparent’s house.

Hong Bin begins to suspect that he is the monster that appears when is raining. He seems to remember what happened between him and his father at the hotel.

Episode 4

Outside is raining. There are thunders and lightning. When secretary Go sees how the weather is, he realized that Hong Bin got angry. He rushed to the hotel were Hong Bin was. But when he arrived, secretary Go saw Hong Bin’s father on the floor and Hong Bin was missing. He runs to the roof and saw Hong Bin, with his back full of blades climbing on an antenna.

The same time, Se Dong was with Chang. The boy is afraid. He believes a monster will eat him.

The next morning, Hong Bin wakes up at the gym. He had a strange dream and the first thing he does is check his body, his hands, his back. Hong Bin wakes up secretary Go and he saw that secretary Go had a wound on his hand. He asks secretary Go to take of the top. Hong Bin saw that secretary Go had wounds on his back too. And they were recently made…

Hong Bin:” Did I do this to you?”

Hong Bin is changed too. Where are his clothes? Secretary Go changed him because he was wet and there were cuts on his back. But Hong Bin doesn’t understand how did he get wet, he fainted in a hotel and secretary Go took him with a care, so when did he get wet. Secretary Go said that since the Gym was closer, he took Hong Bin there on his back in just 5 minutes and 30 seconds. To check that up, Hong Bin jumps on secretary’s Go back and told him to run to the hotel.

Arrived at the hotel, Hong Bin starts remembering something when an employee form the hotel tell them that they are having some construction work at the hotel.

Hong Joo came at the house. His father send him to check if Hong Bin is alright. But when he arrived, Hong Bin is surprised. Someone is laughing in his brother’s house. Hong Bin sees Se Dong and Chang playing and laughing together.

After playing with Chang, Se Dong washes the dishes. The household lady’s loves her. But she got scared when she saw Hong Bin next to her, with his eyes close. Scared, Se Dong runs away. Se Dong left a big impression on Hong Joo, so Hong Joo runs after her. But Se Dong got in the buss and he missed her that day.

Se Dong arrived at her working place. She now works at Hong Bin’s company too. The boys from her team are excited. The like everything in that office.

Seung Hwan isn’t happy. He’s upset that Se Dong spend the night at Hong Bin’s place. But when he hears that Hong Bin wasn’t home he becomes happy. He hugs Se Dong happily. Then Hong Bin comes. He approaches Se Dong and…. closes his eyes again. Of course she will be scared! I mean a crazy man is approaching her and smelling her…..

Se Dong shows Hong Bin the letter Chang wanted to send to his grandfather. In that letter Chang was saying that if the grandfather won’t take him from Hong Bin’s house, a monster will eat him.

After reading Chang’s letter, Hong Bin rushes home. He goes to Chang’s room and asks him about the monster. Because Hong Bin always screams at him, Chang is scared and starts crying. In the end, Hong Bin draws a monster and asks Chang is that was the monster the boy saw on a rainy day.

Since Chang is so scared of the monster that will eat him, Hong Bin decided to take him to his grandfather’s house. But Chang won’t go anywhere without his wife so Hong Bin had to take Se Dong with them too.

Hong Bin drove the whole night. In the morning, when Se Dong woke up, she saw a beautiful place. During the night, the car stopped, so they had to walk, than take a bus. Every time an old lady was getting off the bus, Se Dong will help her.

Chang:” Men are supposed to carry the bags.”

After taking a boat, Hong Bin, Se Dong and Chang arrived at Tae Hee’s parents house. When Tae Hee’s mother saw Se Dong, she believed it’s Tae Hee. Hong Bin told her that Se Dong isn’t Tae Hee, but Se Dong pretended to be Tae Hee.

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