“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 1~ Jackson:” Where is my Joon?”


GOT7’s member, Jackson Wang is one of the new members of TV show It’s Okay, Roommate.


The PD meets Jackson in a restaurant near JYPEnt. Since Jackson introduced himself is Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin and English, the PD asked him if there are any differences between introducing himself in Korean and in English.

Jackson:” When I speak English I go ‘ Yo, what’s up man!’”

            “When I speak in Korean I say ‘Hello, sir.’ “

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Jackson is really funny. At least it the first episode he seemed funny (hope he keeps it that way ☺).

But is JYP starving him? For this kid, food comes first, even if the PD asks him some questions.


JYP family stick together. Jackson seems to be glued to Park Joon Hyung. Do they already know each other? It doesn’t seem so, considering Park Joon’s questions for Jackson when they met.

While Se Ho took the other to their Roommate house, Min Woo stayed with Jackson and Park Joon. But he was a little uncomfortable and a little scared of Park Joon. Also Park Joon and Jackson kept talking to each other in…English, which it was good for me. If those two keep talking in English I won’t have to wait for eng sub anymore… ☺


Arrived at the house, Jackson keeps hiding behind Park Joon. He is scared of…Nana. He steps carefully inside the house, but when he hears the name “Nana”, Jackson runs to Park Joon and Min Woo. Make sure to take care of the little scared lamb guys.



Jackson’s roommate isn’t there yet. While everyone is checking their rooms, Jackson, who doesn’t like his room, is bored. He plays with the dog. He’s looking for his Joon. He goes to other rooms. He dances at the window. No one is playing with him.

Since Jackson is so bored, Se Ho makes him work. Jackson is washing the dishes. But someone is at the door. Jackson doesn’t know how to open the door so he goes with gloves and barefoot to open the door. The member who arrived is Lee Dong Wook. Yeey J There are three people that I like in Roommate now, Park Joon, Jackson and Lee Dong Wook. I don’t know what to say about Ryohei, because it’s the first time I hear about him…

How can Jackson tell everyone that Dong Wook is there? he doesn’t know who to announce him. How to call him…

Jackson:” Someone is here.”

Coming downstairs to meet Dong Wook, who is an old friend, Park Joon sees Jackson washing dishes alone so he goes to help him. But the rescue is here. Jackson’s manager came to pick up Jackson.

Later, that night, when Jackson comes home he meets KARA’s Young Ji. Again he has to introduce himself. He does his tumbling and impresses everyone. He keeps insisting to change his room. He doesn’t like that smelling room.

Then when he sits down, his roommate comes out of their room. Jackson’s roommate is Seo Kang Joon.

gifs cr.  @ughjacksonwang.tumblr and


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