“The Night Watchman ” ep 15~ Do Ha:” You seem like you’re badly hurt.”

Sa Dam called the Ghost of Tragedy. The Night Watchmen try to stop Sa Dam and send the spirits to heaven before they got to Sa Dam.

The night watchmen fight the ghosts and while sending them to heaven, handmaiden Kim show Rin what happened 12 years ago and why she died.

Mo Yun Wol runs away from Sa Dam and Do Ha takes her to the inn. Sang Hyun is surprised to see Yun Wol, as if he knew her.

Episode 15

Rin found a letter in the palace. He read it and found out that whole his live everyone lied to him. They told him that his father went crazy, killed his mother and then his father killed himself. But in the letter Rin found, a letter wrote by his mother with her own blood, his mother, the Queen, told Rin that Park Soo Jong killed her.

Angry, Rin runs to Park Soo Jong’s house. Moo Seok and Do Ha follow him. Moo Seok tries to stop Rin, but Rin doesn’t listen to him. When Park Soo Jong arrived home, Rin intended to show him the letter and ask for explanations. He was about to show Park Soo Jong the letter, but Rang Yi stopped him. She told Rin that his mother didn’t wrote him the letter so he could show it to Park Soo Jong, she wrote the letter so Rin could protect himself from Park Soo Jong.

Rin can’t show the letter to Park Soo Jong, but he needs to tell Park Soo Jong something, about why Rin is in front of Park Soo Jong’s house. So Rin starts talking about handmaiden Kim.

Rin returns to Sang Hyun and shows him the letter. Sang Hyun advises him to don’t show his motions to anyone. Rin should wait until he gets a chance to fight Park Soo Jong.

Sang Hyun:” What do you think you can achieve with your emotions?…Make yourself stronger and wait for your chance.”

Sad, Rin leaves. Seeing Rin like that, Do Ha follows him.

Do Ha:” To me…you seem like you’re badly hurt. That hurts me too.”

Thinking that his grandmother, the Queen Dowager can help him, Rin shows his mother’s letter to his grandmother. But the Queen Dowager gets upset and asks Rin to not return to the palace until she calls him. Leaving Rin meets his brother.

The king went to see the Queen Dowager too, but he left furious from her room and called Moo Seok. The king wanted to ask Moo Seok what is Rin doing and if it’s true the Rin is leading a group called “ Night Watchmen”. It’s not like Moo Seok can say that he knows the night watchmen and that he is one of them.

While taking to Moo Seok, the king had a migraine. He sends Moo Seok away, but when Moo Seok was about to leave his compass went crazy. Moo Soek knows that there is a ghost there with him and the king, but he can’t see her. The ghost was handmaiden Kim. She was the one giving the king headaches.

Eunuch Song followed handmaiden Kim to the place Sa Dam is taking the vengeful spirits. But there eunuch Song got scared by what he saw and ran away. He tells everything that he saw and heard to Rin. Then Rin tells everything to Sang Hyun.

Rin has to stop Sa Dam healing the serpent and for that Rin has to send the vengeful spirits to heaven.

Do Ha, Rin and Moo Seok didn’t listen to Sang Hyun and went to fight Sa Dam by sending the spirits to heaven. But they were stopped by the Ghost of Tragedy. That is a ghosts how manipulates spirits memories and makes them into evil spirits. The 3 of them return to Sang Hyun. What Sang Hyun doesn’t understand is why Sa Dam called the Ghost of Tragedy.

Sa Dam, accompanied by the Ghost of Tragedy, went to Mo Yun Wol. But Yun Wol isn’t there. She’s been acting strange. She has headaches and she keeps talking about Mt. Beak Du, even if she never went there. Hearing that, Sa Dam is scared. He needs to find Yun Wol fast.

So… Mo Yun Wol is…Yeon Ha.

Do Ha sees Mo Yun Wol wandering around the market. Yun Wol doesn’t know who she is so Do Ha takes her to the inn. While they were going up to Do Ha’s room, Sang Hyun sees Yun Wol. He looks at her. She seems familiar, but who is she…?

A group of spirits is coming to Sa Dam. But they can’t reach him. Rin, Do Ha and Moo Seok stops them and sends them to heaven.

On spirit got away. Rin runs after it. She can’t run away too far. Rin put a defense perimeter. When she turned around, Rin is surprised. The evil spirit that got away was handmaiden Kim. She runs to Rin, but Do Ha stops her with whip. Moo Seok wants to put an amulet on handmaiden Kim, but Rin doesn’t let him. Rin wants handmaiden Kim to enter his body. Do Ha rlet go of handmaiden Kim and he possessed Rin’s body. When she entered Rin’s body, Rin saw everything that she knew, and everything that happened to her. Rin now knows the reason handmaiden Kim was killed, she knew too much.

Sang Hyun sees Yun Wol again. He looks at her. She seems familiar.

Later, Sang Hyun was telling his team how to stop the Ghost of Tragedy, but they need a fourth member. Meanwhile, Sa Dam’s man came to the inn and took Yun Wol. He took her back to Sa Dam and the Ghost of Tragedy erased her memory again. She is back at being the woman Sa Dam made.

That night Sa Dam send the Ghost of Tragedy to Rin’s house.


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